argue  If you saw someone arguing with her reflection in a mirror, wouldn’t you steer a wide berth around her?  Wouldn’t you say to yourself, “There’s a good example of how nature says, ‘Do Not Touch’ “?

Sure.  Who wouldn’t?

I mean, seriously, do you argue  with your reflection?  Do you dispute what you see in your mirror?  When you see your reflection in a pane of glass, do you think to yourself, “That is absolute B.S.!  That is not true!”?

Of course not.  Why would you?

Actually, please answer that question.  Why would you?

Hold On to Your Hat; I’m About to Accuse You of Something You Have No Idea You Do

Because you do just that every single day.  You actually argue with your reflection; you tell your reflection that it’s not supposed to look like that.  And you’re not joking around; you mean it! (Click that link to Tweet it)

What the heck am I talking about?

The material world you see and experience every single day is made of energy.  So, too, are you made of energy.  All material objects are made of energy; they are formed from the energy of the unbound, omipresent field of energy called the quantum field.

The energy of the quantum field exists as, merely, the potential to become a material object.  Until it is observed.  When that energy is observed (by you), which you do every second of your life, it becomes coherent with the energy of you.  Being coherent, by the way, means that the quantum field’s energy is “in synch” with your energy.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that an early ’90’s boy-band were quantum physicists. 😉  (Click that link to Tweet it)

So, it is correct to say that the material world you see and experience is one that is created specifically to reflect your state of being.  It is formed, in a manner of speaking, by reflecting your energy, your state of being, back to you.  The material world is your reflection!

Of Course You Argue with Your Reflection Sometimes – the Illusion of It Not Being Your Reflection is Too Powerful Not To

And don’t you argue and dispute your material reality every day?  (I do)  Don’t you tell yourself, “This isn’t supposed to be this way” or “This isn’t happening like it’s supposed to”?  (Once again, I do).

We see the reflection of our state of being in the material world and it sometimes displeases us.  We’re human; we’re not crazy. (Click that link to Tweet it)

And, although remembering that the material reality we’re seeing and experiencing is our reflection won’t usually stop us from being displeased by it occasionally, it can stop us from falling victim to that old illusion that life is happening “to” us and we have no power over our life experiences.  It can help us remember to look inward when we are displeased by life, rather than look outward to try to “monkey around” with the mirror!

Today, practice not arguing or disputing the reflection you see if you find it displeasing.  Instead, use it how it’s intended, as a reminder to change your beliefs so that they better align with your desires.  That’s the real way to change the reflection!

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…