Hide and Seek  When you play “Grow a Greater You”, it’s bound to happen.  Eventually you will be at the top of the Emotional Reference Chart regarding your beliefs about being worthy of a chosen desire.

And that means you’re reveling in the the full expression and experience of your desire, right?  Just as you’ve long dreamed.

But what if that’s not what happens?  Then what do you do?

How to Play From the Top of the Chart

Playing “Grow a Greater You” from the top of the Emotional Reference Chart (which I’m not always doing, but often do) has taught me some things about manifesting from a place of highly aligned beliefs.

Even with beliefs “spit-shined” into alignment with a desire, we still need to be aware of a very natural tendency to:

  1. “Need” to experience our desire in its fullest manifestation in order to “prove” to ourselves that we really have changed, and aligned, our beliefs.
  2. Intently “look for” our desire (as in “Where is it? It’s gotta be showing up any day now!”) because it “should” be manifested since we have “earned” it by authentically changing, and aligning, our beliefs.

Every Person Will Have Some Inclination Toward Both Tendencies

Regarding tendency number one: I really did authentically change my beliefs, aligning them with being worthy of my desire, by playing “Grow a Greater You” exactly as everyone is instructed. And doing so really does, according to how our universe works, mean that the reflections of my new beliefs, cast back to me via the people, places, and things in my material reality, will reveal the experiences I’ve long desired.

So it’s completely natural and not unexpected at all for me, or anyone, to want to “see” our desires manifest (especially the first time up the Emotional Reference Chart) so we can really know, for certain, that we did it.

And regarding tendency number two: it is also perfectly natural, and expected, for anyone (especially her first time up the Emotional Reference Chart) to feel a sense of, “Okay, I did what I was asked. I played ‘Grow a Greater You’ just as I was asked. Now, where is my desire? I did the work? Where is it?” That is completely understandable.

Newtonian Paradigms Have Just Found a Sneaky Way Back

The subtleties of Newtonian paradigms, however, are spotlighted by both of those completely understandable tendencies.

In the first tendency, we have inadvertently invoked the very limiting Newtonian paradigm of “causality.” We’ve actually painted the quantum field into a corner with our “need” to experience our desire to “prove” we did what we think we did.

In the second tendency, we have inadvertently invoked the very limiting belief that there is a “gatekeeper”, outside of us, who subjectively (and mysteriously) says “Yes” or “No” to us. We have actually taken away much of our very real power and handed it back over to some mythical “power outside of us” who can “give” us our desires once that “power” decides we’ve earned them.

But Newtonian Paradigms Aren’t Back for Long

Results will happen.

And, for all reading, when you experience those two tendencies of Newtonian paradigms when you’re at the top of the Emotional Reference Chart, what should you do?

The solution is the same as it always is when playing “Grow a Greater You.” Honesty.

Any time you experience frustration, doubt, worry, or anxiety (about “where” your desires are), all you have to do is be honest about it with yourself. Simply admit to yourself that you feel that way.

  • Experience the feelings (allow yourself to really feel them, not just merely intellectualize them as in “I can admit they’re there; I know I have those feelings”)
  • Express the feelings (share them with yourself and anyone else you trust without shame or judgement – they’re just information after all and not defining “who” you “are”)
  • Release the feelings (once felt and expressed, the feelings are now simply information you can make use of rather than some dark secret you have to adamantly pretend you don’t feel).

Quit Pretending to Become the Thing You Were Pretending to Be

That’s it. Once you are emotionally honest, as always, you are on the path again.

In fact, most of the time, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, being emotionally honest automatically transforms you into the very thing you were pretending to be a moment ago. Beautiful irony, huh?

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for using quantum paradigms to align your beliefs with your desires and live out your dreams…