Can You Really Grow a Greater You on “Porpoise”?

Logan and Greg Parasailing  My oldest son graduated from high school this year.  And two other sons also graduated: one from elementary school and one from middle school.  To celebrate all this, my family took a snorkeling vacation to coral reefs in the Bahamas and Key West, FL.

Mix in some parasailing, swimming, and relaxing and – viola! – the best vacation we’ve had yet.

Did She Stay Hidden Until the Last Day on Porpoise?

Each day we snorkeled, I held desires to see a varied mix of underwater life amid the reefs.  The universe did not disappoint us.  We got to snorkel with:

  • A Nurse Shark
  • A huge lobster
  • Three-foot Rainbow Parrot fish
  • Four Barracuda
  • Two-foot Parrot fish
  • Countless color tropical fish
  • Three Reef Sharks
  • Three-foot Stingrays
  • And the coups de foudre, a six-foot Tarpon

And, on our last day, just as I was about to mention that the one animal we hadn’t gotten to see was a Porpoise, one emerged from the surf and showed herself to us.  Literally, before my sentence could be completed.  Isn’t the quantum field simply amazing?

Greg in Caribbean  That’s me jokingly questioning, “Where’s the Porpoise?” 😉

What a gift to get to share these experiences with my wife and four sons.  It was a week we’ll never forget.

We Grew a Greater Family, Now Let’s Grow a Greater You!

And, now, a reminder for another unforgettable event.  One where you can definitely grow a greater you on “porpoise”:

Please join me, by hook or by crook, on July 12th in Indianapolis, IN.  My live, hands-on “Grow a Greater You” Workshop makes its next stop at Heartland Miracles.  I’d love to meet you there and grow my beliefs with you.

While we probably won’t see a six-foot Tarpon, who knows what magic we’ll be able to create together.  Do not miss out on this opportunity to grow a greater you with me there to guide you.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…

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  1. I’ve read all you great books, but can’t make it to Indiana…my walking shoes have holes in the soles (what could be worse?), and I’m saving my pennies day by day trying to buy a 3-D printer to make prototypes of my wooden geometric polygonal balls (dodecahedrons, truncated-isosahedrons, and tetrahedrons so far. 3-d printers are the future!

    • Hey Don. We’ll miss you. Thank you for your praise, I’m honored by the opportunity you’ve given me to be of value to you.

      Shoes with air conditioning? Awesome.

      I love 3-D printers, by the way. My oldest son will be working with them in Purdue’s engineering program. I wonder if you’ll be able to print a copy of my new book, Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”? 😉

      I’ll see you at the next seminar and be well until then.

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