you-are-pure-potential  Quantum physicists tell us that every physical object in the material world is manifest from the quantum field.

The quantum field is an omnipresent, unbound, coherent, intelligent field of energy which represents the pure potential to become anything at all.  The quantum field can, literally, become anything simply by temporarily abandoning its state of pure potential and assembling itself into the proper combination of particles necessary for any specific “thing” to appear as a concrete, material object.

We’re All Made of (Mostly) the Same Stuff

In fact, scientists tell us that every single “thing” in the material world is really just some unique combination of (mostly) carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen.  The quantum field simply assembles those elements in the proper sequence and amounts to create any material object.  From a paperclip to a person, its all the same process.

Yep, “you” are just a different combination and amount of (mostly) the same stuff that makes a paperclip. (Click that link to Tweet it)

Given this, isn’t it easy to see how simple it might be to create different material objects than the one’s you’ve been creating?  Different “things”?  “Things” that are more aligned with your desires?

Can You Reassemble That Stuff Into Better “Things”, More Closely Aligned with Your Desires?

And the truth is, it is relatively simple to do that.  This is primarily because the most famous quantum physics experiment, the double-slit experiment, shows us that it is our expectations which give commands to the quantum field, telling it what material objects to form.  It is our expectations which tell the quantum field what sequence and amounts of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen to assemble. (Click that link to Tweet it)  And, thus, what concrete material “things” to form.

From my books and this website, you already know that your expectations are formed, unconsciously, from your beliefs.  Thus you can undoubtedly also see that, if you wish to send new commands to the quantum field and tell it to form material objects more closely aligned with your desires, you really only have one piece of work on your plate:

Create new beliefs that are aligned with your desires.

Yep…You Sure Can

And, thanks to my books and this website, you also know exactly how to do that.

Embrace the pure potential of the quantum field today.  Employ the unlimited possibilities inherent in it.  Dive in, headfirst, to the unbound creativity this universe puts at your disposal every moment of every day. (Click that link to Tweet it)

I’m excited that you’re joining me, and thousands of others, today in the amazingly fun and exciting game called “Grow a Greater You”.  You’re no longer “playing small”, as if life is happening “to” you, and you never have to again.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your dreams…