Shark  Telling stories is your soundtrack.  The stories you tell about all your life experiences (the meaning and value you give to everything) act just like the music in a movie – telling you whether what’s happening in the scene is good, bad, sad, scary, happy, etc.  And your soundtracks, or stories, are always open to change if you decide you aren’t enjoying your current “movie”. (Click that Link to Tweet It)

Here’s an example of how I changed my soundtrack on purpose to manifest some awesome snorkeling.

Snorkeling on a beach in Saint Marten, I got freaked out.  Here’s why: I’m scared of sharks.  When I get to a beach, it takes me a day or two to swim without feeling uneasy.  Unless there are people further out from the shore than me (because, I figure, the shark will swim near them first).

Scared of Sharks?  Perhaps.  But I Was More Scared of Missing Out on Some Beautiful Snorkeling

But I was in the clear water of Saint Marten.  And I love snorkeling.  And, even though there were only a few other people in the water, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to snorkel.

So on went the fins and snorkel and in the water I went.

I was only brave enough to go out into ten feet of water or so.  And I was definitely the furthest person out from the beach.

As I swam along the water’s surface and gazed down at the colorful ocean floor I knew that all I had to do was turn my head 45 degrees and I would be staring out into the clear, blue expanses of the vast Atlantic ocean.   I turned and looked out into the ocean; I could see for hundreds of yards and then the water faded into deep, dark blue.

It was pretty easy to imagine a large shark emerging from that deep, dark blue.  Swimming toward me.

I turned my attention back to the ocean floor and kept snorkeling, but I immediately started to envision that shark in my imagination.  The more I snorkeled, the more foreboding that image became.  I just knew that if I turned my head, I would see the great white killer coming my way!

At that moment, my soundtrack was pulsing the theme from Jaws and my hair was almost standing on end.

The Killer Shark in My Mind Was As Real As Any in the Ocean That Day

I logically knew that if I looked again, I would not see a shark.  I also knew, however, that if I looked again I would solidify the imaginary shark that was swimming toward me in my head.  The fear would have won.

Moments later, I could not longer contain myself.

I looked.

Sure enough, there was no shark.  But the second I turned back to the ocean floor, my imaginary shark was all the more real and even closer to me than before.  I could sense that I was about to completely give in to my fears; I would soon be so overcome with dread over this imaginary shark that I would swim back to shore and miss out on some gorgeous snorkeling.

“I can’t pass up on this opportunity to snorkel on this island paradise!”, I decided.  “Yet I cannot deny the fear in my head – it’s making the shark real for me.  I have to do something different.”

“If I Don’t Like the Soundtrack”, I Remembered, “I Should Change to a Different Tune!”

Suddenly I remembered that my soundtrack was causing my fear of the shark to become real.  “What if,” I mused, “I intentionally switched my soundtrack?”

So, right then, I made a conscious choice to intentionally and deliberately hum the iconic Walt Disney tune, “It’s a Small World”, while I snorkeled.  How could a shark be coming after me while “It’s a Small World” was playing on my soundtrack!? (Click that Link to Tweet It)

And guess what happened when I changed my soundtrack?  The shark disappeared.  Literally, that shark melted right out of my imagination like a pat of butter in a hot frying pan.

Try this technique today.  Change your soundtrack to change the meaning of your circumstances and life events.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…