Coral Reef  Did you know that you are not “you”?

Well…at least what you’ve always though of as “you” is not you.

What I mean is that your brain is not you.  Neither is your body.

Your entire body, in fact, is simply a collection of individual free agents who are, for reasons undetermined, functioning in harmony to be “your body”.  I use the term “free agent” because these entities which comprise your physical body often have their own agendas; their purpose is not to be your “servants” and they don’t always do your bidding.

You’re Not a “Tool”, But You’ve Got a Lot of Them at Your Disposal

The many parts that make up your physical body do their own thing, for their own reasons, and, if they happen to benefit you in the process, it often wasn’t intentional.

Even your brain, which loves to masquerade as “you”, follows these rules.  It is, at the end of the day, simply a tool – just like everything else which makes up your body. (Click that link to Tweet it)

And I use the term “tool” specifically (more about that momentarily).

Your body is most definitely not like an old-fashioned clock who’s inner gears and mechanisms work in reliable synchronization with the sole purpose of making your body function.

A Coral Reef Is a Beautiful Thing, After All

I heard Jeff Potter on NPR’s Science Friday recently describe our body as a coral reef.  A collective of living things which form a high-functioning community.  Viewed from afar, this collective looks like one beautiful organism; viewed up close, this collective is really thousands of individual entities working in conjunction with one another.

The coral reef that is your body has lots of tools for “you” to use.  Even though this collective doesn’t have a defined purpose of making “you” function, when they are all doing what they naturally do, “you” get to inhabit an amazing and wondrous human body.

So what, or who, is the real “you”?  (Click that link to Tweet it) The “you” who gets to utilize all these amazing tools like your brain, heart, lungs, nervous system, digestive system, etc.?

The Real “You” Can’t Be Found in the Mirror (or With Your Eyes at All)

The real “you” is a non-physical energy.  Wilder Penfield‘s research gave scientists some of their first glimpses of this.  Eben Alexander is the latest  scientist to write about it.

The real “you” is energy.  An energy that is having an experience called “being a human on the planet Earth”.  And what an amazing and fun experience that is, don’t you agree?

Acknowledge and nurture the real “you” today by turning off your brain (having no thoughts) as often as possible(Click that link to Tweet it) This will allow you to see past the illusion of thinking the coral reef (your body) is the real “you”.   And will allow you to listen and learn from your true essence, your non-physical energy.

And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…