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Articles About How to Deal With Difficult People

Why Buttheads Needn’t Pose Any Problems for Deliberate Creators

Why Is He Miserable? Here is the Answer

Dear Mr. Grumpy

The Real Reason You Should Never Wrestle a Pig

How To Drive Among Angry People

How Pam Grout Gave Me an Opportunity to Be Dudley Do-Right 

Who Really Wants to Be a Bootlicker Anyway?


Articles About the Quantum Physics Version of “Fake It Until You Make It”

How to Fool the Quantum Field and Put Your Desires on the Fast Track

How to Be the Most Genuine Fake Ever

How Mickey Mouse Defeated a Bloodthirsty Great White Shark

What To Do When Your Partner Pisses You Off


Articles About the Importance of Practice and Patience

What Can Michael Jordan Teach You About Consciously Creating A More Pleasing Reality?

Why Creating Your Own Reality is Like Driving a Stick-Shift

What Do Filing Taxes and Creating Your Own Reality Have in Common?

How to Get Yourself Into Hot Water

Why Learning to Coax a Bunny Into Your Home Teaches You How to Change Your Material Reality

Why Cold Water’s Temperature Can Be A Very Effective Illusion

Stop Caring Whether Or Not You’re “Doing It Right” and Start Caring About What’s Actually Important​


Articles About The Vital Importance of Having Fun

Why My Friend Ain’t Funny (And Doesn’t Need to Be)

A Secret, Free Game Guaranteed to Infuse You with Joy and Abundance Every Time You Play

Why Teenagers Are Wary of Sharks

Was That Zombie Wearing Mickey Mouse Ears?


Articles About Why Thinking of Your Body as a Machine is Wrong

Why Your Body is Not a Machine and Can’t Be “Fixed”

Did You Know You Are a Walking Coral Reef?

Why Being Hungry Can Make You a Poor Conscious Creator

How are You Similar to a Portuguese Man o’ War?


Articles About Paradigms

Why Dory Wanted to Escape Her Fishbowl (In Finding Nemo)

Why You Should Stop Using Internet Explorer if You Want to Lose Weight

How to Stop Brushing Your Teeth with Puppy Urine

Why Playing Dominos Can Keep You From Achieving Your Goal(s)

How Do You Know if That’s Actually You in the Mirror?

How We Keep Neanderthal People Alive Today

How Larry Used a Quarter to Change My Paradigm


Articles About The Importance of Being Grateful

Your Secret Super Power and How It Can Change Your Reality (and Help You Lose Unwanted Weight) Almost Instantly

How to Easily and Simply Transform Your Pain Into Inspiration Today

Two Important Reasons You Should Feel Grateful for Your Pain


Articles About Quantum Experiments Showing Just How Subjective Reality Is

How a Light Two-Mile Jog Can Erase a Small Avalanche of Donuts and Pizza from Your Belly

Why Eating Donuts and Pizza Aren’t the Real Reason You Have Unwanted Weight

Why You Should Seek Disillusionment Today

How to Make Certain You’re Not a Sucker

How Being Trapped in an MRI Machine Can Produce Immense Gratitude

Why You Should Never Accept a Tomato From a Senator

I Truly Dare You To Tell Me This is Not a Genuine Miracle


Articles About The Science Behind Your True Essence – Non-Physical Energy

The Biggest Problem Your Current Beliefs About Your Brain are Causing You

Has Proof of Heaven Truly Been Found?

Why Your Greatest Clarity Almost Always Comes Directly From You

Can You Really Tell Any Difference Between You and a Paperclip?

Why There’s No Way You Would Ever Want to Stop Referring to Yourself

How Our Cat Reminded Us That Death Is a Very Effective Illusion


Articles About Why Telling It “Like It Is” Isn’t Really Good for You

Why You Probably Shouldn’t Look in the Mirror if You Want to Lose Your Unwanted Weight

How Mirrors Lie to You Every Day and Why You Should Stop Looking in Them if You Want to Lose Unwanted Weight

How to Get Out of Jury Duty Every Time

Are You, Too, Using the Wrong Litmus Test Everyday?

Who is Truly Responsible for Oscar the Grouch Being So Angry?

How To Have The Very Least Possible Influence Over Your Life


Articles About What “Storytelling” Is and Why It’s Important

Why Mother Goose Never Had a Weight Problem

How to Enjoy Mopping the Kitchen Floor and Change Your Day in the Process

How to Change Your Life with One Turn of a Phrase

Don’t Let Anyone Tell You How to Direct Your Movie!

How to Hold Steady from Chicago to Indianapolis

Use Rush Limbaugh to Actually Have a Truly Wonderful Time at the Beach

Why Aren’t You Using the Intentional Creator’s One and Only True Litmus Test?​


Articles About Why Your Feelings Are More Important Than Your Actions

How You Feel is Infinitely More Important Than Anything You Do

What Do Bad Feelings Mean for a Deliberate Creator?

You Can End Your Search for the Elusive Magical Instructions You Always Thought You Needed

Why Needing Something to Happen Usually Prevents the Quantum Field from Doing What it Does Best

Are We Foolish To Say We Know What Love Really Is Anyway?

What Is Love Really, If It’s Truly Not Very Valuable Information?


Articles About Why Your Word Choices Are So Important

When You Stop Saying I Am Fat You Start Solving a Huge Problem

How to Become the Best Boss Your Body Ever Had and Lose More Weight in the Process

How to Keep “Mr. Perfect” From Transforming Into “Mr. Ugly”

Why the Worst Thing is Never The Best Thing

Why Everyone Is Tired of Your Big ‘Ol “But”

Is It Harmful If You Won’t Stop Saying “Can’t”?


Articles Explaining How Your Beliefs Are Not “Facts” Nor Are They Independently True

How to Gain Freedom By Listening to Your Cut Finger

How to Solve The Number One Reason You’re Often Disappointed By Your Material Reality

Why Chewing Flesh is Not Necessary to Create a More Pleasing Reality

How Roast Beef Can Teach You to Be a More Powerful Deliberate Creator

Sesame Street’s Grover Has a Truly Important Secret for You 


Articles About the Science Behind Deliberate Creation

Why Your Body’s Cells are Not Always the Allies You Think They Are

Monk to Hotdog Vendor: “Make Me One With Everything”

Why a Placebo Can Relieve Constipation But Won’t Make You Fly

Why Should I Believe Quantum Physics When I Can’t “See” It with My Naked Eye?

The Law of Attraction is a Pseudoscience…Just Like Everything Else

You Can’t Actually Attract Anything

A Mighty Oak Tree Was Once a Nut Like You and Me

William Tiller Shows Us How (and Why) to Carefully Imbue Everything We Do with Our Intention

Why a Falling Tree Never Actually Strikes Alfred When He Contextually Creates a Forest

Ever Wonder Why Using Hard Drugs is Not Highly Recommended?


Articles About Reality Being Subjective (Different for Each Observer)

Why Your Scale Can Be a Worse Enemy to Your Body Than a Super-Sized Trip to McDonald’s

You Already Have a Magic Wand As Powerful As Harry Potter’s

How to Stop Keeping the Universe From Fulfilling Your Desires

How to Make Oprah Winfrey Wail and Gnash Her Teeth

Can A Wagging Tail Actually Contextually Create Material Reality? 

Did You Know That You Actually Gave Jackie Robinson His Uniform Number?


Articles About the Importance of Your Perspective

See What a Difference Your Perspective Can Make…

What Can The Croods Teach You About the Value of Doing Things Differently?

 A Secret to a Problem-Free Life that Actually Works Every Time

Why Simply Changing Your Seat Can Easily and Quickly Reward You

Why Huge Globs of Peanut Butter Are In Your Future

How to Escape Getting Dragged Through the Poop

How to Be An Angel Today

Why You Need to Practice Getting Lost

Meet a Friend of Mine Who Actually Has the Audacity to No Longer Play Small

How To Heal Someone, Cowboy-Style


Articles About Great Films for Deliberate Creators to Watch

Is Pleasantville the Best Film Illustration of Deliberate Creation?

Is Vanilla Sky the Best Movie About Deliberately Creating Your Own Reality?

The Movie Interstellar Reveals the Two Forces Truly Powerful Enough to Actually Transcend Every Dimension


Articles About Rock Bands for Deliberate Creators to Listen and Learn From

Switchfoot: The Best Rock Band For Deliberate Creators?

Want to Elevate Your Mood With Music? Try This…


Articles About the Difference Between Positive Affirmations and Telling New, Better-Feeling Stories

Why Stewart Smalley Needs to Start Telling Better-Feeling Stories

How to Misuse Positive Thinking

Should You Really Expect to Sell Enormous Amounts of Cars? 


Articles About Choosing to Tell Your Own Stories

How to Escape the World’s Most Inhumane Prison

Can the Right Story Allow You to Make a Decision Without Agony?

How to Be a Victim and Suffer Greatly Every Day

A Simple Storytelling Idea To Stop Your Suffering

Are You Actually Allowed to Turn an Ordinary Event Into a Genuine Miracle?

Does Stephen Hawking Actually Play “Grow a Greater You”?


Articles About How Quantum Physics Can Help You Become Incredibly Creative

You’ve Been “Channeling” All the Time and Didn’t Even Realize It

How to Tap Into Incredible Creativity, For Free, Any Time You Desire

How You Can Be As Joyful As Dr. Amit Goswami Today


Articles About Manifesting Money, Success, and Abundance

You Can Refuse the Million Dollars Because You Really Don’t Need It

How to Use a Paintbrush to Realize Your Greatest Desires

How to Manifest Money by Getting the Universe to Pinch Your Bottom

How to Manifest Money By Goosing the Quantum Field’s Butt

Dr. Laura Berman Has Probably Never Even Met Donald Duck

Which Story About a Penny Actually Unleashes an Avalanche of Money? 

Why Seeing Money as a Reflection Truly Unleashes the Abundance You’ve Dreamed Of 

How a Teacher Learned to Manifest a Lot More Money

Want a Free Blueprint For Becoming a Massively Successful New Thought Leader? 


Articles About Why Its Important Not to Pretend You Don’t Desire Something 

How to Resolve the Biggest Dilemma Regarding Your Unrealized Desires

Why You “Gotta Desire” and Why It’s Silly Not To 

It May Be Vitally Important to Light Your Cigars With Hundred Dollar Bills

Don’t Stop With Simply Seeing What You Believe

Are You Confusing Selfishness with Self-Centeredness By Pretending You’re Satisfied?​


Articles About Turning Something Bad Into Something Good

How to Be Grateful for a Freezing, Pre-Dawn Wake-Up on a Day You Expected to Enjoy Sleeping In

Why Bad Sushi Can Actually Provide You with Unexpected Opportunities

How My Newborn Son’s Near-Death Taught Me that We Can Always Choose Gratitude

How to Easily Create an Inspiring Volcano of Gratitude When You’re Dead Tired and Just Want to Go to Bed

Why Fear is a Cool Friend You Wouldn’t Want to Be Without

How Dionne Warwick Became an Accidental Self-Help Guru

How to Be Grateful When Someone Poops on You 

How to Make Raw Vegetables Taste as Good as McDonald’s French Fries


Articles About the Effect You Have On the People and Things Around You

How a Conscious Creator Unknowingly Creates Someone Else’s Failures

How to Control the Weather

How to Avoid a Common and Potentially Deadly Spiritual Poison

 An Easy Way to Feel Great About Yourself Today Without Feeling Rotten Later

How to Stop Calling People Jerks

Do Things Really Happen “Like They’re Supposed To”?

This Doesn’t Mean Norman Rockwell Wasn’t Insane Anyway

As Nice as You Are, You Are Always an Ass to Someone

Can You Really Grow a Greater You on “Porpoise”?


Articles About Why Meditation Can Be of Great Value

How Thomas Paine Always Correctly Picked the Super Bowl Winner

How to Get Great Advice That Works, Anytime You Need It


Articles About How to Feel Good Even Though You Haven’t Manifested the Really Big Stuff…Yet

What a Puddle of Sweat Can Teach You About Who You Really Are

How to Get Exactly What You Want on Your Birthday

The Ideal Recipe for Misery

How to Find a Actual Secret, Hidden Fountain of Money 

Want to Finally Meet Your True, Actual Soulmate?


Articles About What to Do When You Have a Hiccup, Setback, or Mistake

What To Do When You Backslide Into Old (Bad) Feelings

Arguing with Your Reflection Would Be Crazy…So Why Do You Do It Every Day?

Aren’t You Happy You Made that Big Mistake?

You Should Be Using This Awesome Shortcut Too

The Most Common Ways People Unknowingly Abuse Themselves 

Why Being Told “No” Actually Leads You to Your Most Desired Outcomes​


Articles About How You Create Me (and Why I’ll Never Get a Giant Ego)

How Often Has Meeting “Some Guy” Actually Proven to be Awesome?

What Secrets Might Libertyville Be Able to Reveal to You?

Thank You For Casting Me in Your Awesome Movie

Want to Discover How Capable I Am of Truly Helping You Grow a Greater You?

What Actually Happened When Greg Kuhn Presented to a Secular Audience? 

Why A Big Ego is Completely Unnecessary and Actually Out of Place