decisions  Faced with a difficult decision?  What should you do?

I was recently given an opportunity to seek advancement in my (non-author) professional life.  And this is the story I told myself which allowed me to make a difficult decision without having to suffer “buyer’s regret” afterward(Click that link to Tweet it)

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

The pro’s of taking advantage of this opportunity?

  • Have even more power to help others
  • A 30% salary increase
  • Achieve a leadership status not afforded to many

The con’s of taking advantage of this opportunity?

  • Two of my fours sons are only 9 and 12 years old; my marriage is only 1 year old
  • The increased responsibility would require me to devote far more of my time and energy
  • I would, for a couple years at least, need to forgo my writing to acclimate to the new position

There Is Truly a Lot to Consider; It’s Not an Easy Decision

So how do I make such a decision?  With so many powerful factors weighing in on both sides of the ledger?

I know I would do a great job in this position and be able to increase my ability to help and assist people in our community.  I’ll also admit that my ego would love being “the man”.  And the thrill of possibly achieving such a lofty position calls to me strongly.

I also know that there are other people (with different strengths and skill sets) just as capable as me.  Additionally, I don’t relish the decreased physical and emotional availability I’d have for my family (based upon conversations with others who have held this position).

And, truthfully, I have it really good in my current position.  It is very professionally rewarding in its scope, allowing me a measure of prestige while also affording me ample opportunity to help many people.

The Story I Decided To Tell

In the end, while weighing these factors and discussing my decision-making process with my family, I told myself this story:

“Although there are many reasons I would love to hold this position, when looking honestly at my life I believe that the timing is not right.  And I can also believe that the universe doesn’t offer us only one opportunity to achieve our dreams and goals – closing the door forever if we choose a different path.  Possibilities are infinite and inherent in each moment; my personal and professional growth will continue to be showered with opportunities to blossom in ways I probably can’t even imagine currently.”

With that story, which acknowledges my current beliefs while instilling me with hope, I can be free to move forward in not accepting the position without the worry of resenting or regretting my decision later.  That story creates a belief that not only supports my decision, but also continues to align me with my desires.

I hope you join me in telling yourself stories like this today – stories that serve you.  And stay tuned to this blog for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…