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What Have I Posted Lately?

How to Transform Something Without Sweating

I've been thinking about how to experience more of what I desire without exercising.  Even though the un-exercise I teach in my latest book, The 30-Minute Soulmate, isn't exercise as I've known it before, I realize a need for accessing it without working out.  ...
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When Walking In the Other Direction Can Change Your Life

  Karen Cadera, of the cool Grow a Greater You Facebook group, asked me to extrapolate on something I wrote a couple days ago.  What, exactly, did I mean when I wrote, “look for doubt within” (after feeling your feelings)?   Un-exercise Is Not Exercise  ...
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How to Hack Yourself

  Celso Antonio Almeida asked if we live in a holodeck.  A holodeck like the one made famous in Star Trek: The Next Generation. I ran with the idea.  I hope you take it to anaerobic un-exercise too. Okay - It's a Holodeck   Let's say this is a holodeck.  While...
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Is the Quantum Field God?

  Bill Ayre wants to discuss an astounding concept. Is the Quantum Field God?  Or, put another way, is God the Quantum Field?     If so, physicists are discovering God. Bit by bit, getting closer. Is that happening? What Is the Quantum Field Like?   The...
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The Best Rock and Roll Song for Soulmates

The following post is from my newest book, set for publication in a month or so.  Hope you enjoy.   Chapter One - The Sobbing Runner Some of the experiences I have with my soulmate overwhelm me.  That’s because I’m now experiencing the soulmate relationship I...
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The Folly of Disguising Toilet Leaks

  Painful feelings are feedback. They are not the cause of undesirable experiences.  Nor do they make undesirable experiences worse. Thus, painful feelings are not to be avoided.  In fact, there is only one thing you should do with them. We'd Feel Our Feelings More...
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