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grow  Grow a Greater You was a free, weekly teleconference hosted by Greg Kuhn and his Quantum Coaching Coordinator, Frank Colella.  Greg and Frank discussed a topic related to personal growth within the dynamic of Greg’s belief-raising process outlined in How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs and in Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”.   They also opened up the phone lines and answered questions from callers.

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Here are the Grow a Greater You Archives

1.  December 26th, 2013  Topic: Your emotions – what they are, why they are important, and how to live yourself into new ones as you move up the Emotional Perspective Chart.

2.  January 2nd, 2014  Topic: How to choose a goal and how/where to get started working the belief-raising process on it.

3.  January 9th, 2014  Topic: Your desires, why you should desire exactly what you desire (and not what you imagine you “ought to”), and why there is no “right” nor “wrong” desire.

4.  January 23rd, 2014  Topic: How to make a heart attack into something “good” and how the quantum field works in manifesting your material reality.

5.  January 30th, 2014  Topic: Relationships and how the belief-raising process (taught in How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs and coached by Frank) is instrumental in manifest ideal ones.

6.  February 13th, 2014  Topic: Whether you should involve other “processes” in your use of the belief-raising process and the vital importance of mistakes.

7.  February 20th, 2014  Topic: The nature of collective creation versus individual creation and why your stories are not really “telling it like it is” like you might think they are (please ignore the few “dropped call” spots at the beginning of this recording; it quits happening soon).

8.  February 27th, 2014  Topic: The more practical daily activities of moving up the Emotional Reference Chart, using the belief-raising protocol taught in How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs.  The question is answered, “Is it necessary for me to feel those ‘negative’ feelings, and have correspondingly awkward experiences, all day as I’m living my way into a new belief?”

9.  March 20th, 2014  Topic: Why do bad things happen to us?  Did we want those bad things to happen?  And how many desires should we actively work on at once?

10.  March 27th, 2014  Topic:  Frank asks for questions and comments from active practitioners of “Grow a Greater You”.  A lively dialogue ensues from the comments and questions of the conscious creators present on this call.

11.  April 10th, 2014  Topic:  The difference between wishing for something and being willing to do what’s necessary to manifest it, or bring it about.  And why that difference is important for intentional creators.

12.  April 17th, 2014  Topic:  The topic of how to craft new, better-feeling, believable stories about our life experiences.  Especially how to craft them about unwanted experiences.

13.  April 24th, 2014  Topic: This show is driven by listener questions and comments.  Greg was unable to join the call and he missed a lively discussion with the conscious creators who were present, covering many aspects of intentionally creating their material reality.

14.  May 1st, 2014  Topic: Frank covers the four steps to take to prepare yourself for working the Emotional Reference Chart.  Greg joins at the 36th minute and discusses the concept of everything being useful, valuable information.

15.  May 8th, 2014  Topic:  What it takes to reach your goals, overcome playing small, allowing success, the power of self-love, and the technique of telling no story at all.  Greg also discusses his experience of being interviewed by Dr. Laura Berman.

16.  May 15th, 2014  Topic:  The technique of telling no story at all in the face of unwanted events and experiences.  Answering the question: If we’re creating our own reality, why do bad things happen to good people?

17.  May 22nd, 2014  Topic:  Frank talks about a new tool to enhance your work with the Emotional Reference Chart, “Presence, Inquiry, Quantum Forgiveness, and Integration”.  Greg joins at the 40th minute and discusses his upcoming book, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”.

18.  July 17th, 2014  Topic: Frank and Greg make their return from Summer sabbatical (well, okay, vacations).  They discuss Frank’s experiences in Germany and then talk about being in the present moment.  What the present moment is, how to be there as often as possible, and how doing so is of immense value to a conscious creator.

19.  July 24th, 2014  Topic: Greg and Frank discuss the amazing (and often unexplored in full fashion) power and implications of the phrase, “I’ll see it when I believe it.”

20. July 31st, 2014  Topic: No Greg.  No worries.  Frank (coach extraordinaire) allows our listeners to chime in.  Without Greg’s verbosity, there’s actually a lot of information shared (by people other than Greg 😉 )

21. August 7th, 2014  Topic: Once again, Greg is unable to join and Frank, once again, gets to display his insightful coaching skills, helping people play “Grow a Greater You”.  Lots of wisdom for your ears and more than a few golden nuggets shared.

22. August 14th, 2014  Topic: Franks says this is the best Grow a Greater You Teleconference yet.  You be the judge and see if he’s right.  Frank and Greg discuss the importance and value of mistakes.  Lots of personal experience from both of our show hosts.

23. December 11th, 2014  Topic: Frank and Greg discuss “love” as useful, valuable information.  Not just limited to the romantic variety, how can love serve us, how can we cultivate it, how can we use it, and what might it mean?  Please Greg’s “sexy” (gravely) voice as he is a bit vocally challenged.