1. Hi Greg,
    Love this format! Your example using Havarti Cheese couldn’t be more simple to understand. I might also suggest paying attention to the words you use in telling your stories as well. I just finished a book
    Power Words: Igniting Your Life with Lightning Force by Sharon Anne Klingler The words we use not only in conversing with others but in our own “inner” conversations as well are extremely critical to the energy we feel inside, or rather our subconscious. We can all make these simple, little shifts of energy just by being mindful of the actual words that exist our lips. Just sayin’

    • Thank you for letting me know you enjoyed the video and that I’ve been of value to you, Trish. You allowing me to be of value is, in my experience, the highest honor I can receive from you.

      I appreciate the idea of focusing on word choices and wholeheartedly agree that the words we choose carry a lot of weight in the stories we tell ourselves. Your idea, in fact, has inspired me to explore using the YouTube series to address nuances (rather than always trying to tackle the “big picture” – hard to do, for me anyway, in a five-minute video 😉 )

      Also, thanks for the book recommendation. I’ll check out Klingler’s work; sounds like pretty cool stuff.

      • Honestly, I believe our brains are much more willing to absorb “bite size” pieces of information these days. Especially when it comes to embracing new concepts and truths. Carpe Diem! 😉

        • Yep, Trish, I agree. Our subconscious is interested in our safety via keeping familiar and predictable surroundings. Even if those familiar and predictable surroundings are painful.

          Thus, bite-size pieces are exactly what helps coax our subconscious into accepting our new beliefs. The beliefs which are more aligned with our desires.

          Thank you for putting your energy towards the expansion of these new paradigms!

    • Thanks Jenifer. Those are nice things to hear and I do want to expand to podcasts as I find someone to help me/teach me to do that (any volunteers out there?)

      I have some more episodes to film, but I need a haircut right now. As soon as I get a haircut, I’ll make some more.

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