How Being Trapped in an MRI Machine Can Produce Immense Gratitude

claustrophobia  Here’s another cool, real life illustration of holism, or, more specifically, the connection between mind and body. I just got an MRI on my right shoulder.

I love to play baseball and I’ve played left field and third base in a mens’ 0ver-thirty-eight league for years.  I’ve got a strong throwing arm (just ask the batters I’ve hit when my team has been forced to use me as a pitcher). It’s taken a toll on my throwing shoulder.  And I needed it checked out.

Those of us in the league, by the way, often find it important to highlight that we’re not playing softball, but, instead, are playing “little league for old men”. 😉

I didn’t think I was claustrophobic.  That is until I went into an MRI machine.  Three minutes in and I was buzzing the technician, “Get me out of here!  I do not want to do this!” (Click that link to Tweet it)

I Was Scared of the MRI Machine, Yet I Still Wanted to Play Baseball Again

Yet I needed the MRI.  So what to do? Pretty simple, really.

  • Go back
  • Close my eyes before the technician puts me inside
  • Imagine I’m out in an open field the whole time

That’s exactly what I did and it worked like a charm.  Bear in mind that there was nothing different from one experience to the other except what was going on in my mind.  My mind took control and dictated the experience my body had.

“So what?”, a sleepwalking person might say, “Tell me something I don’t know.  Duh! That kind of thing happens all the time!”

Yet, why would we pass up the opportunity to celebrate something like this for the miracle it is? Once again, I proved to myself that I am not a victim and that life doesn’t happen “to” me.  I am the one who decides the stories I tell about my life events; I choose the meaning and value I give to things.  And I surrender that choice to nothing, and no one, unless I decide to. (Click that link to Tweet it)

And I will certainly not surrender those choices to an MRI machine!  Not today anyway.

There Are Miracles and Connections Everywhere…All We Have to Do Is Be Open to Them

By the way, the results of my MRI showed that I have a torn labrum.  And fluid leaking through the tear has caused a cyst, which is causing the bulk of my pain.  In yet another smile-inducing illustration of the mind/body connection, when I learned that my pain was not being caused by a pulled muscle, but was, instead, being caused by a pocket of fluid pressing against a nerve, it suddenly hurt more.  Nothing had changed from one day to the next except my awareness of my body – yet I could not deny that the pain was more intense.

And, because of that, I also could not deny a smile at yet another example of the unfolding miracle that is called being a human on the planet Earth.

And speaking of being a human, stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…

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  1. Hi Greg – just read three of your books in three days!!! I love them and am hoping I can now, after two years of trying, finally use the law of attraction to my benefit and manifest my deepest hearts desires. After reading the above that you wrote about your experience in the MRI machine, at the end of your story, I really wanted to know how you got rid of the pain??!! I have been if awful physical pain now for nearly four years. I was introduced to the LOA by a friend about 2 years ago and have tried, by using the LOA, with very little success, to rid me of this pain. So any help or guidance you can give me regarding this topic would be so very much appreciated. I would love to see a book from you regarding this topic. Not just emotional ‘pain’ but actual physical pain. I was told mine was due to a damaged nerve but the extent of the damage showing on the test should not have been causing the incredible, intense pain that it was (am) in.I was then told by holistic therapists they thought the pain was ’emotional pain’. Not that I did not have a damaged nerve, or that the pain was imagined, but that it has not been caused by anything physically wrong but through emotions. Hence when I started on the LOA path. Positive, positive, positive, affirmation after affirmation after affirmation. I thought I was going mad at some points after, day after day, of repeating and repeating positive affirmations. Although I am improved I am still suffering a lot on almost a daily basis. I would love to get rid of this once and for all and get back to some sort of normal life and feel wonderful, well and amazing. I have read the ‘Hicks’ books, many of them and it was only after reading yours that I really understood. No one, that I am aware of, from what I have read (and I have read a LOT!!) has said affirmations will not change your subconscious mind.
    Anyway don’t want to bore you or take up too much of your time. Can’t wait for your next book, keep up the brilliant work, you explain it in such an easy (or as easy as is possible when trying to understand and get your head around quantum physics) way for the average person to get a grasp on.

    Many, many thanks
    Love, light and blessings

    • Trudy, thank you so much for your kind words. You’re giving me a wonderful gift when you allow me to be of value to you and I’m very appreciative of that!

      I have very little experience with physical pain. I choose to not allow physical pain to be a part of my life experience – so far, so good.

      I’m certainly not saying that you (or anyone else experiencing physical pain) is doing something “wrong” because you are experiencing it. To the contrary, I believe that you are being given a unique opportunity to apply these new paradigms, to play “Grow a Greater You”, in this area of your life.

      And I hope you do so.

      That’s right, Trudy. I really hope you play “Grow a Greater You” with your physical pain. And please share your journey with me (and the rest of us).

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