man-of-war  On our vacation to Florida this past June, my wife and I came across a Portuguese Man o’ War on the beach.  We saw it, already dead, while taking an morning walk.  It was beautiful (as the photo shows), yet we were both glad we didn’t encounter it, alive, in the water.

A Portuguese Man o’ War, by the way, is not a jellyfish.  It is a Siphonophorae.  A Siphonophorae is not a single organism, but a colony composed of many individual animals.   The colony of animals all cooperate as they live together, in the manner of a single organism, and they could not stay alive if they separated.

You Have a Lot More in Common with a Portuguese Man o’ War Than You Might Have Imagined

I highlight this fact because your body is also a Siphonophorae.  It may appear to you that your body is one single organism but it is, in fact, a colony of individual systems who are cooperating to be your body. (Click that Link to Tweet it)

Sound strange?  Recall Dr. Candace Pert’s research into how your cells function as free agents.  Dr. Pert found that your cells become physically addicted to peptides produced by your brain’s hypothalamus during certain emotional states.  In this manner, your cells act as free agents and do not actually function in ways that you might prefer, where you “in charge” of them.

Additionally, your endocrine system produces peptides just as your hypothalamus does.  This suggests that your endocrine system is a separate entity acting in cooperative fashion with the rest of your body’s systems.

Your Body; A Colony

In fact, your entire body is replete with examples of being a Siphonophorae.

Your heart sends information to the rest of your body and radiates enough energy to be read by an electroencephalograph from up to eight feet away.  You circulatory system, digestive system, lymphatic system, immune system, muscular system, nervous system, etc. all exhibit characteristics of independent yet cooperative behavior.

Yet, just like any other Siphonophorae, your body’s systems cooperate and could not live separately as independent entities.

For example, your lungs cannot perform their function without your heart because the heart takes the oxygen-poor blood from the body and sends it to the lungs, where it gets refueled with oxygen to carry throughout your body.

Your Body Can Remind You That Your Life on this Planet is Truly a Miracle

What does this mean for you, as a conscious creator?

  • It reinforces the new quantum physics paradigm of holism.  And reminds you not to take for granted the miracle that your human body is, and, thus, that your life is, today.  There is even some research which suggests that some of your body’s systems might have a consciousness distinct from you.
  • It reminds you that your body is not “who you are”.  You body is an amazing marvel of collective systems and science really has no definitive explanation for why your body’s systems are cooperating like they do, except, perhaps, they are dependent upon one another.

The real “you”, of course, is a non-physical energy.  An energy which we call consciousness.  And “you” utilizes your body’s systems to experience life on Earth as a human being.  Your body is, in the end, merely an amazingly complex host for your consciousness. (Click that Link to Tweet it)

Take a moment today to thank your body’s systems for the incredible work they perform, allowing you to have this awesomely fun experience.  “You” wouldn’t be here without them.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips about using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…