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As the desserts were brought to the table this Thanksgiving dinner, each person was asked whether or not they’d like a piece of pie.

As you often hear, the pie server was met with a lot of “I’ll just have a little” responses.

When I was asked, however, I had a burst of impish creative energy.

I smiled and said, enthusiastically, “I’ll just have a lot!”

My clever wordplay was a hit in our dining room; people thought it was fun and silly.

Yet it wasn’t just a pure joke.  Saying “I’ll just have a lot” changed the energy of the room.

Most of Us Pretend We’re Small and Undeserving Sometimes

Maybe we don’t always truly want to “have a lot”, but aren’t there plenty of times when we do?   And don’t we feel compelled, on some of those occasions, to pretend we don’t want a lot?  To say we only want a little, when the opposite is true?

Be it good food, love, physical pleasure, time off, money, laughter, rest, etc.  Why do we lie in those situations?

We Don’t Want to Appear Greedy (and We’re Not Sure We Deserve It Either)

I don’t know about you, but I do it because:

  • I’m not certain I’m “allowed” to have more than a little

  • I’m not positive it’s “okay” for me to have a lot

  • I’m worried people might think I’m selfish or greedy if I ask for a lot

  • I wonder if I might be “punished” if I take more than a little

Surely You Don’t Really Believe There’s Ever Not Enough Pie at a Kuhn Thanksgiving?

I assure you there was way more than enough pie in our kitchen that night for every guest to help themselves to a lot!

And, in fact, the same has probably been true in almost every instance where I had previously withheld treating myself to the “lot” that I really desired.  Does anyone really believe, for example, that there is a finite amount of love, physical pleasure, and food?  Or a finite amount of money, for that matter?

I’ll bet you don’t consciously believe those things, and many others you desire, are actually and truly limited.

Yet I’ll also bet, on occasion, you’ve acted as if they are limited.  Such as when you really wanted a lot of money, love, time off, etc.  But only allowed yourself to ask for (and receive) a little.

Claim the Abundance Your Truly Desire  – Ask for a Lot

Try asking for a lot next time.  Give yourself permission and freedom.  Exercise your right to claim the abundance you truly desire, even if only concerning a piece of pumpkin pie!

I believe you’ll discover at least two things:

  1. You’re being selfish and selfishness is wonderful and healthy.  You’ve probably been confusing selfishness with self-centeredness .  Self-centeredness is unhealthy, off-putting, and self-destructive; selfishness is affirming, validating, and positive.

  2. It feels really good to allow yourself to receive and enjoy a lot of something desirable.  You deserve it and the scarcity you’ve envisioned was just a lie anyway.  Taking this action, giving yourself permission, builds and reinforces your growing beliefs about your wonderful self-worth and the universe’s unlimited abundance.

Declare Yourself Worthy and Be Selfish

So give everyone a smile by declaring “I’ll just have a lot” the next time you’re being offered something.

And give yourself a huge energy boost while simultaneously bolstering your growing beliefs about abundance (and your inherent, unreserved right to enjoy that abundance by the bucketful).

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for using new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and more intentionally create desired life experiences… ​