Soundtrack  We are all storytellers.  We all have a constant, ongoing internal dialogue about everything we see and experience.  24-7

There is nothing in life which is, in and of itself, inherently “good” or “bad”.  Everything is “good” or “bad” – yet that designation (whether it’s good or bad) comes from you.

When you saw this post, for example, you had a reaction of “Awesome!”  Or “Oh no!”  Most likely your reaction was somewhere in between (although I hope it was closer to the “Awesome” 😉 ).

That reaction was the “story” you told yourself about finding this post and it became your reality.  But can you see that the story you told yourself is not the “objective reality” of my post, but the “subjective reality”?

After all, if you read the reviews of my books on Amazon, you’ll find that the vast majority of reviews love my writing – yet there is a small minority who don’t like it all.  Are my fans “correct” and the detractors “wrong”?  Of course!

Okay…I’m kidding, I’m kidding.  You know that the real answer is that no one’s story is “correct” or “wrong”; each story (the value being assigned by each person) is personal and subjective.

Ever Seen This Movie?

Now imagine a movie scene where a woman is swimming in the ocean twenty feet from shore on a sunny day.

  • If the soundtrack is playing an upbeat, happy, bouncy tune, you know that this is a fun scene of the movie about some enjoyable playtime in the ocean.
  • If the soundtrack is playing a tense, brooding, and dark tune, however, you know that this a scene where you should hide your eyes.  Unless you want to watch her get attacked by a hungry shark or the Kraken!

Bear in mind – these would be the same exact movie scene.  The only difference is the soundtrack which played behind them.

The Music Tells You How You’re Supposed to Feel About Each Scene in a Movie (And You’ve Got Music Playing Too)

My proposition to you is this – the internal dialogue you have going all the time is your soundtrack.  It doesn’t appear in the form of music, it comes as thoughts and judgments.  Your internal dialogue does the same thing to life events as the music soundtrack does to a movie.  (Click that link to Tweet it)

When you walk into school, your living room, your place of employment – you play a soundtrack in the form of thoughts and judgments.  This is bad, this is good, that is bad, that is good.  And so they all become – for you.

Whatever soundtrack you play (the stories you decide to tell yourself) is completely, 100% your choice.  You might not be used to thinking about it this way – but whether you play the beautiful, soothing, all-is-right soundtrack or whether you play the creepy, something-bad-is-about-happen soundtrack is completely and totally your choice and decision (and no one else’s – unless you surrender that authority to them).

Those stories you tell yourself, the meaning and value you assign to everything, become the soundtrack to the movie that is “your life”.  And you are director of this movie in that you are one one choosing the soundtrack for each scene in your movie (by choosing what stories you’re telling about each life experience you have).

You’re the Director; Why Are You Letting Someone Else Tell You How Your Movie is Supposed to Unfold?

Here is my question for you: Is there a rule that certain things have to be (feel) bad?  Why?  (Click that link to Tweet it) Why would you choose to automatically tell yourself bad-feeling stories about certain events?  Who told you that you had to do that?

My proposition to you is that you can change that.  There are no rules about what your soundtrack has to sound like at any time, no rules about the type of story you’re telling yourself.  You get to decide, so why not decide to tell yourself the best-feeling story available to you at that moment?

I’m not suggesting that you can come home to a house full of chores to be done and say, “This is great!  I am so happy I have this messy house to clean, which I’ll have to devote all weekend to complete.  Yipee!”

That is simply not realistic.

But don’t you agree that you could tell yourself a story like, “I not really happy I’ve got to clean the house, but I am willing to believe that this might be just the right thing for me to be doing right now.  It’s possible cleaning my house might be just what I need and I might, in the long run, be glad I had the challenge and the opportunity to do it.”?

Isn’t that a realistic story that you can believe?  And doesn’t that story feel better?

Pay attention to the stories you tell; they are the soundtrack of your “movie”.  And there is no other director of your movie than you.  Take charge of your soundtrack and watch your life change. (Click that link to Tweet it)

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques about using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…