This is part four of a four-part series.  Part One is found here.  Part Two is found here.  And Part Three is found here.

How Reversing Seven Words Can Change Your Life (Part Four)

Feedback that Frees You from Merely Reacting

The information about your beliefs provided from what you do and do not see has no inherent meaning and value, except that which you assign it.  It is merely a reflection and you are free to use every bit of your material reality merely as feedback.  You can certainly stop using those reflections to make judgments about your personal value and worth.  This, alone, may free you from cycles of depression, anxiety, fear, and reaction.  My work teaches you that while the “things” you see (and do not see) may often please or displease you, the “things”, themselves, are only feedback loops about what you believe and how strongly you believe it.

You should never ignore the pleasure or displeasure you find in your beliefs’ reflections.  Instead, I want to help you become honest about how you truly feel about every one of your beliefs’ reflections. Only then can you quickly learn to use this highly accurate feedback to “adjust your sails” and play this amazing game of life with deeply fulfilling results.  

I hope this explanation of the essence of some of my work encourages you to dive deeper into your life and obtain the tools you need to “Grow a Greater You”.  You now understand why “I’ll see it after I believe it” can be one of the most powerful learning and teaching tools in your life.  

What I “boiled away” to arrive at this foundational phrase should be added back into the mix today.  Use all my other ingredients which form a beautiful blueprint, tailor-made for harnessing the immense personal power you’ve always known you possessed.  In fact, you’ll soon be wearing a secret smile as you observe the mirror-perfect “feedback” of your life because you are confident in your ability to create (and re-create) your desires from aligned beliefs.  

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