pamgrout  You may know that Pam Grout is a good friend and that we are mutual admirers.

Here’s something you might not know – right after Pam’s latest best-seller, E-Cubed, came out, something unsettling happened to her.

Wow, Thank You, My Friend!

Pam gave me the coolest public shout-out – she wrote about me and my Penny Experiment in her best-seller, E-Cubed.  She made me a big part of her chapter about manifesting money and she couldn’t have been more generous in her praise about me.

Sometimes People Will “Throw Rocks” At You

Any author is going to run into bad reviews and people who don’t like our work.  It can hurt or be scary, let alone disappointing, when that happens.  We all learn to tell ourselves the best-feeling, believable stories about such things (or we suffer).

Something potentially worse, however, happened recently to my friend.  Pam Grout’s name was attached to a book written by someone else.  And this book was for sale on Amazon.

Actually, I’d Rather Get Hit With a Rock

Pam told me about it and, by the time I saw it, some people had already written reviews of the darn book.  There was disappointment from a couple of Pam Grout’s fans (of which she has millions, of course, and deservedly so) regarding the poor, sub-standard quality of “her” latest writing.

One person even expressed sadness that Pam Grout would churn out such poorly-written trash simply to capitalize on her recent best-seller status just to make a quick buck.


Here I Come to Save the Day!

Pam had given me such a gift by talking me up in E-Cubed, she is my friend, and I love her writing – I really wanted to “save the day”.

So I did two things that I want to share, because they both illustrate how I play Grow a Greater You in “real life” and in real-time:

  1. I told Pam, “You know what, I know this is very frustrating.  Even infuriating.  You’ve contacted Amazon and I’m sure it’ll get rectified.  In the meantime, you know what I believe?  I believe that all this will do is call even more attention to your wonderful (real) books; people will rally to your defense.  In addition, some people may even start talking about this, as in “Can you believe what happened to Pam Grout on Amazon…?”, and that will only bring you more attention, notoriety, and publicity. (Case in point, by the way – I’m writing about it right now!) In other words, the old adage that no publicity is bad publicity is really true here.  Your fans love you, I love you, and this will only strengthen people’s resolve to feel that way about you.”
  2. I wrote a review on Amazon to alert readers that this book was not written by Pam Grout.  I want to share that review with you, because it explains how Grow a Greater You is played, how our universe works, and how we truly do contextually create our life within our individual universes each day.  It’s quoted below:

"Remember the 1988 Vice-Presidential Debate Between Dan Quayle and Lloyd Bentsen? September 19, 2014

By Gregory S. Kuhn


Let me give you a quick refresher…Senator Dan Quayle, a young Republican Vice-Presidential candidate, had been evoking the name of Jack Kennedy in his debate with the Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate, Senator Lloyd Bentsen.

Mr. Quayle was a young, handsome politician, so the comparison to Kennedy was one he desired to evoke.

And Bentsen famously quipped, (I’m paraphrasing)”Senator, I knew Jack Kennedy and worked with Jack Kennedy. Senator, you’re no Jack Kennedy.”

Please allow me to borrow liberally from this famous quip:

To whomever has written this book: I know Pam Grout. I’ve worked with Pam Grout. I’ve played with Pam Grout. I truly adore Pam Grout. You, Sir or Madam, are no Pam Grout.

This review is an attempt to say, with humor, that this book is 100% NOT written by Pam Grout. And, in fact, Pam Grout has absolutely NOTHING to do with this book and has NO association with it whatsoever.

My message to the author of this book (who, once again, is NOT Pam Grout) is this: love and honor yourself; publish under your own name. You deserve it. You are worth it.

The worst “crime” committed here isn’t actually your impersonation of Pam (although that is totally not cool), it’s actually what you’re doing to YOURSELF in the process.

What am I talking about?

Pasting Pam Grout’s name on your work perpetuates some way-out-of-alignment-with-your-desires-to-be-a-successful-author beliefs of yours. How ironic that you’re actually manifesting UNDESIRABLE experiences…by pasting Pam Grout’s name on your book about how to manifest your desires!!!!!!

(Although I understand why you were tempted to impersonate Pam, since she is downright, full-on awesome sauce!)”

Who, Above All Others, Should You Treat As a Worthy and Valuable Person?

That review spells out exactly why we can never fool the universe.  I, too, by the way sell myself short just as the real author of this book did by putting Pam Grout’s name on it.  I, too, sometimes contextually create unwanted experiences as I reinforce beliefs which are not truly aligned with my conscious desires.

Thus I have empathy for this author.  What this author did, in putting Pam Grout’s name on her book, is not “okay”.  But, in the end, this author is actually harming her/himself way more than she/he is hurting Pam Grout.

The entire experience was a great reminder of why I make intentional choices today to treat myself with dignity and respect, as is befitting a person of great value.  Because, after all, if I’m not treating myself as someone of great value, I’m missing out on my best and most constant opportunity to experience such treatment.  And, if I’m not giving myself that gift, why should I expect to see it reflected back to me in my material experiences?

Hopefully the Author Made the Most of the Learning Opportunity

The book no longer has Pam Grout’s name on it, by the way.  Even if the actual author was forced to remove Pam Grout’s name, I hope that she/he took my review to heart.

And please stay tuned to this website to read more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and experience a more pleasing life…