Sam  I have often been asked if plants and animals have a consciousness and do they also play the role of creator, just as people do?  I thought you might be interested to learn the clues science gives us to answer those questions. 

Animals Have Awareness, if Not a Consciousness Like Us

While we may not know with certainty whether or not they have a consciousness, we can see with our own eyes that animals are conscious creatures.  They are aware, they think, and they communicate with each other and with us.

Likewise we know that plants are aware of their environment and they, too, communicate with each other and us (although we are not usually attuned to plants’ communication, on a conscious level).  It has long been known that plants send chemical signals to one another as a form of non-verbal communication.

Animals and Plants Definitely Communicate

We can readily see that animals can interpret both our verbal and non-verbal communication and react accordingly.  Plants have been known to do this as well and there was even a famous (though controversial) study done by Clive Backster in the late 1960’s which showed that plants may actually respond to peoples’ thoughts.

Backster, a foremost authority on lie detector use, hooked his lie detector to plants and took readings while threatening them with fire – and even while simply thinking about threatening them with fire (from another room).  According to his data, Backster was able to record electrical activity in the plants, on his lie detector, under both circumstances, that corresponded with both his literal and merely intentioned threats of harm.

Animals and Plants, However, Must Have More Than Beliefs to Play “Grow a Greater You”

According to what we now know about how our universe “works”, the question we must answer to discern if animals or plants are creators is not just, “Do they have a consciousness?”  We must also answer two other questions: “Do they have beliefs?” and “Do they have desires?”

Do animals or plants have beliefs and desires?  Animals would certainly seem to pass this three-pronged test more easily than plants, by the criteria we can use to assess them.  Animal behavior tells us that they have desires and they certainly seem able to form beliefs, even if their beliefs are not as complete and comprehensive as human beliefs.

If plants possess these qualities they must exist in forms we cannot comprehend.  Therefore, based upon the evidence, I conclude that, if they do possess a consciousness, animals may be participating, on some level, in the contextual and communal creation of our planet.  But it is more difficult for me to imagine how plants would be doing that.

Sam Seemed to Be Playing Her Own Version of “Grow a Greater You”

Just today, in fact, I came home four hours earlier than I expected.  Our cleaning person was in the house and our dog, Sam, started getting excited and moving around eagerly and expectantly, wagging her tail and barking (which is the polar opposite of Sam’s normal, lay-around-the-house behavior).

When she heard the garage door open she discovered exactly what Sam had known.  Her second-in-command was coming home – joy!  Perhaps this coherence is how our dog, Sam, plays her own version of “Grow a Greater You”.

Can you guess, by the way, who is Sam’s first-in-command?  My wife, of course, as it true for the rest of us in the house.

Whether or Not Animals and Plants are Contextual Creators, You Definitely Are

But while there is some doubt about what role plants and animals play, there is no longer any about the role humans do.  And there is also no longer any doubt about what the universe really is.  Intelligent energy.  And you, being a very special portion of that omnipresent, omniscient field of energy, play the role of creator.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams and end your suffering…