Be Inspired While Manifesting Will’s Desire

Ben  My son, Will, shares a desire with me.

Will is a writer.  He’s a high school senior, in a journalism and communications magnet.  

But the desire we share is not “writing.”  Although, technically, we are both writers, he shares a more specific desire with me.

Will wants people to read his writing.  We have that in common, for sure.

Will’s Piece is Inspiring and Very Good

I’m publishing his latest piece, though, not solely because I’m Will’s dad.  I’m publishing it because it’s very good – and Will’s been hearing that from more sources than me.

If you’ve ever worried about “today’s youth”, read Will’s inspiring piece.  It just might make your day.

In the midst of tragic circumstances, one teenager becomes an inspiration to others

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  1. Hi greg not sure if its the right place to write this. But for 4-5 week ago I got my dream job or what I thought was my dream job. Starter working and after a couple days I felt bad going to work felt dizzy and tried using my books advice grow a greater you. Could turn it around for something better. And you write pain is our friend. I didt feel that and now I have quite job. What could I have done differently or what is the lesson here. Regards Michael Denmark

    • Michael, while I’m appreciative of your confidence in me, I am woefully disconnected with the particulars of your experiences here.

      This I know though: grow into what you desire; don’t focus on what you’re not doing well enough. Select a desired experience and do not stop until you are experiencing it.

      Do not settle for less than what you really want to experience. And do not settle for less than the person you really want to be. With those two commitments, you’re well on your way.

  2. Thanks for answering Greg, and congrats with the new book.

    Agree Greg i am well on my way, just watched some of your videos on youtube, and as one which not have English as native. i may confess i now better understand how to tell better stories, than when i read the book, and read it 3 times now, talking about grow a greater you/me 🙂

    One question, i am not sure about this, but i am as many others playing grow a greather you on the subject Money, and telling stories and so on. but does that mean that i cant tell better feeling stories about other subjects? i mean small Things. hope you get my English.

    By the way, the job was a major step up in income, but it didt Work out, it was´t for me, so know i climb the emotion latter Again, and start to believe it could Work, if i can get a that well paid a job, then i do something right, i just need to get the right one.



    • Hey Michael. Thank you for honoring me with your inquiry.

      In English, I stress, try not to think of it as “telling better stories.”

      Be honest about how you feel. First and foremost.

      Then create a meaning that doesn’t pull the plug on your real desires for the experience.

      It works with money. It works with every experience, because that’s how every experience is created.

  3. Hi Greg

    Here is an example of how I can tell myself one hisrorie. Suppose that I see an expensive watch I would like.

    Then I tell myself that it is avery nice watch, it’s quality, certainly expensive, but I have no money in my bank account, so I choose not to spend money on the clock, and I’m afraid that will not be money for the clock, also I Indifference whether it is a sign from the universe that I do not live a life of financial abundance, that I do not own a bank account where there is always more money than I can manage to use, that my life will always be in debt, and this is how it is, I Indifference that.

    I am started on this project where I play a game called grow a Greater me, which in its simplicity is to tell themselves good and believeble stories so that my believes increases and new opportunities arise, because as things are right now, reflect the universe my faith back to me, but it will fortunately not be so the rest of my life, now I’m starting to play grow a geater me.

    I think, or may begin to believe that I managed to raise my faith, and like this i do not put handcuffs on the universe and thus is open to the opportunities that will arise to me

    Greg, Is this very wrong when this is the way I tell myself stories, I much like with corrections or good advice on what I can do differently.

    Indifference is the level where i am right now, and still learning, and reading the book grow a greater you Again and Again, new stuff each time i studie the book 🙂

    Sorry for my English gramma 🙂

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Kind regards


    • Michael, thank you for honoring me with your questions.

      I don’t recommend micro-analyzing your stories. Try out new ones, do your best, and pay attention to any changes in your experiences.

      If they’re working, proceed. If not, re-tell them. This is, far and away, your best course (compared with seeking advice about what stories to tell and how to tell them).

      Your experiences will guide you, my friend.

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