When Walking In the Other Direction Can Change Your Life

Karen Cadera, of the cool Grow a Greater You Facebook group, asked me to extrapolate on something I wrote a couple days ago.  What, exactly, did I mean when I wrote, “look for doubt within” (after feeling your feelings)?   Un-exercise Is Not Exercise  ...
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Absence Has a Gift Just For You

You’re looking at a meager bank account.  Or you’re looking at the empty space on the couch next to you.  And then I tell you, “Change your beliefs to change your reality.”   Under those circumstances, I wouldn’t blame you if you told me to take a flying leap....
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Unwrap a Phenomenal Gift Today

Don’t pace yourself to your breath.  Breathe to a pace.  It doesn’t matter how fast the pace is, keep one and breathe to it - rather than go as fast as your breath will allow.   Facebook Friends Ask Great Questions Karen Cadera asked if un-exercise is about the...
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How to Hack Yourself

Celso Antonio Almeida asked if we live in a holodeck.  A holodeck like the one made famous in Star Trek: The Next Generation. I ran with the idea.  I hope you take it to anaerobic un-exercise too. Okay - It's a Holodeck   Let's say this is a holodeck.  While it's...
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Is the Quantum Field God?

Bill Ayre wants to discuss an astounding concept. Is the Quantum Field God?  Or, put another way, is God the Quantum Field?     If so, physicists are discovering God. Bit by bit, getting closer. Is that happening? What Is the Quantum Field Like?   The...
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A Solution From a Source You Might Not Have Guessed

Marty Bernstein asked about how I live my way into a new emotional reference point. Being fully present with all my emotions has proven to be a key for living my way into a new emotional reference point. Pain and Fear Are Important   Working up the Emotional...
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How You Can Make a Better Decision

Denise Finch asked about how to make fewer choices which turn out not so good, although they initially seemed like good ones.  I ran with it today to write this post. It's Easy to Make a Great Decision Afterward In retrospect is the only way you can view such a...
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