Angry Baby  I went to my favorite Sunday morning hangout for inspiration.  I’ve left the Louisville Center for Spiritual Living with new ideas almost every time.  It’s a reliable source.

Plus, I’d been asked to give the Sunday talk there in a couple weeks.  So what better place for motivation about my talk?

What the Heck?

Twenty minutes into the service, I started feeling disappointed.

  • The talented and insightful musicians were out of town
  • The message was comprised of a few stories that just didn’t pack the usual spiritual “oomph”
  • The songs we sang were trite because they weren’t written by the music director

But my emotions turned to anger when an audience member commented that “…our thoughts drive our feelings…”


“Oh No She Didn’t!”

I got angry at that nonsense.  Then I got really mad contemplating my “wasted” Sunday morning spent hearing someone regurgitating oft-repeated, and completely incorrect, platitudes about emotions.  “I came here for inspiration for my Sunday talk and, instead, heard dangerous B.S. about emotions,” I thought angrily.

Within seconds, though, it struck me.

I found my inspiration.

My Anger Helped Me Realize Anger Is Important

My anger manifested my desire.

My talk would be about the vital importance of feeling our real emotions.  Instead of pretending to feel positive because we “should.”

When we pretend to feel other than how we really do, the universe can’t teach us what we need to learn about our current beliefs.

And the delightful irony of all this?  I wouldn’t have gotten the idea for my Sunday talk if I had pretended not to feel angry.  If I had told myself, “You shouldn’t feel angry about this; spiritual people don’t respond that way”, I would’ve walked out of the Center without the topic for my talk.

The Simple Act of Feeling Your Emotions Turns the Universe Into Your Teacher

Feeling our emotions is one of the most important parts of manifesting our desired experiences.

It allows the universe to teach us everything we need to know about our beliefs and help us identify what we’d like to change.

Please stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to align your beliefs with your desires and manifest the experiences you’ve long wanted…