My Emotional Reference Chart

  1. Love/Ecstasy
  2. Joy/Elation
  3. Ease/Power
  4. Confidence/Inspiration
  5. Excitement/Passion
  6. Anticipation/Eagerness
  7. Enthusiasm/Ambition
  8. Hopefulness/Optimism
  9. Interest/Inquisitiveness
  10. Acceptance/Peace
  11. Introspection/Contemplation
  12. Pensiveness/Melancholy
  13. Indifference/Apathy
  14. Unease/Discontent
  15. Frustration/Aggravation
  16. Worry/Nervousness
  17. Doubt/Pessimism
  18. Anger/Blame
  19. Anxiety/Fear
  20. Grief/Desolation
  21. Despair/Worthlessness
  22. Powerlessness/Dejection
  23. Depression/Hopelessness


When first identifying where you are on this chart, if you’re not certain which emotion to choose, trust your instincts.  Trust your gut and go with what feels like the predominant emotion.


  1. I read your ebook “Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Suffer” and devoured it like it was rib eye steak and I hadn’t eaten meat for days. So then I bought some more of your ebooks and I’m working my way through “New Beliefs” and I am so impressed with the way this makes sense to me and I find it extremely inspirational. I’ve been reading about and practicing meditation for several months now. I’ve been amazed at every step I take now seems to bring me more of what I want and less of what I don’t want. What’s more, just as I have now discovered your work, I’ve been finding more and more information that validates what I’m learning.
    The thing I find the most fascinating is the science behind it. Mind boggling it is in a wonderful way.

    • Jim, thank you very much for taking the time to share that with me. I’m honored to have been given an opportunity to be of value to you.

      Your appraisal means a lot to me. And, I definitely want to add: wait until you read my new book – due out by July this year.

      I’d love it, by the way, if you reviewed any of my books for me on Amazon.

  2. Hi Greg! I am currently reading Build New Beliefs and just starting on working on the chart. MAN I NEVER realized the negative self loathing feelings I have when it comes to financial abundance. CRAZY STUFF. So I’m printing the emotion chart and beginning my journey up the chart. It will be an exciting adventure. I’ll keep you posted. THANK YOU for your insight and information.

    I still have a hard time wrapping my head around how things aren’t really there until I am experiencing them. But I’m working on it. Thanks again! Jana

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Jana. I am proud to be of value to you and want to thank you for that opportunity.

      Finally acknowledging where we really “are” with a desire, getting honest about our true feelings and beliefs about it, shows the wisdom in the old saying, “Until we agree to suffer, there will be no end to the suffering.” I’m very happy to hear that your suffering is ending.

      And how cool that we get the authoritative voice of science to help us embrace our contextual (and integral) role in creating our material reality. We are truly architects because our physical reality is always a reflection of our beliefs.

      Please keep me in the loop as you work your way up the chart.

  3. Just about to start on my emotional chart journey…..already noticing a difference in my out look from just reading your book not finished yet….truly believe personal development should be added to the school curriculum…..imagine the positive world we would be creating

    • Thank you, Sarah, for choosing to share your energy. I am honored to be given an opportunity to be of value to you.

      If you align your beliefs with a desire, you will find new reflections of those rising beliefs via the quantum field. The quantum field can do nothing except reflect our beliefs back to us.

      And having young people learn this, right from the start, will be very empowering for them, indeed.

  4. I wrote out “my emotional reference chart. To allow each emotion. To flow through my awareness though my pen. This way I am more fully connecting with each one!!! THANKS SO MUCH GREG for this most helpful tool. God Bless!

    • Thank you, Tricia, for taking the time to let me know I’ve been valuable to you. I am honored by the gift you’ve chosen to bestow upon me.

      We are always much more connected than we can imagine!

  5. I have just ” found” you on you tube, having eventually noticed that I am seriously attracted to the Law of attraction….I have recently been much inspired by Eckhart Tolle and Wayne Dyer, today , my journey has led me to you……I really appreciate the easy-to-understand presentation of scientific material…..have been thrilled by quantum physics and the H O W of the Universe… just excited to be on the next stage of my journey……at a very young 71 I am eagerly welcoming abundance into my life and determined to be a first class student! Will keep you posted, thank you .

    • Hello Marion. How wonderful of you to share your energy and intentions. And I’m very honored that you’re giving me opportunities to be of value to you.

      What fantastic company to be included with; Mr. Tolle and Dr. Dyer are some of my favorite authors and people. If you’re using my information in tandem with them, that’s quite high praise.

      I do look forward to hearing more about your journey; when you change your beliefs, the quantum field cannot do anything other than provide a different reflection to match the new ones you’ve intentionally created!

  6. Greg,
    you must know you are as valuable to all of us who are seeking and struggling, as the great authors; Tolle and Dyer. I have read many of their books and now three of yours. Though you may not yet appear as accomplished. Its only a matter of time. I consider you up there with them! You have an amazing ability to explain it all so well. You have helped me so much on my journey. I have begun to trust my unconventional thoughts again. There are no coincidences. I (mostly) no longer doubt beliefs!!!! Just longing to find people who feel the way that I do that are in my physical world (town) so I can strengthen and hopefully spread the amazing information you so eloquently convey.

    After some thought, I have decided that I definitely need to work on feeling deserving of greatness in about every aspect of my life. That is what I am going to start with for my Emotional reference Chart. It has become clear to me that when I hit my roadblock this past year, all of the pain both physical and mental materialized because I don’t feel worthy of all that I desire. I start to feel guilty about it for many reasons. It is so apparent to me now that I need to fix that one first! Thank you for our previous dialogues I feel your energy and true wishes for all of us to have amazing lives.


    • Sue, you are so right that I wish you to have an amazing life. Right now. Today.


      Because the more amazing your life is, right now, the more energy you are contributing to the paradigm shifts occurring on our planet. And the more these paradigms shift, the better it gets for me, you, and every one of our brothers and sisters.

      There really is no separation; your success, greatness, and abundance is mine!

  7. In that light it doesn’t feel like it is a selfish act on my part, it feels more like my responsability.but I definitely need to make sure I’m not just thinking that way to cover up my belief that I am unworthy!!

    • Sue, the appearance of our “separateness” is the grandest illusion of them all.

      Your success takes nothing away from me – in fact, it adds to mine. Your success is mine.

      You owe it to me to be as great, wonderful, successful, and abundant as you’ll allow. Don’t let me down! 😉

      • Greg it’s ridiculous, I highlight so much in your books that if I decide to go back and reread my highlights I will basically be reading the entire book! every thought that comes out of your head and is put on paper has so much impact and you explain it all so incredibly well. It blows me away that one person can have so much genius! I have to tell you tomorrow is my birthday and I received an early birthday present. Today I have regained my feeling of bliss,ecstasy and passion about this magical life again. With your help I’m finally getting a handle on how the universe works. I’ve had glimpses of it for years but never the clarity that I have read your books. As a wonderful coincidence today when I was having my Yogi tea, I read the little phrase that comes on the label of every tea bag. I don’t read them often but this one is a keeper. It said “you are unlimited”. I was listening to one of your books on my Kindle and you said the word unlimited almost exactly when I read it on the yogi label. dad along with so many other things I happened to me today and just lately I’m really helped me confirm that the way you say the universe works is exactly the way it works. And we are all connected!
        Thanksfor helping to make this birthday an amazing one! Sue

        • What an awesome story, Sue. Thank you for sharing your excitement.

          A coincidence is merely the quantum field’s way of keeping its anonymity.

          Happy birthday! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it. And thank you for your wonderful praise about my work.

  8. Hi Greg,

    I just came across your books and the tool of the emotional reference chart … I have to say I had a resistance in starting using it.. Who likes to know for real what we feel ? Mostly we cover it up and now all of a sudden I should be very honest and live through those feelings ??.. Not me 🙂 But then I started it eventually and I realized I started to high and I went back to the feelings I really do have and while writing them down I was surprised what came out … A revelation..Not always nice though but I hope I make it through the rest and I shall keep you updated .. In the end what do I have to lose ? Nothing..

    • What a beautiful message to share with me, Silvia. Thank you.

      I’m honored that you’re allowing me to be of value to you!

      Our feelings are nothing more than information. Information about whether or not we are pleased by the reflection we’re currently experiencing. And, thus, information about whether or not the source of that reflection (our beliefs) is aligned with our conscious desires for that reflection.

      When we understand the true role of our feelings we no longer need live in fear of them. Being afraid of feelings is like being afraid of, since I just watched this movie on HBO, Godzilla’s shadow (the feelings) instead of Godzilla herself (the beliefs).

      And, of course, there is no reason to be afraid of your beliefs in the first place. Godzilla is fictional! And, it turns out, it is also fiction that our beliefs are monstrosities at all. We can change them – we just need to do so by speaking their language and working with them.

      How fortunate are we that “Grow a Greater You” allows us to do just that. Thank you so much, Silvia, for playing!

  9. Hi Greg, I just wanted to let you know it’s indeed working… wow sometimes I am amazed how things fall in place and I am not even at the top yet …What happened as well though, more or less as a side effect or maybe that’s the way it should be …I stopped judging , I am not judging my situation ,anyone else or any situation.. I am not getting upset about things or people anymore even though certain situations and people would have gotten the best out of me in the past.. I love that ! … Thank you again

    • Silvia, thank you very much for sharing your success with me and allowing me to experience it.

      I am honored by your decision to allow me a valuable role in your universe.

      Does “Grow a Greater You” work? I know it does! And I’m also grateful that you’ve chosen to share your testimonial which confirms, once again, what I see every day and what I hear from thousands.

      The “gift” we’ve been waiting for is right here, right now, in this current emotional perspective. All we need do is play “Grow a Greater You”, remain completely honest about how we really feel, and it is always freely given to us.

  10. It does work indeed Greg, even in the past but the clues I have missed to keep it easier .. The feeling! …I am feeling blessed to you and Pam who led me to you to get the better understanding… Thank YOU indeed

    • Silvia, I am honored that you’ve allowed me to help you and also that you decided to share this with me.

      You, however, are the person you should thank. You have continued to play “Grow a Greater You” long enough to learn to listen. And then, once you learned that, you listened to learn.

      Because this is how playing “Grow a Greater You” works and I never again want anyone to be surprised by it:

      1. When we begin playing “Grow a Greater You” we are learning how to listen. Not “what we need to listen to”, but how to listen in the first place.

      2. After learning how to listen, by continuing to play “Grow a Greater You” we are learning what we need to listen to. Not “how to listen and learn”, but what we need to listen to in the first place.

      3. After learning what we need to listen to, by continuing to play “Grow a Greater You” we are learning how to let what we hear teach us. Not “how to change our beliefs”, but how to be taught by what we hear in the first place.

      4. After learning how let what we hear teach us, by continuing to play “Grow a Greater You” we are learning how to receive the indispensable gift(s) we’ve always wanted waiting for us in each new emotional perspective. Not “how to change our beliefs”, but how to find the gift(s) we’ve always wanted in each current emotional perspective.

      5. After learning how to find the gift(s) we’ve always wanted in each current emotional perspective, by continuing to play “Grow a Greater You” we are learning how to grow our beliefs about being worthy of our desire into alignment with that desire. Not “how to manifest our desire”, but how to authentically grow our beliefs about being worthy of our desired experience into alignment with it.

      6. After learning how to authentically grow our beliefs about being worthy of our desired experience into alignment with it, by continuing to play “Grow a Greater You” we are learning how to manifest our desire by transforming every person, place, and thing into exactly what we want and need to experience it fully. Not “how to make our desire appear, magically, out of a puff of smoke”, but how to genuinely allow the people, places, and things reflect our the growing alignment of our beliefs back to us through every person, place, and thing.

      7. After learning how to genuinely allow the people, places, and things reflect our the growing alignment of our beliefs back to us through every person, place, and thing, by continuing to play “Grow a Greater You” we are learning how to continue letting go of “needing” our desire and we are experiencing it, eventually, in its fully, unabashed glory. Not “manifesting it because we’ve earned it”, but experiencing it through our newly aligned beliefs’ pleasing reflections cast back to us in every person, place, and thing we encounter.

      And, yes, feelings. Emotions. Thank you, Silvia, for saying so. Our emotions, which we learned how to properly use in the very beginning, have always done nothing more (nor anything less) than inform us. They teach us about whether or not our beliefs are aligned with the experiences we desire. They guide our game of “Grow a Greater You”, as the wind guides the position of an old-time vessel’s sails.

      Our emotions have never defined us, they have never been the source nor the cause of any experience. Emotions were never supposed to hold that role and they are terrible at it. But they are the best teachers in the world, regarding our beliefs, when we learn to listen to them (rather than blame them, avoid them, make them responsible, lie about them, etc.).

      After all, as you well know, resolving unpleasant experiences by trying to “fix” the “experience”, itself, is like trying to resolve a loose button on your shirt by going to your bathroom and trying to “fix” the reflection you see in the mirror.

    • This moment is always our greatest opportunity to be the experiences we most desire.

      I’m excited by imagining your present moment.

  11. I am very happy that I found you, Greg, when I did. Your message is the first I have come across that explains in such simplicity the quantum law and how it operates. I am on my way to a new me. THANKS

    • Thank you, Laurel.

      My next book is even simpler, so I am excited about you reading it.

      Look for it this spring.

  12. Hi Greg, thanks for creating and sharing this chart and your method.
    My questions is what if my perception of the different emotions on the chart does not coincide with their present order? What if for me Despair is worse than Powerlessness, and Worry worse than Doubt? Also, what should I do with mixed feelings? What if my current beliefs reflect Fear and Worry, Doubt and Powerlessness all at the same time? Does not Depression include nuances of all negative feelings?
    Thank you for your answer.

    • Thank you for asking, Irena.

      I recommend not complicating the process, although I completely understand wanting to know for sure. I don’t see you messing anything up by writing about virtually any emotional perspective in almost any order, as long as you don’t “quantum leap” to positive ones.

      I say move them around, see if it works for you, and proceed if it does.

  13. I’m listening to ‘How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs’ on audio. So far, so good! I thought I’d try journalling, using the Emotional Reference Chart, to examine my beliefs about financial abundance. Nothing to lose, but my limitations.

    • I concur, Steve. And thank you for sharing.

      The proof, as always, is in the pudding. Either it works or it doesn’t.

      Here’s a spoiler: I’ve found that it works.

      Thank you for listening and reading.

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