facebook Is there anything more powerful than having people of a like mind to work or play with?

What if you had a community of supportive friends to play “Grow a Greater You” with?  What if that community were free to join and be a part of?

And what if you could participate in this community as fully (or as lightly) as your desire for growth spurs you (and your time permits) on any given day?

Well, my friend, look no further.

You Now Have Access to A Powerful Learning and Growing Tool – And It is Completely Free 

I probably do not need to convince you that growing, changing, and reaching your goals is super-charged when you work and play with a group of people with similar goals.

A wonderful woman named Harchand Kaur from Bakersfield, CA started a Facebook group called Grow a Greater You.  (Click that link to go right to it)  The Grow a Greater You Facebook group is described by Harchand thusly:

“Join us to play “Grow a Greater You” based on the principles in Greg Kuhn’s book, ‘Why Quantum Physicists Play ‘Grow A Greater You’ ‘ This group allows us to tell our ‘better-feeling believable’ stories together so we can effectively and intentionally grow greater lives…..for ourselves, our world, and for greater collective beliefs. Send a request to join to be added to the group.”

It’s a closed group, but all you need to do is send a request to join it.

What Can You Do with This Grow a Greater You Facebook Group?

What do you receive in return for your joining this Grow a Greater You Facebook group?

  • An opportunity to play with a group of fellow humans all committed to intentionally growing their beliefs into alignment with their desires
  • The chance to play with people dedicated to telling the best-feeling, believable stories about all their life circumstances and events
  • A community to share your triumphs
  • A group to whom you can crow about your fun and exciting accomplishments
  • A place to disclose your challenges and disappointments – and get encouragement as well as new ideas and perspectives
  • A circle who will listen, read, and share not only with supportive empathy, but with a keen understanding of what you’re doing and why
  • A forum to ask questions, where you can receive feedback from people with real experience and know what they’re talking about
  • Private messages and content from Greg Kuhn, given only to this Facebook group

You Get Private Messages, Feedback, and Content from Greg Kuhn – No One Else Will Ever See It But You

That’s right.

I am so encouraged and excited to see what Harchand is doing that I am dropping by regularly.  I’m reading the members’ posts, “liking” things, writing comments and responses, creating posts, and even submitting videos to the group.  And almost all of it is information and content exclusive to this group; no one else has access to it.

For example, I am going to start submitting videos which “preview” the new book I’m working on.  The book is full of quantum thought experiments; I am submitting some of the experiments to the group, via video, so everyone can try them and have fun with them.  And I’m eager to hear the group members’ feedback about them too (which I’ll make good use of to tweak and/or improve my book).

I see no reason why I wouldn’t continue to make this awesome group by first (and free) audience for any new ideas.  New books, new information, new formats; you name it, this Facebook group will get to “test drive” a lot of it.  For free.

It’s Free, It’s Powerful, It’s Fun, It’s Supportive, It’s Private Access to Greg Kuhn

So join this Facebook group, Grow a Greater You. Today.

Why wait?

Say hello to me there.  I can’t wait to watch you grow a greater you with all your new friends.

And I’m looking forward to interacting with you personally.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your belief with your desires and live a life of your dreams…