Are We Foolish To Say We Know What Love Really Is Anyway?

Parental Love  Is love really a force?  I believe you’ll soon agree that it is, by our definition of such.

Yet I’m not referring to a, perhaps, Pollyannaish version of “love”, such as “love conquers all” in the storybook sense. 

I’m referring, instead, to an energy which we have labeled “love”; love is thought of an emotion which stirs the soul and produces desirable, euphoric feelings, yet love is much more than this.

Here’s a Love Quiz

To examine love as a force, ponder these groups of questions and answer them for yourself

  1. Although we are quick to think of romance, is love only confined to romance?  Do you, for example, love your children and parents any less than your spouse or lover?  Isn’t placing love in a romantic milieu actually only limiting, or confining, it?
  2. Is romantic love, which we’re often so apt to think of, really any stronger than platonic love?  Hasn’t your love for your children and parents often proven more durable and resilient than love you’ve shared with a romantic partner?  Don’t we usually say that “blood is thicker than water?”
  3. Doesn’t love actually come is a multitude of forms and iterations?  Although love can be expressed as empathy, explicit kindness, reassurance, or encouragement, can’t other types of messages be expressed through love?  For example, isn’t is accurate to say that correcting a child’s misbehavior or administering consequences to help teach good habits are actually acts of love?  Do you agree that messages of love are not always flowery, let alone easy to hear?
  4. Don’t you know with absolute certainty when you feel love?  Even though you cannot, literally, prove that you feel love, is there any reason to doubt that you do?  Aside from individual issues of personal trust, is there any reason to doubt anyone else’s self-professed experience of feeling love?
  5. Can you forcibly take love from someone else and still authentically feel it?  Mustn’t love be given freely to you?  Is it possible for someone to actually take love from you or must you choose to share it with her or him?
  6. Can love be both present and absent, alike?  Can’t you tell when love is, and when love is not, there?  Do you know when love, previously not present, has been shared with, and received by, you?
  7. Is love something that you can sometimes attempt to share, yet find it is not received?  At least not in the manner you intended or hoped it would?  Have you experienced someone being disappointed, frustrated, or confused by their attempts to share love with you and your inability, or unwillingness, to receive it?  Isn’t love an experience that both the giver and the receiver must willing engage in?
  8. Is it possible for animals to receive love from humans?  Is it possible for humans to receive love from animals?  Is the same true for plants?
  9. Is love bound by time?  Can love travel across time barriers?   Can you share love with a person no longer alive, for example?  Or, can you still experience love you shared with someone during your childhood?
  10. Is love bound by space?  Can love travel across distance and bypass a lack of physical proximity.  Can you experience love, for example, with someone who in California while you’re in New York?  Can you share love with someone sequestered from any contact with you, with no access to email, phone, social media, or text?

Share your answers in the comments section below or just make mental notes.

I’ll Share My Answers Soon in Another Post

And I’ll share my conclusions about what they mean.

And stay tuned to this website for more tips and techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your beliefs with your desires and experience much more pleasing life circumstances…

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  1. Dear Greg I have translated in Italian the preface to ” Why Quantum physicists do not fail ” for my son to hook him up to read it. If I do translate it is it useful for you as well ? Please let me know.

    • Thank you, Patrick, for the news. I’m honored.

      And, yes, I would love access to a translation. Please share it. Grazie!

  2. Dear Greg, It is wonderful to hear from you. I will be glad if someone finds your book enlightening in italian. I believe there is a need to make different ideas known and easily comprehensible. I have a personal long story and I was introduced to quantum mechanics at school in the early 70s when I lived in Sydney. To explain the physics of the electron with probability seemed to me a door to go through and get a glimpse of what the world really looked like. So many movies have given the idea since the use of electronics in special effects but I believe a lot will come through the virtual world.
    I wanted to send you the preface translation to evaluate it, I try to keep the same style and it is an opportunity for me to make the book a very permanent reference for me.

    • Caro Patrizio. Io non so davvero italiano, ma posso usare traduzione di Google!

      Grazie, amico mio. Non vedo l’ ora di vedere cosa si crea!

  3. The name is Patrick, some call me Patch and Latin is a dead language by the way. I think English is a particular language and for me it has a personal importance. Three sons that have studied Latin makes me suppose you started early on the family making aspect.

    • Gotcha Patrick!

      Thanks for the compliment on how old I look. I actually had my first son when I was 29 years old. He’s a freshman in college now!

    • You guaranteed yourself an opportunity to stay childlike, didn’t you?

      I cherish a childlike perspective and hope to never lose it.

  4. It is the greatest wish to receive. I do not believe in age as a wisdom factor. I think of myself as a 55 year old kid. We camouflage basic feelings as adults that have the same origin and meaning for any person if clearly expressed.

    • Thank you, Patrick.

      You know what else I love about this energy? Giving and receiving are the same act, merely experienced from two different perspectives.

      Thus, while most of us are prone to glorify the selfless and beneficent act of giving love (and rightfully so), it is just as selfless and beneficent to receive it!

      Here’s hoping you are receiving love by the bucketful today!

  5. Oh yes I do get my daily doses of hugs and we play and joke a lot. I have found some movies very intriguing lately like Predestination, Interstellar,Lucy,Automata and some tv shows like Hindsight, 12 monkeys, The secrets of quantum physics. We seem to be able to imagine a different way of thinking but not to live it.

    • Thank you Patrick.

      I am writing about the “live it” part right now, in my next book.

      Here is my proposal: the key to truly living it is to apply our life to the new paradigms, rather than apply the new paradigms to our life.

      The difference? Applying the paradigms to our life means we’ll use them when everything is going well. Applying our life to the new paradigm means we’ll use them especially when things are painful and not going well at all.

      Anyone who “sticks to her guns” and maintains adherence to these paradigms during her darkest, most painful times will see amazing change. I know because I’ve lived that myself.

  6. There is interference caused by the old paradigms but the real annoyance is having to use them to understand people that still do stick by them and having to react accordingly. There is a resistance that I do not always understand!

    • Hey Patch. Thank you for saying hello.

      People that still abide by old, Newtonian paradigms?

      People who stick to old paradigms are honestly doing me a favor. They are reminding me exactly why I don’t want to live that way any more.

      In that regard, I am authentically grateful for them. And I can even call them “teacher.”

      Isn’t it amazing how a better-feeling, believable story can manifest a new material experience?

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