Hide and Seek  If you’ve read my previous books, it’s a distinct possibility you’ll soon be taught by a new version of Greg Kuhn.

When you read my next one, that is.  And when you read my new blog posts (starting with this one) and newsletter issues.

I’ve Loved Meeting the New Greg

You see, I recently used my deliberate belief-raising protocol again.  And transformed the people, places, and things around me again.  This version of Greg Kuhn, or “me”, as I like to refer to myself, is more clear, more honest, and loves to listen.

And, sometimes, I even make my points at the beginning of a conversation, instead of taking a meandering, ponderous path eventually leading to them.

What have I learned during my latest journey up the Emotional Reference Chart?  Having great creative influence over my life has virtually nothing to do with manifesting circumstances.  Manifesting people, places, things, and events is not how to resolve painful absences of desires.  As strange as that might sound, being fulfilled isn’t accomplished by manifesting any “thing.”

But It’s Even Better Being the New Greg

In fact, making a person, place, thing, or event happen isn’t even an act of creation at all.  Our beliefs create experiences;  people, places, things, and events are reflections of our beliefs, or what we experience.  We influence our life, it turns out, by aligning our beliefs with our desired experiences – and letting the circumstances change of their own accord as they reflect our changing (improving) beliefs.

Take a common desire such as love, for example.  Doesn’t it mean I’m manifesting love if:

  • I have a soul mate?
  • Potential partners desire me?
  • My family adores me?
  • Friends cherish time with me?

Likewise, doesn’t it mean I am not manifesting love if:

  • I haven’t a soul mate?
  • Potential partners don’t give me a second look?
  • My children don’t appreciate me?
  • Friends are not there for me when I need them?

Nobody Can Reliably Create Lasting Circumstances

A soul mate, friends, family, partners, etc. are circumstances.  Love, however, is an experience.  We desire the experience of love and love is not experienced because of circumstances.

Manifesting (or not manifesting) love has nothing to do with the presence (or absence) of circumstances.  Manifesting love is done by first experiencing love.  Love is an experience, not a circumstance.

Actually, manifesting any desired experience occurs independently of circumstances.  While some circumstances make it easier to have desired experiences and others make it more challenging, circumstances are, in principle, irrelevant.

But Anyone Can Create Experiences

Experiences last and are reflected in all our circumstances.

  • The most joyous person occasionally suffers.
  • The person suffering greatly is sometimes joyful.
  • The married person can be very lonely.
  • The unmarried person can experience great love.

I invite you to join me, even before the publication of my next book, in manifesting desired experiences by focusing only upon aligning your beliefs with them.  And forgetting about manipulating circumstances to manifest desired experiences.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using quantum paradigms to align your beliefs with your desires and creatively influence your entire life…