How Often Has Meeting “Some Guy” Actually Proven to be Awesome?

Brian and Greg  In March I got an email from Brian Gregory who identified himself as a spiritual seeker. Actually, his email identified himself as “Sumgai” which made me a little suspicious.  More about that later.

Brian told me he’d come across a YouTube video of me reading my book, Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance.

This email made me go “Hmmmm?”  because Brian asked me to “teach him what I know.” I laughed and thought, “I am an author with five books (with two more imminent for publication) and a voluminous website of information. And you ask me to ‘teach you what I know’?”  Plus his moniker is Sumgai?  Sounds a little fishy.

Turns Out Sumgai Is a Really Cool Guy

I emailed Brian back, shared some information, and asked him to clarify what he was looking for I also explored his blog and found him to be a genuine, thoughtful, and sincere man.

When Brian clarified his expectations I realized his inquiry was legit.  He is simply investigating ways to grow and evolve as a human being.  What a coincidence – just like you and me.

I invited him to read my books and my website. I also suggested he attend one of my seminars.

Brian lives in Charlotte, NC. My next seminar was in Libertyville, IL, forty minutes outside of Chicago. To my delight, Brian immediately told me he would attend.

Walking Around Chicago is Always Fun, Especially With a Nice Companion

I met up with Brian after my morning with Dr. Laura Berman and we spent the rest of the day in Chicago. We walked and talked, exchanging questions and information. We walked a lot (from the Art Institute to way down Lakeshore Drive and back).  He’s a tall dude, too, as you can see from the photo.

We made a connection borne not only of our own personal growth and evolution, but through discussing even more beneficial methodologies for the fulfillment of human desires.

Brian was with me the next morning to attend the seminar and ate lunch with the Present Moment crew (what a beautiful bunch!) after. We parted later Saturday afternoon at the airport, Brian flying back to his family in Charlotte and I to mine in Louisville.

Brian’s Wife Might Even Be as Awesome as Mine

I am grateful to Brian for giving me the gift and opportunity for connection and friendship. I’m grateful I got to vicariously experience his spiritual courage to come to Chicago and spend one-on-one time with me. And I’m grateful to his wife and children for allowing him to do all this.

As an aside, any time you are willing to do what Brian did (and you can promise me you’re not a stalker 😉 ), it’s a lot of fun to meet up at a seminar.  Let me know – next one is in Indianapolis, IN on July 12th.

What a gift. Brian made my seminar even more special. I hope I returned the value he bestowed upon me because he contributed mighty energy to the manifestation of “Greg Kuhn is an awesome and uniquely gifted teacher of how to really and truly use the Law of Attraction. Especially for manifesting the ‘big stuff’.”

Take a Moment to “Water” Brian and Help Him Grow

I hope you visit Brian’s website and introduce yourself to him. Your decision to observe Brian and tell, I’ll bet, “good” stories about him will assist his growth into the greatest vision and version he has for himself. You can help Brian “Grow a Greater Brian” as he grows ever closer to being the most authentic version of “him” he can grow into.

Thank you Brian, for that day with me. Your decision is not something I take for granted; it keeps me humble as it exalts me. It’s a gift you’ve given me that I intend to repay for years by continuing to write, speak, and teach.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…

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  1. Hi Greg! I just visited Brian’s website and really enjoyed it. Thanks for that. I am always looking for different info and insights to read from others.
    I really have to invest in books one day!


    • Pam – you don’t have my books?! How are you able to function? 😉

      Thank you for saying “Hello”. Brian is a cool guy and I enjoy his blog too.

  2. Hello Greg, can I have your email id? I too have some questions that I would like to discuss with you. I appreciat your this gesture of helping people with so much of interest n enthusiasm.
    Love n blessings.

    • Hey Manish. Good to hear from you; I’d be honored to have an opportunity to be of value to you.

      Brian emailed me by using the contact form on this site (see the Navigation menu above). Feel free to do the same.

    • Thanks for your confidence, Chris.

      I know you’ll love the books and I look forward to hearing about you growing a greater Chris real soon.

  3. Amazing what happens when you just ask! Which brings me to a question:

    I am always torn with manifestation and about how much I have to “do” to make it happen. I know I don’t have to do anything except have a clear desire but….I am a recovering “doer.” A project manager by trade and a rather type A person, I am always figuring out how to make things happen. I keep worrying that if I don’t ask or pick up the phone or search the internet or whatever, how will I receive what I have asked for?

    Any advise from a recovering “doer?”

    • Hey, Jen. Great question. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      I’ve written quite a bit about that in my next book.

      Our new paradigms, formed from quantum physics, put us at the top of the creation pyramid. At the bottom of this pyramid is our material reality. In the middle is coherence – which forms between us and the quantum field to create that material reality.

      So what creates that material reality? How does that coherence form?

      Coherence forms between our beliefs and the quantum field. And our true expectations (as opposed to our top-of-mind desires), formed unconsciously from our beliefs, are the delivery system.

      Thus you can rest assured that it is your beliefs which create your material reality. Your material reality is always an accurate reflection of your beliefs.

      And the actions you take to help your desires manifest? They are very important, yet their importance is a far cry less than your beliefs.

      Actions, taken without beliefs which are aligned with your desired outcomes, will almost always fall far short of delivering the results you hope to create. You know the old story – there are some areas of your life where you follow expert instructions and perform them diligently, yet you never find the results that expert promised. Why? Are the instructions faulty? Probably not. They worked very well for the expert, after all.

      What happened is that your beliefs were not aligned with your desired outcomes, while the expert’s were. Thus the expert’s actions you imitated, just as instructed, didn’t have the same effect as they did for her.

      What is the cure for this phenomena? Of course you know that the cure is to align your beliefs with your desires before, and during, any actions you take.

      Thus, you do not need to abandon action. In fact, I would never counsel you to do so. Instead you should ensure that your actions are inspired by your raised beliefs which are now aligned with your desires.

      Our old paradigms told us to take action first. Action was the most important thing. There was no place for the inclusion of raising your beliefs, let alone an emphasis on doing that first and keeping that as the primary methodology for manifesting your desires.

      What you “do”, really, is align your beliefs. The rest will take care of itself. Align beliefs first; take action second. This is the formula for playing “Grow a Greater Jen” which can never fail, because it is solidly grounded in the way our universe “works”.

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