How a Teacher Learned to Manifest a Lot More Money

Teacher  I wrote this post about an exciting technique for playing Grow a Greater You with money.

Then I was asked to elaborate with a couple of examples of this technique.  So, always eager to please, here ya’ go!

Don’t Intentionally Raise Your Beliefs About Money

This technique involves not working the Grow a Greater You belief-raising process directly on money.  Instead you raise your beliefs about the value of what you do and contribute.  And then you assign money the role of being one of the most important reflections, or indicators, of that value.

There are, essentially, two types of jobs – a job with a variable salary and a job with a set salary (a job with no salary would fit here).

What If You Sell Cars?

If you have a variable salary like a car salesperson:

Some people are easily able to recognize that they have actively doubted the true value of what they do and contribute; they very easily and naturally imagine simply ways that value can be cultivated and raised.

Even if you’ve never doubted the value of what you do and contribute perhaps you, too, can see that shifting your focus completely onto value is not difficult.  And, in fact, may be of great benefit to your roles in general.

For example, a financial services salesperson I know was able to quickly realize she had always thought of her job as selling people needed financial tools and investment vehicles.  Her job, what she did and how she contributed, was to sell.  She always believed that the financial services she sold were very valuable and helpful, of great benefit to her clients, and she maintained an attitude of wanting to help and contribute to her clients’ lives.  Yet it was very easy for her to shirt her entire focus onto “contributing value” instead of selling.  In fact, the idea was not foreign to her at all.

Although she was always a very caring person who strove to keep her clients’ best interests at heart, changing her focus completely to “contributing value” removed money, almost immediately, as her target desire.  It was simple and natural for her to reassign money to the role of a reflection regarding her beliefs about value.  She reports that every task has become joyful when she thinks, “How can I contribute value?”  And, even routine tasks which are more perfunctory, such as answering the telephone at the front desk or meeting with a potential client who decides not to use her have become joyful when she’s able to say, “Thank you for allowing me to be valuable to you.”

This shift radically revitalized and energized her job, making it exponentially more satisfying, and exploded her financial prosperity into heights she’s previously only dreamed of.

What If You’re a School Teacher?

If you have a set salary like a teacher:

I have a friend in just such a situation – he is a high school teacher whose quality of work has no bearing upon his paycheck.  He is a great teacher and is beloved by his students for his rigorous courses and his caring, involved, go-the-extra-mile approach.

My friend expressed understandable doubts because his salary is fixed and only goes up as he gets years of tenure, as it is for most every teacher.  But his desire for financial abundance allowed him to give this technique a try.

He found, as you will, that his universe did change to reflect his rising beliefs about the value of what he does and contributes.  As with my friend, the financial advisor, this man discovered that intentionally raising his beliefs about value (although he already considered what he did and contributed valuable) revitalized his job and provided him with a tremendous amount of new joy.  Additionally, his game of “Grow a Greater You” also lessoned his frustrations with the tasks he had always found more onerous, such as record-keeping, department meetings, and professional development.  That, in and of itself, he reports would be worth playing this game of the value of what he does and contributes.

Where he once thought of his job as teaching children, performing duties at his school, and communicating with parents, all of which earned him a fixed, unchangeable salary, he was enlivened by now seeing that his job was to provide maximum value to his students, fellow staff members, and parents.  His focus shifted from his paycheck because money lost its spot as his target desire.

His Paycheck Changed

As my friend’s beliefs about the value of what he does and contributes rose, the quantum field reflected new financial opportunities, possibilities, and potential back to him which mirrored each slight uptick of belief growth.  These have all been things he could not see from the perspective of his earlier, limiting beliefs about value.  Because the quantum field could only reflect those old beliefs.

Sometimes such a change manifests when we suddenly experience a possibility manifest right in front of our eyes – we may proclaim, “Why haven’t I ever realized that this possibility exists before?”  Other times a possibility suddenly transforms from what we used to experience as a mundane chore, a I-have-to-do-this-and-I-know-what-always-happens task becomes something we “get to do” and is filled with brimming potential we never noticed before.

And New Possibilities for Financial Reflections Appeared Along with His Rising Beliefs

My friend has been inspired to explore avenues filled with potential where he only saw obstacles previously.  For example, he used his vast network of parents and colleagues to form an online exercise group; my friend has always been a fitness enthusiast but had never considered that coaching other people to reform their bodies could be both a joyful and financially rewarding endeavor.  He was also joyfully inspired to pursue an advanced degree in his teaching field and not only increased his salary, but began to receive invitations to write and teach about his graduate work.

He is excited to see his universe transforming to the point where it will not surprise him at all to eventually become an educational expert in his area of graduate studies.  In all, my friend now reports seeing tangible, “stackable”, new financial reflections which allow him to both take his family on at least one awesome vacation a year, no longer worry about how he’ll continue to afford his mortgage, and still save money for his sons’ college educations.

And the future looks very bright from the perspective of his raised beliefs because he has the confidence of knowing that money’s reflections will continue to grow more pleasing as long as he keeps doing one thing: playing “Grow a Greater You” with the value of what he does and contributes.

I hope these examples assist your use of this really valuable technique.  And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and live a life of your dreams…




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  1. Thank you for being so obliging and writing such a wonderfully detailed post. You answered all my questions.


  2. Hi, I really struggle with this one, my husband is the wage earner and I’m at home with young children for a while yet. So I struggle with the ‘value’ aspect of my job – which mostly means I feel like Cinderella without the nice dress and big night out!! And having no income of my own makes it hard for me to see how I can increase our finances by my ‘value’. Your thoughts on this would be very welcome.

    • That is a great point, Emma. Thank you for the opportunity to be of value to you.

      Here is what I’ve found. Often, my true beliefs about the value of what I’m doing (even if its not a formal “job”, like keeping my house maintained) are not as far up the Emotional Reference Chart as I’d like to believe.

      After all, my beliefs are the only things being reflected back to me. So if the reflections of what I’m “doing” are displeasing, I know that there is no way my actual beliefs are aligned with my desires for the value of what I’m doing.

      I can’t experience reflections of beliefs I don’t have. That is not the way our universe actually works.

      This is great news, of course. Because it means, quite literally, that your only real work is to intentionally raise your beliefs about the value of what you’re “doing” into alignment with your desires for it! The universe will take care of the rest – including providing the inspirations, opportunities, possibilities, and potential that I simply wasn’t experiencing from the perspectives of my old, more limiting beliefs.

      How can that happen for a homemaker? Just like any employee with a set salary, I encourage you not to try to “figure that out.” Because, undoubtedly, the only way your imagination will be capable, from the perspective and reflections currently being provided via your actual beliefs in this moment, will seem way too far-fetched and impossible. Things like, “I guess I’d have to win the lottery” or “I suppose I’ll have to become a best-selling author” can seem way too unrealistic and even be intimidating in their “impossibility.”

      I recommend that you spend no time trying to “figure out” how the quantum field will be reflecting your new, more aligned beliefs about the value of your job as a homemaker. Why? Because my guess is that, as has often happened in my life, the quantum field will astonish you with unexpected material experiences that come “out of the blue” and ones you never would have guessed in a million years.

      Let the quantum field handle the reflections. You simply do your “work” and raise your beliefs into alignment with your grandest desires for value. And all you have to do to accomplish this is keep playing “Grow a Greater You.”

      “Grow a Greater You” simply cannot fail to help you achieve the material experiences you seek, as long as you authentically apply your life to it.

      Go get ’em, Emma!

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