Hug  What are my books?  What is this website?  What are my seminars?  What are my YouTube videos and interviews?

All of those things are information I’m sharing with you.  Information that I infuse with every ounce of energy possible to make each as valuable and useful as possible.

What energy do I use to infuse my information with that intent?  With maximum value and usefulness?

This Energy Will Never Run Out

What energy do I use to share my information with you?


Is love an energy?  Allow me to make a case for that label.

  • Do you know when love is present?
  • Do you know when love is not present?
  • Have you experienced love, yet found it missing later?
  • Can love be experienced across any distance?
  • Can love be present despite the passage of time?
  • Can an object, such a cherished memento, cause you to experience love?
  • Can you consciously choose to recall, and experience, love?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, I want to hear your story.  Because I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t agree that all are true in the human experience of love.  And, if those questions can be answered with a “yes”, love is most definitely an energy.

Can Love “Do”, Can Love Be Stored, and Can Love Be Transferred?

Energy is simply the capacity to do something.  Energy has two forms:

  1. Kinetic energy is energy found through motion.
  2. Potential energy is stored energy that can be transferred.

Does love have the capacity to do something?  Check.  Love can do the following: energize, motivate, captivate, inspire, create, influence, enrich, resolve, teach, grow, and assist.  In fact, a complete list of things love can do would take too long to read.

Is love found through motion?  Check.  Not only can love move, but is also has only two simple requirements for doing so: a willingness to give it and a willingness to receive it.  Giving and receiving love can be done easily through touch, spoken word, facial expression, presence, proximity, written word, commitment, listening, and many other ways too numerous to list.

Is love stored? And, if so, does stored love have the capacity to be transferred?  Check.  And check.  Spend twenty minutes looking through your stored photographs or hold the necklace your Grandmother bequeathed you – you’ll experience love transferred to you.  Or consider how often people store a special romantic love until meeting someone to share it with.

Money Can Be a Form of Love If You Want It To Be

I’d say we’ve arrived at a verdict hard to dispute.  Love is energy.

Which leads me to the title of this post.  What does sharing your money do?  For me?  And for you?

I’ve long enjoyed defining money as the energy of love in physical form.  When I pay our gas and electric bill, for example, I often say, “I hope this money conveys how grateful we are to enjoy the wonderful, easy to use gas and electricity you provide.  Your fantastic services make our lives more pleasing every day.”

Of Course, You Probably Can’t Pay for Your Groceries With a Smile

Giving money to someone is another form of giving a hug, a smile, a “thank you”, or a thumbs-up. While I don’t necessarily enjoy giving money more than those forms of love, I certainly don’t love it any less.  Last week, for example, my wife and I experienced very displeasing service at what used to be our favorite restaurant on Sanibel Island.  But I left a 25% tip anyway because being generous with money gives me great pleasure.

I’ve found that giving money truly can be every bit as joyful as receiving it.

I’ll Never Give You Love Except As the Most Generously Valuable Information Possible

Do you feel the same when you give money to me in exchange for the information I share with you?  I sure hope so.  If you allow sending love to me, in the form of money, to enrich your life, you’re doubly blessed by the full experience of both giving and receiving love.  You can rest assured that the information I’m sharing with you is love in another form too!

I do enjoy receiving the love you share with me.  Money isn’t the only form of love I enjoy receiving from you, but I don’t enjoy receiving money any less than any other form. Being showered with your love, in the form of money, is as joyful as my own generosity.  I hope it brings you as much pleasure too.

Because, just as my books, seminars, articles, etc. is a great way for me to send you love, giving me money is information you send me.  It’s information conveying your smile, enthusiasm, gratitude, hope, growth, and willingness.

I’ll Never Take Your Love For Granted and I’ll Never Receive Your Money as Anything Else

Thank you for sharing that with me.  And thank you for allowing our exchange to bless each of us in both directions.

And please stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and become an empowered director of your life…