How Many Lights Would Paul Revere Hang To Say He Was Truly Manifesting His Desires?

CreateMore-150x150  Here it is.  The long-awaited debut!

And the first of many to come.

And you can be the Paul Revere of “Grow a Greater You”!

So many have asked for it.  Please tell the world – Greg Kuhn has published his first audiobook.

This Site is Really a Lighthouse, Not a Store

The purpose of this site is to add as much value as is humanly possible to your life; to contribute as much value to you as I can.  To give you valuable information that will, if you so use it, change your life.

We play a game called “Grow a Greater You” here.

And the more people who join me in playing “Grow a Greater You”, the more powerfully our world’s paradigms change.  The more effective you become at learning how to grow your beliefs into alignment with your desires, the easier it is for all of us to do likewise as the communal beliefs and expectations of our planet evolve and blossom.

Nothing Draws a Crowd Like a Crowd

In other words: I’m going to play “Grow a Greater You” for the rest of my life because

  • it works
  • it’s awesome
  • it’s more fun than a box full of ferrets

And, the more people who join all of us in playing “Grow a Greater You”, the more powerful the game becomes for all of us!

(If you’re new to all this, by the way, the core and foundation of both “Grow a Greater You” and also the changes we’re making in the 21st Century to the reasons we do things the way we do is: aligning your beliefs with your desires)

One If By Land, Two If By Sea

So what the heck does all this have to do with Paul Revere?

Many, many people have been asking me to create audiobooks since my books first became best-sellers on Amazon.  It took a little while, though, because I did not want to make audiobooks “on the cheap”.  My Why Quantum Physicists… book series deserves high quality and professionally produced audiobooks.

We started with Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance.  We auditioned a boatload of talented voice actors who were all passionate about the subject matter.  And we settled on an awesome consciousness-possessing time-space-event (i.e. a human being) named D.J. Holte.  DJ is super-cool fellow who totally “gets” the content; I believe you will fall in love with DJ’s voice as you listen to him read my book!

And I invite you to do just that.  Listen.  And then tell your friends about it (if you don’t mind).

Here’s the Best Way – I Love It

Here is truly the best way to do that:  you can subscribe to Audible (an Amazon company) and get access to Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance right now – along with every single, other audiobook on Audible.  Click that link to subscribe.  I subscribed and I love it!

Or you can go to Amazon right now and get it as a single audiobook by clicking on this link: Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance.

Now you can listen at the YMCA, in the car, while you’re jogging, while riding the bus, etc.  This is so awesome!

Please be Paul Revere and let people know.  All my titles will eventually be released as audiobooks; I’ll be sure to let you know as they’re created.

Thank you.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for using new new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and live a life of your dreams…


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  1. Greg I Luv the Msg you’re giving to the world. I bought “How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs” It was like going back to school and doing homework. I hated school… bored to tears with the pablum I was being fed by automatons teaching to the lowest common denominator, etc. I’m sure in the classroom you’re a wonderful educator. But writing this right now I just had the epiphany of the perfect correlation between that book of yours I didn’t like and what many call “Shadow Work”, and how integrating the suppressed feelings of frustration and victimhood into the light of day helps to bring about a more peaceful perspective of our past. And it’s articles like these that keep me going. Having a really tough time lately with my attitude. But every week or so my inbox has an inspirational Msg from you that really helps. When the Student’s ready the Teacher will appear, and there you are. Really enjoy the podcasts you do from your internet radio interviews too.
    So, keep up the good work, I’m paying attention, Sir.
    With gratitude and respect,

    • John, thank you so much for your vociferous shout-out for my efforts. I’m honored that you’re allowing me to be of value to you.

      I see all of this being taught in school before too much more time passes.

      What could be more relevant and authentic than learning how to be the most effective human being you desire?

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