How Reversing 7 Words Can Change Your Life…  (Part One)

By Greg Kuhn

I’ll believe it when I see it.

We’ve all heard it.  In fact, I’ll bet you can even virtually hear the speaker’s skeptical tone of voice and see her doubting facial expression.  Great spiritual teachers, however, have taught us that the truth is the opposite- You will SEE it once you BELIEVE it.

Yet I have found that “You’ll see it when you believe it” more accurately reverses to: You’ll see it AFTER you believe it.

Let me explain.  When you boil a pot of water until 99.9% has evaporated, nothing but a crust of minerals will remain.  So if I boiled my most recent work, “Grow a Greater You”, down to its purest essence, what would be left?  The best of the best. So, as long as we agree that what has been boiled away is not extraneous, I am happy to share the gold you’ll find on the bottom of the pot.

The core of my work is the phrase, “I’ll see it after I believe it.”  I don’t even use the more common phrasing of seeing it WHEN you believe it.  It sets the manifestation up to be instantaneous and given where most of us are in our journey, our manifestations still have a time lag.  Hence we see things AFTER we have believed them and kept right on believing them in the initial face of any evidence to the contrary still hanging around.  

Let’s get right to why this phrase is the core of “Grow a Greater You” and why you may want to consider making this phrase part of your essential foundation. For the sake of time and space, I’ll present some concepts that may be new to you or ones you need more background about, so I’ll provide you a resource list at the end for greater depth and follow up.

Desires and Beliefs

Our conscious thoughts and our top-of-mind wants are our desires.  We are usually very familiar with them; we think about our desires a lot and share them with our friends and family.  Our beliefs, however, are thoughts we habitually repeated as children based on information shared with us by influential adults.  Contrary to what most people think, we are usually very unfamiliar with our beliefs; our beliefs reside in our subconscious brain and are not a part of our day-to-day conscious awareness.  

The quantum field forms coherence with our beliefs and manifests our material reality.  Whatever we are seeing right now is what we have manifested and it is always a mirror of our beliefs.  So what you see is always nothing more and nothing less than a reflection of what you believe.  When our material reality pleases us, we are experiencing the phenomena of having subconscious beliefs which are aligned with our conscious desires.  And vice-versa.

As we play this powerful game called “Grow a Greater You”, our principle challenge is to intentionally shape and grow our beliefs into alignment with our desires.  Since our physical experiences are always a mirror perfect reflection of our beliefs, getting our beliefs to agree with our waking desires is the most important skill a deliberate creator can ever learn.  You can “roll the dice” and hope that your beliefs and desires are in alignment, the way most of the world creates, or you can start designing your own life intentionally by creating beliefs of your choosing.

(More to come in Part Two, Next Monday, May 8th)


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