Don’t Hold Your Nose

  Smells can convey very important information.  The smell of these running shoes told me, "Time to go!"  And so they went - into the garbage. Odors are around us all the time, but most of the time we're not overly aware of them.  Strong smells, however, get our...
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Don’t Blame Anyone in Pajamas

  I love to un-exercise so much I wrote a book about it.  I highly recommend that you visit with your doctor, formulate an exercise plan with her, and do it 5 days a week for 30 minutes each.  Of course, you’ll be un-exercising because you’ll spend your 30 minutes...
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Why You Should Solve Things Yourself

  Does the person who upset you need to change?  Often, yes.  Someone who makes you that angry, sad, or afraid probably needs to change something.  That person has done something offensive and you’re not okay with it.   Micromanagement Or Self-Focus?   Yet,...
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Why I Positively Think Painful Things Should Be Painful

  Try this right now: gently rub your palms together in a soothing manner, as before, while also closing your eyes and envisioning something that makes you incredibly happy.  Your body is feeling a pleasing sensation and your mind having a pleasing experience.  Your...
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Stop Worrying and Sing Yourself a Love Song

  We desire experiences like love, health, and wealth.  Although certain circumstances are more apt to create such experiences, experiences aren’t circumstance-dependent.  For example, while having a romantic partner offers us great potential for experiencing love, we...
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How to Settle Down By Not Settling

  The end of my past romantic relationships went something like this:   “I love you.  I know you’re far from perfect; you drive me crazy sometimes and often make me very angry.  You can be hard to live with and difficult to get along with.  But I love you, I...
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How You Are Like a Reese’s Cup

  You are your body.  And you are your mind.  Body and soul, form and energy, flesh and spirit - however you describe it, that’s what you are. I'm Not Merely Using My Body As a Vessel   When I began to seek spiritual growth, it didn’t take long for me to see that...
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