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  1. hi good evening,
    i want to buy ur book but not the ebook but a paper back from where can i buy them ,mostly available r the ebook plz guide ,
    bye tc happy dusshera to u all

    • Hello Vijay. Four of my six books are available in paperback. You can purchase them by clicking on the “Paperback” link underneath each one on this site’s homepage.

      Thank you for asking.

  2. Greg! I am a big fan of your commentary on life and all of its challenges. I was just wondering whether or not you will be publishing any new books in the future? Lots of love, Slim Dave.

    • Hello, Slim Dave.

      You bet. It’s taken me three books to write it, but my new one is almost finished.

      I am super excited to hear what you think because it’s simpler and more powerful than ever.

      It’ll probably be published before the summer.

  3. Hello, Greg! I love your books. I especially love “Why Quantum Physicists Play ‘Grow A Greater You'” I sure do love plants!! I hope you’re doing well, Greg.
    Sincerely, your biggest fan, Slim Dave

    • Thank you, Slim Dave. I appreciate you taking the time to say hello.

      You’re only my second biggest fan, by the way. I’m the biggest. 😉

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