dimes  I love dimes as much as pennies.  And you know how much I love pennies.

So yesterday when I pulled my keys out of my right front pocket I loved what else popped out.

But Wasn’t That Dime Really Already In There?

A dime came flying out of my big ring of keys.  Eliciting a private celebration for the miracle of a dime manifesting in my pants pocket.

Here’s the deal:

I always empty my pockets every day when I get home.  When I have a manifested abundance coin in them, I have a special, celebratory ceremony as I deposit in my special manifested-coin jar.  With tons of intentional fanfare, I really ham it up big time and it’s a very fun part of the afternoon.

So it’s practically inconceivable to me that the dime was in my pocket when I put my pants on that morning.  It was a miracle of manifestation – something I’ve grown accustomed to and am always blown away by.

Which Story Would You Tell?

Of course, there were at least two stories I could have told when that dime popped out of my pocket yesterday:

  1. “That dime was stuck in my key fob, or in a fold of my pocket, and I merely dislodged it when I pulled the keys out.”
  2. “The quantum field miraculously manifested a dime for me, as a reflection of my beliefs’ alignment with my desires for abundance, wealth, creativity, celebration, and fun.”

Isn’t story number one the actual truth, the “way it is?”

Isn’t telling story number two simply a foolish and childish, Peter-Pan fantasy?

Am I even allowed to tell story number two?

What is Your Litmus Test?

I’ll remind you, however, of my one and only litmus test for any story I tell: “Does this story serve me by reinforcing the alignment between my beliefs and my desires?”

And I not concerned at all about whether someone else would consider me a fool for choosing to tell a story.  And I have no care about whether the cynic down the street would roll her eyes at me or not.  The only thing that matters to me, besides that my story be believable, is whether or not it serves me.

What do you think?  Did story number two serve me?

Yes, I concur, my friend – story number two did serve me.

You Already Know Which Story I Told – Because I Make My Own Rules

Thus, I told story number two.  Why?

  • Because it served me.
  • Because I believed it.
  • Because I can!

Besides, almost every miracle will have a “rational”, logical explanation for it.  If that is what you seek, if that is what serves you, than tell the “rational”, logical story.  That’s okay too.

Making Your Own Rules is Wonderful and I Encourage You to Do It Too

The rational, logical explanation (as opposed to the “It’s a miracle” explanation – which Albert Einstein was known to endorse, by the way) is how the quantum field keeps its anonymity.

But you can also feel free to go as miraculous as you want!  Because, yes, the quantum field can make a dime appear in what was a coin-less pants pocket.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and intentionally create much more pleasing experiences…