Arguing with Your Reflection Would Be Crazy…So Why Do You Do It Every Day?

argue  If you saw someone arguing with her reflection in a mirror, wouldn’t you steer a wide berth around her?  Wouldn’t you say to yourself, “There’s a good example of how nature says, ‘Do Not Touch’ “?

Sure.  Who wouldn’t?

I mean, seriously, do you argue  with your reflection?  Do you dispute what you see in your mirror?  When you see your reflection in a pane of glass, do you think to yourself, “That is absolute B.S.!  That is not true!”?

Of course not.  Why would you?

Actually, please answer that question.  Why would you?

Hold On to Your Hat; I’m About to Accuse You of Something You Have No Idea You Do

Because you do just that every single day.  You actually argue with your reflection; you tell your reflection that it’s not supposed to look like that.  And you’re not joking around; you mean it! (Click that link to Tweet it)

What the heck am I talking about?

The material world you see and experience every single day is made of energy.  So, too, are you made of energy.  All material objects are made of energy; they are formed from the energy of the unbound, omipresent field of energy called the quantum field.

The energy of the quantum field exists as, merely, the potential to become a material object.  Until it is observed.  When that energy is observed (by you), which you do every second of your life, it becomes coherent with the energy of you.  Being coherent, by the way, means that the quantum field’s energy is “in synch” with your energy.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that an early ’90’s boy-band were quantum physicists. 😉  (Click that link to Tweet it)

So, it is correct to say that the material world you see and experience is one that is created specifically to reflect your state of being.  It is formed, in a manner of speaking, by reflecting your energy, your state of being, back to you.  The material world is your reflection!

Of Course You Argue with Your Reflection Sometimes – the Illusion of It Not Being Your Reflection is Too Powerful Not To

And don’t you argue and dispute your material reality every day?  (I do)  Don’t you tell yourself, “This isn’t supposed to be this way” or “This isn’t happening like it’s supposed to”?  (Once again, I do).

We see the reflection of our state of being in the material world and it sometimes displeases us.  We’re human; we’re not crazy. (Click that link to Tweet it)

And, although remembering that the material reality we’re seeing and experiencing is our reflection won’t usually stop us from being displeased by it occasionally, it can stop us from falling victim to that old illusion that life is happening “to” us and we have no power over our life experiences.  It can help us remember to look inward when we are displeased by life, rather than look outward to try to “monkey around” with the mirror!

Today, practice not arguing or disputing the reflection you see if you find it displeasing.  Instead, use it how it’s intended, as a reminder to change your beliefs so that they better align with your desires.  That’s the real way to change the reflection!

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your dreams…

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  1. Ok, so how can I project a different image in the mirror? I’m not particularly enjoying the “reality” image I’m seeing right now. I would like to live in a different place, some place where the weather is sunny and warm. Or are you not referring to the background but only to the “me” image in the mirror? Greg, what is your take on “doppelgangers”?

    • Hello Trish. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be of greater value to you.

      First, I have nothing on Doppelgangers. I understand that they are supposedly a “shadow self”; are they sort of like ghosts? I do not believe in such things, which most likely guarantees (of course) that I will not encounter such a thing.

      Second, about changing what we see in the mirror. Of course, changing what we see in the “mirror” is changing our material reality. And changing that means changing our energy, changing ourselves.

      We can go about that in, primarily, one of two ways:

      1. We can make physical changes to the “outside” world; we can “monkey” with the mirror.

      We can move to a different place. We can change our friends. We can get a different job. We can move into a new house. We can wear different clothes. We can alter our physical bodies. All these will result in changes to the mirror we see.

      Yet they are temporary changes – “geographical cures”. Meaning that the problems and challenges we were escaping by making the types of changes I described a moment ago will eventually return. This is because the source of our displeasure is us – our energy.

      And “monkeying” with the mirror, itself, will not change the source of that energy.

      2. We can make changes to the “inside” world; we can change the energy of who we are.

      We do this, of course, by changing our beliefs so that they’re aligned with our desires. And by telling ourselves the best-feeling, believable stories we can muster about all our life experiences.

      We do this by “being” that which we wish to see and experience. Thus, if I wish to experience “warm and sunny”, I must “be” warm and sunny. Does that mean I will change the climate of Louisville, KY to that of Naples, FL? Probably not 😉 seeing as how my current beliefs don’t really allow for that kind of dramatic manifestation of my desires.

      But I can most certainly see a different Louisville, KY, circa February 5th, 2014 (read snowy/icy and 27 degrees) in my individual, unique universe. And that different Louisville, KY no longer need reflect “cold, lonely, bleak, and depressing” back to me (I’m not trying to put words in your mouth there, by the way, Trish). It can reflect, “Everything is just like its supposed to be” and “It sure is warm in this house and I’ve got cozy sweaters to wear”, and “Isn’t that snow a beautiful contrast to the sun and heat we’ll undoubtedly be enjoying in four months”.

      The same holds true, of course, regarding what’s reflected back to me in my images of me, my spouse, children, job, career, friends, family, home, pets, etc.

      Although we won’t always do it “perfectly”, isn’t it wonderful to know that the solutions don’t lie in things outside of us? In things we have little to no control over?

  2. I recently purchased and started reading “Why Quantum Physicists Never Fail” and subscribed to your newsletter. I have an off the wall (maybe?) question about figuring out what you want. Is there a resource you’d recommend for pinpointing the precise things you’re after in life (that the book seems to give a way to achieve)? Trying it on my own has lead to overwhelmed feelings at this point and I figure if you can put quantum physics into “street terms” you may have some suggestions here. Thanks very much.
    Travis Davis

    • Hello Travis. Thank you for allowing me to be of greater value to you by asking me for assistance.

      Figuring out what you want?

      My first question is: what longing led you to read Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail? What did you wish to manifest? Or, perhaps, what pain did you want to remedy?

      Which leads me to my second question: what is your greatest source of pain, currently?

      Your question, you see, is not nearly as “off the wall” as you might think, Travis. Many of us are so accustomed to focusing on what we don’t want that it becomes challenging to articulate what we do want. You are not alone in that regard.

      Thus, in this situation, my recommendation is to define what it is you want to escape; what pain to you wish to relieve? Then flip that on it’s head. Turn that pain over and look at the opposite end of it. You’ll find your desire waiting there, like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

      With practice, you’ll become better and better at identifying and focusing upon your desires. Rather than that which you don’t want. It’s a fun journey – all part of playing “Grow a Greater Travis”!

      • Thanks very much for the reply! “what longing led you to read Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail?” I have a desire to be (and want to manifest being) financially successful in business as a chiropractor (specifically, a successful grad school classmate recommended the book); “what pain did you want to remedy?” I want to remedy my and my family’s “lack” of freedom or ability to do pretty much what we want due to financial inability; “what is your greatest source of pain, currently?” My greatest source of pain currently is a lack of financial freedom with little chance for any retirement as I’m currently going; I assume flipping that pain on it’s head and looking at the opposite end means identifying physical manifestations that would represent the opposite of their lack? Is that where focusing on the things you want (as specifically as possible) comes from, ie. goal setting? Because currently my mind has a hard time reconciling very specific goals with an ever dynamic quantum landscape, but I believe I will be able to figure out when a goal has been “met” even if it isn’t “exactly” what I pictured (see what I did there?) soon. Anyway, thanks for your time and insight!

        • You’re doing very well, Travis. Thank you for sharing that process.

          I find that the quantum field works best with more general desires, rather than specific ones.

          For example, “financial freedom” as a desire is easier for the quantum field to work with than “winning the lottery”. The former is general enough to allow the quantum field to connect the dots in whatever way makes the most sense (which is its specialty). While the later is so specific that the quantum field can get handcuffed or painted into a corner.

          You may find that a desire like “successful career as a chiropractor” may be a little too specific for the quantum field. Especially during your first go-round with the belief-raising process.

          I’m not telling you not to use that desire, just letting you know that, often, the more general the better. Especially in the beginning.

          • Thanks for the info again! I’m already a chiropractor (just not currently “successful”), so I figure that part is a given. Anyway, thanks again!

          • I gotcha, Travis. And I have no doubt that you are/will be a (more) successful chiropractor by using the belief-raising process.

            Just using all that as a way to illustrate how specific (and general) the desires we focus on can be when using the process.

            I’ll be excited about your successes (but not surprised by them)!

  3. Hello Greg,

    I have been reading your blog and have your books as well. I just wanted to say that I think this entry is in the running for “masterpiece” status.

    • What a nice compliment, Chad. Thank you for sharing it. I’m honored to know that I’ve been of value to you.

      I actually have a future post about this topic: it’s really you who are responsible for creating this “masterpiece”. So it’s you who I want to thank.

      What am I referring to? I write, I speak, I teach. I do my level-best to bring wisdom from the universal mind, channel it through my heart, and become a conduit for its free expression.

      And after that, after I’ve shared what I have, it is up to you to imbue it with whatever value you wish. You are the one who chooses to label it (to find it) valuable, inspiring, uplifting, motivating, educational, etc.

      And what you see in my work is, after all, merely a reflection of you – of the energy of who you are. You couldn’t see “masterpiece” if you weren’t already a masterpiece yourself.

      So thank you for bestowing my work with your gifts and for allowing my work to reflect your majesty back to you. I couldn’t be more honored.

  4. Greg, Just found your You Tube videos, on The Law of Attraction: Explained by Quantum Physics. Very much enjoyed your reading of the five chapters and am in the process of reading everything on your web site. That will take some time. Wish there were a ticket still available for Indianapolis IN, only live 90 minutes away. Maybe another time. Best wishes

    • Hey Cashukid! Thank you so much for letting me know I’ve been of value to you. That honor is one of my greatest rewards.

      Glad you enjoyed the YouTube entries. I just posted my first YouTube video (of me) the other day…you’ll run across the link on my site soon enough (look on my “Resources” page). I’ll be adding more to YouTube soon.

      And Indy? Well, here are a couple developments:

      1. The conference sold out in just a tad over one week. Thus, we have already booked another event (in Indy) for the second weekend in April. Keep your eyes and ears open for that official announcement because I’d love to meet you.

      2. We are scouting larger venues to lessen the chances we will not be able to meet the seating demands again, in April (and beyond). I’ll keep you posted on that via this website.

      My upcoming seminars with Heartland Miracles, by the way, will not be repeated information; you need to be there each month! And I’m looking forward to seeing you at one soon.

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