Space-invaders  I’ll bet you’ve encountered paradigm challenging information before “Grow a Greater You”.

My favorite such memory is from 1978.  I was about to start the fifth grade. And I got a summer-changing phone call.

Larry Revealed the Equivalent of “Fire to a Caveman” To Me

On a summer afternoon, I got a breathless and excited call from my best friend, Larry Aubrey.  Larry lived a short bike ride from my house off of Lyndon Lane in Louisville, KY.

“Greg,” Larry practically shouted into the phone, “you’ve gotta come see this new game at Lyndon Lanes (our local bowling alley).”

I was nonplussed, yet intrigued.  “What are you talking about?”, I queried.

Ever Try to Describe Trigonometry to a Five-Year-Old?  Larry Had the Same Experience

Here was Larry’s description.  See if you can guess what he was describing:

“It’s a big metal box with a television screen in it.  You put a quarter in the box and these spaceships appear on the television screen.  Then you try to shoot the spaceships before they get to you.”

I asked follow-up questions until Larry finally tired of trying to explain it and declared, “Just meet me at Lyndon Lanes and I’ll show you.”

I had no idea what mysterious thing Larry was trying to describe to me.  It sounded like gibberish, like nothing I’d ever heard about before, and I couldn’t ever picture something matching Larry’s description.

A Video Game?  What’s That?

Did you guess that Larry was describing the arcade video game, Space Invaders?  Midway’s big hit debuted in 1978.  I had never seen a video game of any kind in 1978, though, so when Larry was telling me about Space Invaders I had no way of even conceptualizing the game.

My eleven-year-old paradigms didn’t offer me a way to imagine an arcade video game.  And I simply didn’t understand (or believe) what Larry was trying to tell me until I went and say it for myself.  And play it I did, the rest of that summer.

Hearing about new paradigms from quantum physics, such as the role intricately involved observer we play as we contextually create our material experiences, can sound a lot like Space Invaders did in 1978.  Just as happened with Space Invaders, I truly came to understand the awesome power and effectiveness of these new paradigms from quantum physics as I employed them in my life.

They Work So Well I Base My Life Around Them

And now?  I don’t merely employ this new paradigms in my life.  I base my entire life around them.  I’m more than hooked.  I’m all in – because they work just that well.

Well enough, in fact, that I feel it my mission and duty to let you know about them.

I got hooked on Space Invaders in 1978 – but that was a fad.  This time, I’m here to stay and I’m loving the results.  I know you will soon be too (if you’re not already).

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and live a life of your dreams…