Laura-Berman  Dr. Laura Berman is a big-time success.  She’s earned her following and deserves it.  Millions watch and listen to her wise, insightful, thoughtful, and fun advice about relationships, sex, and intimacy.

I was privileged to spend the morning with Dr. Berman on Friday, May 2nd.  We did an interview for her radio show, Uncovered Radio with Dr. Laura Berman – airing on weekdays from 9 to Midnight (listen here – click on the “Click Play to Listen Live” button on the bottom of the page).  Our interview will air Monday, May 5th.

Then we ate lunch with Dr. Berman’s husband who heads up the PR firm, Empower Public Relations.

You Already Know How Successful Dr. Berman Is, But Stay With Me Here

Indulge me for a moment.  Dr. Berman is a New York Times best-selling author of many books on sexual health and pleasure and a weekly columnist for the Chicago Sun Times.  She has appeared on Fox News and CNN as well as in The New York Times, USA Today, and every major woman’s magazine.  Dr. Berman serves on the advisory board for the Dr. Oz Show, and is a regular guest on the Steve Harvey Show.  She also knows Oprah Winfrey’s cell phone number.

I shared all that so I could illustrate three things:

1.Why Create Narrow Parameters For Success In Anything We Do?

Here’s how I actively practiced telling the best-feeling, believable story about Friday morning.  In reverse, though, from the way we usually might employ this vital technique for influencing and creating a more pleasing material reality.

I was tempted to tell myself this story: “This is it.  This is my big break.  Here’s where the big-time will start.”

Instead I told myself this story: “This is a really cool opportunity to learn and be of value.  I am cognizant and open to the potential here, yet anything else which comes from it will simply be icing on the cake.  I can trust that I’ll learn exactly what I need to learn and there is no particular set of outcomes required to fulfill that.”

Why did I tell that second story?  And why do I call that story a better-feeling, believable one?  After all, the first story didn’t feel “bad”, did it?


  • Telling the first story submits myself to unnecessary pressure.  In my first story anything other than an “A+” performance is a failure.  And that doesn’t align me with my desires like the relaxed expectations of the story I chose to tell myself.
  • The story I actually told myself doesn’t negate nor preclude any of the more “fantastic” outcomes which the first story focused upon anyway.  So why wouldn’t I tell that second, better-feeling story?
  • Telling the first story handcuffs the quantum field by setting up a one-outcome-for-success expectation.  What if the quantum field, which is always and without fail aligning my life with my desires, has a much more awesome way to use my morning with Dr. Berman to align me with my desires?  One which doesn’t involve Dr. Berman saying, “Everything must be put on hold – you’re the new self-empowerment superstar!” 😉
  • Regarding many things, I already know I lack the perspective to really know what’s “good” or “bad”, what’s “beneficial” or “harmful”; why choose to paint the quantum field into a corner or tie its hands by saying that there is only one outcome which will be successful?

2. Dr. Berman, Like Other Famous, Successful, and Wealthy People I Know, is Not Related to Donald Duck

Like other highly successful people I’ve met, Dr. Berman continues to reinforce my belief that those who are highly abundant are abundant in every respect; people with authentic and lasting success are spirited, energetic, altruistic, open, caring, make easy connections, and  joyful.  Dr. Berman went out of her way to share her enthusiasm and interest in me and my writing – she was open and encouraging.

As I’ve always found since truly raising my beliefs about abundance, there was no “Scrooge McDuck” waiting for me on Michigan Avenue Friday morning.  Which is, unfortunately, not what many people with beliefs about abundance that are out of alignment with their desires for it (I previously being one of those people, by the way) might have expected.

3. Why Not Subtly Reinforce My Beliefs About My Own Meaning and Value?

Friday morning also became on opportunity (one which almost always exists) to reinforce my self worth and value.  How?  If I had chosen to tell myself the first story above, I would have made Friday morning all about me.  By telling the second story I subtly (and almost sneakily) reinforce my self-worth.

Is Dr. Berman playing on a much bigger stage than me?  Yep.  Is she much more successful than me?  Yep.  Is she someone who has already become what I desire – a thought leader, for a massive audience, who truly helps make suffering optional?  Yep.

But who am I to think so lightly of myself to assume the quantum field doesn’t have ways to use me to help Dr. Berman?  The actual story I told leaves me open to the possibility that the quantum field may have (and most likely did) put me in Dr. Berman’s path just as much as put Dr. Berman in mine.

So, in the end, I spent a morning with a two really cool people for whom I had an opportunity to be of value and from whom I had an opportunity to learn.  Just as it is with every person with which I come in contact (even if other people don’t have Oprah Winfrey’s cell phone number 😉 )

And stay tuned to this website, by the way, for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…