KatieforSquidoo3  On Monday, December 23rd, we said goodbye to a dear member of our family.  Our beloved cat, Katie.

Katie had cancer and after a surgery to remove a massive tumor, the tumor came back rapidly.  It quickly became obvious that helping Katie say goodbye to her body was the most loving thing we could do for her.  And during her transition, Katie showed me just how literal is the phrase: “We are spiritual beings having physical experiences”.

How Cool Is It That My Sons Are Way More Self-Actualized Than I Was at Their Age?

One thing that made me proud was that each member of our household took time to say goodbye to Katie and grieve with her.  Myself and our teenage boys included.

I don’t know about you, but when I was a teenager, I did not openly acknowledge my emotions.  Especially my painful ones.  And in situations like this, I went to great lengths to stuff my feelings and deny any sadness.  Thus, I was proud of my four teenage boys who all allowed themselves to cry and express themselves.

Katie Helped Me and Taught Me to the Very End

I was nervous about helping Katie and taking her to the veterinarian’s office.  Never having helped a pet transition before, I was scared.  Yet I also felt I owed it to Katie to be with her and help her, so I decided to do it for her.

In the end, as has usually been the case with Katie, she wound up helping me and being there for me.  Katie conveyed to me how grateful she was to be allowed to move on and, through my tears, I was very honored to help her do that.

Never having been present at the moment of someone’s death before, one  thing surprised me.  Katie’s last breath was a definitive one; the significance of her final inhale and exhale was grand enough to leave no doubt that she was gone.  I was the only one in the room with her at that moment and, immediately, I knew that Katie was gone.  Literally.

After Katie’s final breath, I knew, in a complete and visceral way, that I was no longer looking at Katie as I stared at her body.  There was absolutely no doubt that Katie had left behind her body.  And, thus, no doubt that the cat’s body I was now gazing upon was merely the vessel Katie had inhabited during her time with my family.

The real Katie was now back where it was before it began using that cat’s body as a vehicle.  The real Katie had returned to the energy of the quantum field, of the universe.  It was a wonderful, and completely tangible, reminder that “we” are not found in these bodies we’re currently using; “we” are an eternal energy having a physical experience.

Katie, and Anyone Else to Whom I’ve Said “Goodbye”, Is Just as Alive Today as Ever

Energy cannot be destroyed.  It can only change form.  Thus we must be eternal. (Click that link to Tweet it)

Doesn’t mean I don’t miss their physical form though.  I grieve the absence of their body.  Yet I have also  found throughout my life that my relationships often improve after that person leaves her body – since we’re no longer bound by human limitations like bias, proximity requirements, agendas, negative ideas, etc.

And, as I shared with my middle son later, I have no doubt that the real Katie will return to us (or him, since Katie was his pet) when she’s ready.

So say “hello” to someone who’s body you miss today.  And remember that her energy is as alive as it ever was (and always will be). (Click that link to Tweet it)

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