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What Have I Posted Lately?

A Real Way to Truly Change Almost Anyone You Want

  Try an instant quantum experiment!  It's a simple, two-step experiment that will take you only a couple moments.    Step One: Think about someone who makes you feel good.  Hold that person in your mind for a moment and think about the things you like about him...
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Don’t Hold Your Nose

  Smells can convey very important information.  The smell of these running shoes told me, "Time to go!"  And so they went - into the garbage. Odors are around us all the time, but most of the time we're not overly aware of them.  Strong smells, however, get our...
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Don’t Blame Anyone in Pajamas

  I love to un-exercise so much I wrote a book about it.  I highly recommend that you visit with your doctor, formulate an exercise plan with her, and do it 5 days a week for 30 minutes each.  Of course, you’ll be un-exercising because you’ll spend your 30 minutes...
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Why I Positively Think Painful Things Should Be Painful

  Try this right now: gently rub your palms together in a soothing manner, as before, while also closing your eyes and envisioning something that makes you incredibly happy.  Your body is feeling a pleasing sensation and your mind having a pleasing experience.  Your...
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Stop Worrying and Sing Yourself a Love Song

  We desire experiences like love, health, and wealth.  Although certain circumstances are more apt to create such experiences, experiences aren’t circumstance-dependent.  For example, while having a romantic partner offers us great potential for experiencing love, we...
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How to Settle Down By Not Settling

  The end of my past romantic relationships went something like this:   “I love you.  I know you’re far from perfect; you drive me crazy sometimes and often make me very angry.  You can be hard to live with and difficult to get along with.  But I love you, I...
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