I listened to an NPR story about the science of color.  What I heard was both cool and affirming.

Mark Fairchild, who studies color and vision science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, said that physicists get it wrong when they state that color is just a wavelength of light.

Here’s What Fairchild Has to Say About Color

“That’s because color is not something out there in the world, separate from us.

‘The agreed-upon technical definition of color,’ says Fairchild, ‘is that it’s a visual perception.’

So don’t try to tell Fairchild an apple is red. He’ll say, no it’s not, technically — red is just your perception.

‘I could change the color of illumination on that apple and make it look green or blue or something completely different,’ he says. ‘The redness isn’t a property of the apple. It’s a property of the apple in combination with a particular lighting that’s on it and a particular observer looking at it.’

All three of those elements are critical to the idea of “red” or any other color, he says. ‘You have to have somebody looking at that in order to combine all that information and produce a perception.’ ”

(From http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2014/11/10/361219912/if-the-same-shade-looks-both-yellow-and-gray-whats-color)

Fairchild and Kuhn Seem to Be Collaborators

Here are two very important things I want to call your attention to:

  1. Fairchild says that “You have to have somebody looking at that…” and Kuhn says “…if there is no observer, there is no assemblage of data and, therefore, no material reality.”
  2. Fairchild says that we “…combine all that information…” and Kuhn says “…it is all information.”

Jibes doesn’t it?

Want An Example from Kuhn?

How about an example of my own?

Here is some information: “42”

There is no refuting that “42” is a piece of information.  But it is quite pointless and rather meaningless without context, right?

Here is another piece of information: “Jackie Robinson’s uniform number”

Those two pieces of information, alone, lack relevance.  Until they are assembled.  When assembled, they make perfect sense because Jackie Robinson’s uniform number was 42.

We’re All in the Habit of Thinking We “Just Happened to Be There”

What was the key component, the linchpin, for giving meaning, significance, context, value, and relevance to those two pieces of information?  You!  You, the observer, were the key, the indispensable fulcrum which assembles the information, giving it context, meaning, relevance, significance, and value.

Without you, there is no meaning.  There is no relevance.  Without you, it’s all still just information.

How much more important could you be?

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and live a life of your dreams…