This is part two of a four-part series.  Part One is found here.

How Reversing Seven Words Can Change Your Life (Part Two)

The Missing Step in Manifesting  

As you probably already know only too well, many appliers of the law of attraction are pretty darn successful with the small stuff.  But what often stumps people is how to manifest what they desire the most. The big dreams. The health, the money, the soul mate, the fit body, the business…

Here is the trap that keeps most people from manifesting the “big stuff” – most people are instructed to manifest their greatest desires by feeling the emotions their desired manifestation will provide once obtained.  Or, in other words, people are taught to create desirable emotional states in order to manifest things. If you want your soul mate, for example, they tell you to feel loved and adored; the quantum field is supposed to then respond to those feelings and you’ll supposedly attract that soul mate into your material experience.  Except those instructions don’t really work, do they?     

And now you know why those instructions don’t work.  “I’ll see it after I believe it” illustrates why these instructions are not reliable and repeatable (as they should be for a law); we see (or manifest) what we believe, not what we feel.  The quantum field cannot form coherence with anything except what you truly believe, regardless of any thoughts or feelings you’re currently making a part of your conscious awareness.

Here is why those faulty manifesting instructions sound like they should work: you can almost always easily “feel it” without really believing it.  You can easily spend a whole day feeling loved and adored without really BELIEVING you are worthy of love and adoration.  Whenever that happens, quantum physics guarantees that without belief, we will not manifest whatever we are feeling our way into.

If you actively create a feeling which happens to be aligned with your true beliefs, it is true that it will manifest.  But it is very natural to confuse the byproduct (the feeling) with the true cause (the belief).  If you believe it, you can always count on FEELING it.  Thus, when people have traced back the steps of successful manifestors they have made the natural mistake of simply stopping short at feeling.  If you feel it, however, the most you can say is that you MIGHT believe it.  Don’t skip the first step.

Current Belief Matches Desires  ===>  Feelings Flow from Belief You Have It  ===>  Visible Manifested Desire

What we currently see and are manifesting is always a reflection of what we currently believe.  So… you’ll see it after you believe it.  If you are seeing what you desire, and this were a test on having beliefs aligned with your desires, you just got an “A”.  Seeing your desire reflected in your present physical reality means your beliefs are aligned with those desires.

(More to come in Part Three, Next Monday, May 15th)


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