How Do You Know if That’s Actually You in the Mirror?

beardmirror  Have you ever seen one of those funhouse mirrors where, if you place your head just right, your reflection looks like you’re wearing a clown nose or a wild hat?

Have you ever stopped to think, though, that this is how we all try to manifest our desires, prior to learning to play “Grow a Greater You”?

Sound strange?

All You Can Base Your Understanding On is What You See (Until You Learn More)

Before someone understands that the material world she experiences in her unique individual universe is a reflection of her beliefs, she can only base her understanding on what she can see. And what can she see?

  1. That life is happening “to” her.
  2. That changing the material world to be more pleasing is almost entirely about tinkering with the physical “things.”
  3. That there is some force outside herself who acts as a gatekeeper, arbitrarily allowing or denying her desires.

So, responding logically like anyone would do, she begins taking action to achieve the fulfillment of her desires.

  • If she wants an ideal body she goes on a diet, but without changing her beliefs about her body.
  • If she wants more money she gets a new job, but without changing her beliefs about money.
  • If she wants a soul mate she joins an online dating community, but without changing her beliefs about relationships.
  • If she wants to feel good about herself she starts giving herself positive affirmations, but without changing her beliefs about her self-worth.

You Know What Comes of Those Efforts (That’s Why You and I Are Here)

And, in this pattern, what happens? You already know. You’ve lived this pattern, as have I. It’s the pattern 99.9% of all humans act out until enlightenment begins.

What happens is: the action-based pattern described above produces results. It produces an immediate, pleasing result – most, or some, of the time. But because the pleasing result is born of action, it is not lasting or “real.” The action-based pleasing result is not a manifestation, or reflection of, improved beliefs.

Thus it will only be experienced in that moment.

Want to Have a Beard?  Better Buy a Funhouse Mirror (Unless You’re Willing to Become a Beard)

Manifesting our desires using the action-based pattern is like drawing on our reflection in the mirror. It’s like me saying “I want a beard,” so I get out a thick black Sharpie, go to my bathroom mirror, and draw a beard on my reflection. “Awesome!” I say. “I have a beard!”

And as long as I keep my head in the exact right spot in front of the mirror, I have a beard. But the minute I move my head, which I will do all the time (of course), it’s gone. “Where did my beard go?” I wonder.

And then I get angry. And sad. And afraid. And I wonder what I did wrong. And why I’m not worthy of a beard. And I blame myself. And God. I wanted that beard so badly; why can’t I have it?

Now that we’re enlightened, we know why. We’re not victims. There is no force outside ourselves acting as a gatekeeper.  And we certainly don’t need to blame ourselves.

Be What You Want to Have (and You Have It Effortlessly)

Our reflection always shows us our current beliefs.  And if we want to “grow a beard” we now know the truth: we need to raise our beliefs to be aligned with “having a beard.” And in doing so we grow into our desire; we become a beard.

When we are a beard, that’s when we see and experience a beard.

Put the sharpie down today. Welcome home.

And stay tuned to this website to learn tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…

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  1. Oh those nasty beliefs we hold onto so dearly! Dam them :)! I am working on my terrible limiting beliefs and it is not easy. It’s starting to sink in that I am responsible for my life and no one else is including my spouse. That’s been a hard one to wrap my head around!!
    Thanks Greg! Your posts are fun!


    • Pam, always wonderful to hear from you. Thank you, again, for taking the time to let me know I’ve been of value to you. I cannot overstate how meaningful that is to me.

      You, like everyone else, is the only person who can make the changes needed to contextually create a more pleasing material reality. There is no “outside source” of our life experiences, after all. Although most of us grew up with the idea of a “giver of gifts” who exists outside of us, that paradigm has been replaced by what we now know about how our universe works.

      The good news, of course, is that the source of all our life experiences is not difficult to change and improve. The source is not “you”, so you needn’t blame yourself nor beat yourself up for your displeasing and contrasting experiences.

      The source is your beliefs. And your beliefs are not universally true, nor are they written in stone. You, like all of us, are free to change your beliefs so that they align with your desired outcomes.

      My new book, which will be out in July, goes into great detail about playing the game I call “Grow a Greater You”. I can’t wait for you to read it and rocket yourself to new heights!

  2. No comment, was just wondering when and if you have a specific release date for your new up coming book? Thank you for your help with my journey! From a fan in Montreal, Canada.

    • Hello Frank. Thank you for asking. I’m honored that you’ve given me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      I just finished my final rewrite, in fact, five minutes ago. Now it’s off to the copyeditor tonight.

      The book cover is already done, so it’s really only a matter of how long the copyeditor takes.

      I am so thrilled about this book, called Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”. It is incredibly powerful and I cannot wait for you to read it sometime in July!

  3. I am seeing a parallel here to the role of the reward system (Limbic System) in addiction. For example, I will apply the Sharpie to the mirror over and over in an effort to trigger the feel-good chemical cascade that it has delivered previously. Not only can I not comprehend that there’s anything better or bigger but I’ve now “trained” my brain to reward me for the act of beard drawing so that I don’t even search for anything else. I guess like all addicts, we beard-drawers eventually hit the wall when the pain outweighs the reluctance to change and we can now longer afford our enormous Sharpie expense!
    I guess that as a substance abuse counselor it’s inevitable that I see the similarities between addictiion to substances/behaviors and our addiction to our own misery! I am greatly enjoying your books and really love that you offer a practical way to achieve results. I am at the beginning of the process but feel very confident that this will work for me! Thank you so much! Patricia

    • Hi Patricia. Thank you for your comment and praise; I’m honored that you’ve given me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      I call the “training” you referred to “a natural byproduct of adherence to the Neanderthal paradigms we were all taught”. We’re not stupid people, after all, we were simply given beliefs from those paradigms as children. And those paradigms are logical because they are created from the world we see, and experience, with our eyeballs.

      A world where “things” are separate from us and exist independently of us, oblivious to our influence. A world of pre-existing “things” which merely await our discovery in a pre-determined state.

      Thanks to quantum physics, we now know that those paradigms do not accurately illustrate the way our universe really “works”. Thank goodness.

      I’m quite certain, as with other therapists and counselors I’ve communicated with, that your work with these new paradigms will prove immensely valuable in your work with addicts. And I know it will prove even more valuable in your own personal growth. Suffering has truly become optional and no one need ever use that Sharpie again!

      I am beyond excited to reveal much more of this information, comprehensively covered in a succinct blueprint for its use, in my new book, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”, due out next month.

    • Linda, thank you so much for your affirming thoughts. I am honored to be given an opportunity to be of value to you.

      I’m sorry it has to be “standby” for how. And I mean that literally: I am sorry! I want it in your hands right now!

      It is am amazing book and I’m beyond excited to get it out. But it’s a little like watching a cake bake right now. It’s in the oven, though, and the timer will soon “ding”. ‘-)

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