Coaching  You’re holding the key ingredient to manifesting your dreams in your hands – my books.

My best-selling books are so well-received and highly acclaimed because they not only reveal how to unlock the missing “instruction manual” for the law of attraction, but they also teach you how to do it in step-by-step fashion.

You Want the Big Secret?  For Free?  No Problem

And here is the big secret, from that missing “instruction manual”, right up front (just in case you are one of the few who haven’t read my books yet 😉 ): you manifest in accordance with your beliefs.

Positive thinking and positive affirmations will not, and cannot, overcome your true subconscious beliefs about something – that is why so many become frustrated with, or even disenchanted by, the law of attraction.  So, if you wish to manifest a dream or desire, your one (and only) true task is to align your beliefs with that dream or desire.

  • This secret is not rocket science.
  • This secret is also not mystical or esoteric.
  • This secret is actually modeled after the incredibly precise blueprints provided us by quantum physics for how our material world is manifest.

You Want to Know How to Pour Rocket Fuel Into the Big Secret?  For Free?  No Problem

And here’s another big secret: although you hold the key ingredient in your hands, there is one thing else which has proven, over and over, to boost how effectively you can implement those life-changing instructions.

  • It’s not for everyone.
  • It’s not even necessary for everyone.
  • Yet if you’re desiring the biggest breakthroughs in the shortest time frame, it can be absolutely essential.

It is (drum roll please): Coaching

My Money is Where My Mouth Is; I Have a Coach Too

I have a coach too, by the way.  So I’m not just referencing the volumes of research on human productivity here; I’m calling upon my own (ongoing) experience.

Coaching is an amazing tool.  A tool that, when combined with my books, is simply unbeatable for taking you where you want to go.  Right now.

Fill out the contact form below to inquire about taking your manifestations to levels you’ve previously only dreamed of.  We’ll be back in touch with you to set up a no-cost, no-obligation chat in no time at all.

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  1. Your method of changing beliefs is great. It is working for me at one level, perhaps in an scale of 0-10 a 4. I am wondering if the power of my work would give greater results if I dig into my poor beliefs by following your chart again in order to increase the scale to reach my desire, or it could be that the problem is that I don’t desire powerfully enough (do to contrary conditioning) to brake through my and clear my belief system. I hope I am explaining myself well.

    • Hey Gloria. Thank you so much for allowing me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      I am going the the Emotional Reference Chart with my desires for financial abundance for the second time. This time through I am writing everything down with an eye toward publishing this journey and it is proving to be an epic one.

      While my last trip up the ERC was honest, earnest, diligent, and authentic, I now realize just how much focus I put upon getting to “Love/Ecstasy.” Because that’s where “the gift” awaits, right? At least “the gift” I began this journey to align my beliefs with and reflect back to me.

      This time through I have looked no further than my current emotional perspective for some of the most off-the-hook insights and growth. And, in the process, have learned that this time/space and this emotional perspective contains “the gift.” “The gift” is what I learn.

      “What?”, some may protest, “I’m playing Grow a Greater You to manifest (insert big desire here), you’d better believe the manifestation of that desire is ‘the gift’ I’m looking for!”

      Yet here is one of the things I’ve learned so far: the full manifestation of my desire will be nothing more than the reflection my desire-aligned beliefs. A reflection, of course, from the quantum field. You see, you do not, literally, manifest the people, places, and things necessary for you to experience your desire. Nope. You turn the people, places, and things you encounter into the people, places, and things necessary for you to experience your desire by aligning your beliefs with it.

      Don’t believe that “the gift” is right now and right here? Wherever you are on the ERC? Let me ask you this, then: have you ever had to expend any effort casting, and have you ever had any reason to doubt you’d cast, your reflection? Do you worry, before walking into your bathroom, whether or not you’re going to see yourself in the mirror?

      Of course not.

      And, thus, there is also no reason to ever wonder, worry, or fret about how your ultimate desires are being reflected back to you, via your aligned beliefs. It will occur as readily as you see your smiling face looking back each time you glance in a mirror.

      The gift, exactly what you need, is found in this emotional perspective. The top of the ERC isn’t where all the lessons, spiritual unfolding, and growth happen; the top of the ERC is where the reflection of your beliefs, aligned as a result of all the lessons, spiritual unfolding and growth that you experienced today (and yesterday and tomorrow – if it arrives as expected).

      Thus my ultimate suggestion is to go with your gut and always state how you really feel. Especially, of course, how you really feel about your desire to sell your business.

      The story you tell, if you make such a commitment, will be, in my experience, always completely believable. Because it is honest, your subconscious brain will believe it.

      And, perhaps just as importantly, it will also be best-feeling. Every time. Guaranteed.


      Because if you go too-positive (or too-negative) You. Are. Lying. About how you really feel, of course. So as long as you maintain a strict adherence to complete honesty about how you feel in each moment, there is no way you can avoid telling yourself the best-feeling (or “real”) and believable (or “honest”) story possible.

      Of course, for different people (which I am reminded of each time through the ERC while playing Grow a Greater You), “complete honesty” will differ. I have been, literally, completely honest each time I’ve taken this journey. Today, however, I am blessed with new level of willingness, energy, and insight to direct toward complete honesty as a “wormhole-level” of revelations which continually shatter my illusions and limiting beliefs like a brick going through glass. Whatever “level” of honesty you’re capable of, don’t ever measure it, however, against anyone else – you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

      If you simply follow the rules of telling the best-feeling, believable story you will eventually teach yourself everything you need to learn and know to grow into believing you are worthy of your desire.

      Yes, if you believed you were worthy of your desire, your desire would be reflected back to you in this time/space because that’s how reflections work. Thus, whatever reflection your current beliefs about your worthiness of experiencing your desire are creating is exactly what you are experiencing right now. In this very moment. Reflections do not lie! Thus, being honest about the feelings were are experiencing as we experience the reflection of our beliefs about being worthy of that desire, is the only way to grow our beliefs into worthiness.

      Yes, you read it here, the pain of an absent desire does not come from not experiencing that “thing.” The pain of an absent desire is the pain of not being worthy of experiencing that “thing.” A pain we can now cure by intentionally growing our beliefs about our worthiness of “it” into alignment with how we truly with to experience “it.”

      And once that pain is cured, once our beliefs about being worthy of experiencing that “thing” are aligned with how we always wanted to experience “it”, “it” will be reflected back to us by the quantum field as surely as you’ll see your face in your rearview mirror on your drive to work tomorrow.

      My belief is that you will find this valuable. And thank your for allowing it to be, Gloria!

  2. Hi Greg. My name is Wendy and I and many of my friends are getting incredible results with your books. I’ve been an Abraham follower for many years, yet the way you set up the emotional ladder and the daily way to move through is an amazingly powerful tool to transform the big stuff. I have been coaching others to challenge and change their limiting beliefs since 1995, and our book, ‘Live a Life you Love and Make a Living Doing It’ has much of this thinking, but your approach is even more impactful. I am about to let go of my old job in consulting with nonprofits and grantmakers in getting results from their dollars and efforts, and move into helping others use the quantum field to create meaningful change in their own lives and in the lives of others. I would love to collaborate with you at some point down the road as I get my own thoughts and practice together. Such a fun, creative, and expansive time! Thank you from the bottom of my heart in reminding me that the value I create is for me and everyone in my life! xoxoxox

    • Thank you for your praise, Wendy. I’m honored that you’re allowing me to play a valuable role in your universe.

      I know playing “Grow a Greater You” works. I see it every day. And it only gets better and better. Testimonials like yours are beautiful reinforcements about the value of these teachings and I am deeply touched by your decision to share such with me.

      I am always open to listening to collaborative ideas. There is nothing better than collaboration where everyone wins – especially the students whose growth will be accelerated by it!

      Play “Grow a Greater You” with your desire for your business; I have been doing just that for only two years and my life has become a fulfilling, expansive journey of success. A journey for which I have unending gratitude and for which I credit only one thing: not “Greg Kuhn”, but “Grow a Greater You”!

      Looking forward to seeing where the growth of your beliefs takes you.

  3. Hi, I just finished Build New Beliefs and it was such a blessing for me. What you have written just makes sense to me. My question to you to is how can I use the emotional ref chart to change my belief in something bad will happen if something good happens to me. As an example, i think about winning the lottery and worry then if we do then we will die in a car crash on our way to pick up the check. I know that sounds silly but pops into my head. I try to push it away then i think about what you say… putting a smiley face over the empty gas tank. I’m just not sure where on the scale i’d start. If this wasn’t my issue, I would start maybe at doubt.
    I hope this makes sense! Thanks again for all you do and all you’ve helped.

    • Hello J. Thank you for writing.

      The way forward is to feel the emotions you feel. If winning the lottery makes you feel worried, feel worried. Don’t fight it. Don’t stuff it. Don’t “shout” over it with positive affirmations.

      The universe is teaching you what you believe through your feelings. The feelings are real and they are your lessons. The subjective meaning and value your current beliefs have transformed “winning the lottery” into is also real – but not written in stone.

      Empty gas tanks are going to make anyone feel some unpleasant emotions. Those emotions are teaching us that we truly do have an empty gas tank.

      Learn the lessons, discover your beliefs, then write/live your way up the Emotional Reference Chart. And, along the way, continue to let your feelings teach you about how your beliefs are changing.

      It works and it is awesome.

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