Thoreau  Henry David Thoreau would appear to be no fan of Christmas.  The author of Walden famously said, after all, “…simplify, simplify” and “All good things are wild and free.”

Doesn’t sound like a blueprint for an orgy of gifts and parties, does it?

Yet Thoreau holds a key to the holiday season.  And beyond.

Christmas Isn’t Being Misperceived

There is no difference between perception and reality.

Critics might tell you that’s rubbish.  “You can misperceive anything,” critics might say.

Christmas, for example, is usually misperceived as an opportunity for consumer gluttony.  At least that’s what the “It ain’t like it used to be” crowd will tell you.

But critics are wrong.

There Is No Difference Between Your Perception and “Reality”

Your perceptions are your reality.

Your beliefs create the meaning and value of every circumstance.  Which means that your beliefs create your unique version of the universe.

Your beliefs create your reality.

You Don’t Create Reality, But You Create Your Version Of It

Your perceptions cannot be wrong.  That’s impossible.

But your perceptions can be wrong for the purposes of pleasing you.  They can be limiting and, sometimes, they don’t serve you.

That’s what is happening when Christmas becomes consumer gluttony for you.  If you want it to be about spending quality time with special people, instead, that is.

Christmas isn’t displeasing for everyone, after all.

Unpleasant Experiences Are Not Your Fault

An experience becomes unpleasant when your desires for it are different.

You experience the reflection of beliefs not capable of creating your desires.  You don’t have the wrong beliefs in those cases, however.  You simply have the wrong beliefs for creating your desired experiences.

This holiday season give yourself the gift of crafting beliefs which fit your desired experiences.

Here is Thoreau’s Secret Santa Gift For You

Think of your desired experiences as round holes which need rounded beliefs to fit them.  You’re not creating “correct” beliefs – you’re creating round ones.

You’ll find such a focus much more effective than trying to change the shape of a desired experience.

Because Henry David Thoreau also said, “Things do not change, we do.”  Now you know why.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to align your beliefs with your desires and create the experiences you want…