TR1001_Dionne_WARWICK  A change in perspective, by choosing to tell a different, better-feeling (yet believable) story, can make a huge shift in your beliefs.  Sometimes instantly.

I was going through my divorce in the summer of 2006.  If you’ve been divorced, you know that there is usually grief akin to a death of a loved one.  I certainly felt that way; I often found myself sad, depressed, down, and hopeless at times.

One afternoon I was grocery shopping and, stopped in the produce section, I noticed that the store’s muzak system was playing “I Know I’ll Never Love This Way Again”, by Dionne Warwick.

“And Now…Music to Depress You…”

Are you familiar with that song?  A classic “tear-jerker” about a woman forlornly mourning the loss of her one true love.

I drew a deep breath and internalized the somber lyrics and music of Ms. Warwick’s most famous composition.  And I felt deeply saddened as I identified with and personified the song.

“Yep”, I thought, “I will never love this way again”.  Tear of sadness came to my eyes.  I fought the urge to run out of the grocery and go cry in my car.

Right in Front of My Eyes (Or Ears, If You Wanna Get Technical About It) – Dionne Warwick Became a Singing “Wayne Dyer”

Then I had a flash of inspiration.  “Wait a minute!”, I thought, “There is another way to process this song!  There is a different, and believable, story I can tell about it!”

Courage surging through me, I continued to tell my new story.

“You’re damn right I’ll never love this way again!  I’ll never again:

  • invest myself in someone so emotionally flawed
  • depend upon another person as my sole source of happiness
  • define myself and my self-worth through someone’s love and acceptance of me
  • put myself in a position of such inappropriate vulnerability by not taking responsibility for my own happiness
  • make it someone else’s ‘job’ to love me; I’ve learned the importance of being my own source of love

Hell yes, I’ll never love this way again.  And thank God for that!  I’ve learned a lot about myself; I’ve grown tremendously.  I’ll never love this way again because I never want to love this way again!”

And, suddenly, that sad, depressing song became an anthem of freedom.  Dionne Warwick’s biggest hit was no longer making me think about slitting my wrists, it was now an amazingly inspiring declaration of my new sense of personal responsibility and growth. (Click that link to Tweet it) And made me feel profoundly grateful.

Dionne Warwick, and My New Story, Made the Rest of My Grocery Shopping an Awesome Experience

I did the rest of my shopping with a palpable and noticeable vigor to my steps.  I was on top of the world, in fact.

See what a difference choosing to tell a new story, better-feeling, believable story can make? (Click that link to Tweet it) It can change your perspective instantly.  It can allow you to, literally, see a new universe right before your eyes.

Join me today in telling stories of your choosing.  Ones that uplift you and reinforce new beliefs that align you with your desires.

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