How Roast Beef Can Teach You to Be a More Powerful Deliberate Creator

roast beef  Here’s a story about how my friend learned to take more responsibility for his own beliefs through roast beef:

My friend, Jeff, watched his new bride prepare the family specialty during their first week of marriage.  Roast beef.

Jennifer rubbed the roast with oil and spices.  Put it  in the pan.  Then, before placing it in the oven, she cut one inch off the front and one inch off the back of the roast.

Jeff asked Jennifer why.  Jennifer replied, “That’s how you make a roast.”

“Strange”, thought Jeff.

Two weeks later, Jeff was at his in-laws home for dinner.  His mother-in-law was preparing a roast.  Jeff watched her rub the roast with oil and spices.  Put it  in the pan.  Then, before placing it in the oven, cut one inch off the front and off the back of the roast.

“I guess that is how you make a roast”, thought Jeff.  But he still thought it odd.

Months later, at a family gathering at Jennifer’s grandmother’s home, Jeff took advantage of the opportunity to observe the family matriarch prepare the delicacy.

Jennifer’s grandmother rubbed the roast with oil and spices.  Put it  in the pan.  Then she put it in the oven.

Jeff said, “Wait a moment, didn’t you forget something?”

“What did I forget, honey?” came the grandmother’s response.

“You forgot to cut an inch off the front and back of the roast”, protested Jeff.

“Oh, I stopped doing that quite a while ago, dear”, said the grandmother.

“Why?”, asked Jeff.

“About four months ago, I bought a bigger pan.”

We’re All Like Jennifer Sometimes – But We Don’t Have to Be

Aren’t we all a little like Jennifer from time to time?  Doing things the way we think we’re “supposed to”?  Just because they are the way we’ve always done them?

Even when they make no sense?  And even when they do not serve us?

Stop being a “Jennifer” today.  Stop cutting the ends off your “roast” and start building new beliefs that serve you today and align you with your desires – by telling yourself the best-feeling, believable stories about all your life’s experiences.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align yourself with your dreams and desires…

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  1. dear greg kuhn, i like to share something about myself of which i am unable to fathom. and i hope you may shed some light on it.
    when i walk on the street with lots of buildings and windows, and if anyone has been looking intently at me from any corner of place or window behind me, my head turns and eye catches the spot and the person instantly. it happened many times,..i didnt gave it much thought till the time when one afternoon i was deep asleep dreaming and suddenly my eyes pop opened only to find that my friend was watching me when i am asleep. what energy is this?

    • Hello Rigzin. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      We are in constant and continual communication and exchange with all that surrounds us. Even (and sometimes, especially) that which is not in our physical proximity.

      We learn to consciously tune out the majority of information and sensory exchange in which we’re constantly engaged. Yet it still registers with our subconscious – each and every single bit of it.

      Some of us are more sensitive to these messages and exchanges. My assumption is that you are such a person.

      If you enjoy this phenomena, I encourage you to grow your awareness with conscious effort.

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