stephen hawking  A reader once asked me, “If quantum physics says that nothing is impossible, why hasn’t Stephen Hawking cured himself of ALS?”

Great question.  If Stephen Hawking knows so much about quantum physics, wouldn’t he have already cured himself of ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis), or “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”?

“Grow a Greater You” Is About Believing New Possibilities 

I teach you, after all, to manifest the “impossible” by playing “Grow a Greater You.”  “Grow a Greater You” is based upon quantum physics.  So what’s the deal, if one of the world’s foremost authorities on quantum physics is still living within limitations I’ve described as unnecessary and subjective?

Quantum physics does, indeed, reveal a universe where nothing can accurately and truthfully be called:

  • Impossible
  • Guaranteed

Our universe, it turns out, is illogical, non-causal, interconnected, and context-focused.  And “Grow a Greater You” teaches you to take full advantage of how our universe really works.

Does Stephen Hawking Believe That, Despite What Quantum Physics Says, Some Things Are Still Impossible?

My response to that question about Stephen Hawking?

First I established:

  1. Stephen Hawking has already established himself as one of the most influential thinkers ever to grace our planet.  It would be inappropriate for my reader to presume that Stephen Hawking, or anyone else, “should” do something like cure himself.  My reader’s question came from authentic curiosity, though, and was not meant as criticism of Hawking or me.
  2. My books are not really about quantum physics; my books are, technically, about using quantum paradigms (new reasons to do things the way we do them based upon the unerringly accurate science of quantum physics).  This is a very important distinction (for reasons you’ll read in a moment) and one I take advantage of every opportunity to point out.
  3. Quantum physicists do not decide where, when, how, and why we will apply our lives to quantum paradigms.  We decide that.  Applying our lives to quantum paradigms does not need the permission or approval of any scientist.  And, in fact, there is no reason to assume that any quantum physicist necessarily knows anything about my applications of quantum paradigms (or any others).
  4. Our time/space is governed by the dimensional laws of, well, time and space.  While time and space may very well be mere constructs, their laws still currently bind us.  We are “here” instead of “everywhere” and our stay here is of limited duration instead of being an eternal “right now.”  Thus, all humans must prioritize how we invest our energy and attention during the time we have here.

Stephen Hawking Is An “OG” (Original Grow-a-Greater-You’er)

How has Stephen Hawking done?  Given:

  • He may have absolutely no knowledge of my applications of quantum paradigms, “Grow a Greater You”?
  • Like all of us, his time here is limited and he most certainly has many high-level pursuits vying for his energy and attention?

You be the judge.

ALS has not slowed Stephen Hawking down. Hawking spent 30 years as a full professor of mathematics at the University of Cambridge. And he is currently the director of research at the school’s Center for Theoretical Cosmology.

If You Now Think Stephen Hawking Has Done the “Impossible”, Just Wait…

And here is something even more amazing. Most patients with ALS are diagnosed after the age of 50 and die within five years of their diagnosis. First diagnosed with ALS when he was 21, Stephen Hawking was not expected to see his 25th birthday.

Stephen Hawking is 73 years old!

That is “impossible,” right?  After all, ALS is “guaranteed” to kill someone five years after the diagnosis, right?

We all get to create our own, unique, individual “version” of any “thing”, place, person, experience, and/or material experience – in our own, unique, individual universe. Thus, Stephen Hawking gets to create his own unique version of ALS in his universe.

Thank You, For Being Audacious Enough To Live the “Impossible”

So, yes, Stephen Hawking still “has” ALS.

But Stephen Hawking, like all of us, gets to decide what that means and how he will experience it.  If he, like any of us, is audacious enough to dare stop calling ourselves unimportant, inconsequential footnotes with scant ability to transcend “the way it is.”

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for using quantum paradigms to align your beliefs with your desires and manifest your dreams…