smoke  What do brushing your teeth, not smoking crack, mowing your lawn, eating carrots, and not flipping off your boss all have in common?

They are all examples of ways you’ve attempted to intentionally influence your material experiences.

Intentionally Influencing My Life Doesn’t Make Me a “New Ager”?

Seen in this manner, influencing your material experiences doesn’t need to be solely a “new age” endeavor.  In fact, influencing your material experiences can be thought of merely as the most common human activity on the Earth.

What’s Our Motivation, After All, For Doing Anything?

Why do you do anything, after all, if not to influence your material experiences?  Can you think of any reason to even get out of bed, let alone not use hard drugs, other than to influence material experiences like these:

  • Have better relationships
  • Make money and gain access to resources
  • Receive praise and please important people
  • Make your neighborhood, city, country, and planet a better place
  • Help people
  • Get people to do things that you want them to
  • Fulfill your potential
  • Keep your promises
  • Feel good about yourself

If you had no influence over your material experiences, would you really feel motivated to do anything?  You’d be a robot, merely fulfilling a string of pre-written programs which dictated your life.  Programs you could do nothing to alter.

Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto

You’re not a robot, thank goodness.  You have the opportunity to influence your material experiences.  In fact, your opportunities never cease.

You make choices like:

  1. Should I go to college after high school or should I find a job and get started with adult life?
  2. Should I ask that beautiful man in Starbucks for a date or should I get me coffee and quietly leave?
  3. Should I eat this burger and fries or get a salad for lunch?
  4. Should I hit the snooze button on my alarm or get up in time to meditate before work?

The Choices Never End

You get the idea.  My point is that influencing your material experiences is not necessarily the slightest bit metaphysical.

And learning to influence them more intentionally is not rocket science.

But if you’re reading my books and website you already know that.  All you need to do is just keep on growing more and more influential.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and manifest your dreams…