Grow a Greater You at Heartland Miracles One   Greg Kuhn’s live seminar, Grow a Greater You, teaches participants exactly how to use cutting-edge science and new paradigms from quantum physics to realize active, powerful contextual influence and become amazingly effective deliberate creators of their life experiences.

  • Do you want to ensure your event or workshop audiences leave empowered to influence their lives in impressive fashion and completely leave behind the old idea that life happens “to” us?
  • Would you enjoy introducing your participants to the exact “how’s” and “why’s” of the manifestation of their life experiences, in a manner they can take with them to experience amazing creative power?
  • Do you want to hear some of the most enthusiastic feedback you’ve yet experienced after a live event?
  • Would you like to learn, firsthand, how to be the most powerful deliberate creator possible?

You’ve come to the right place.

With a variety of presentations, it’s simple for Greg to tailor his message to meet you and your attendees’ needs.  Allow your audience to experience the excitement and the buzz of Growing a Greater You – they will thank you heartily.  Let the “Law of Attraction Science Guy” fill your seats and make your audience ask for encores.

Greg doesn’t actively market his seminars, yet.  As of this date, he only does them when sought out.

Use the contact form below to inquire about Greg’s availability for your special event, conference, or meeting.


Greg in Libertyville 2

1.  Heartland Miracles, Indianapolis, IN, 3/8/14 (Tickets sold out so fast, we had to get a bigger venue)

“Greg Kuhn is an electrifying speaker who sets his audience on the edge of their seats with his passion and presence. Greg brings a unique formula for happiness and life success that is based in Quantum Theory and in his insightful blend of other leading-thought concepts. The power of his message in books and live presentations comes from Greg’s own experience with the model he teaches.  The energy that he shares is an authentic vibration of wellbeing, joy, and possibility. It is obvious from the moment you meet him that Greg lives what he teaches!

I initially asked Greg to come to Heartland Miracles to share his ideas because I tried his formula for “Growing a Greater You” and was astounded at the happy, life-changing results.  There is no doubt in my mind that anyone who truly applies the model he presents will see a shift in their self-concept and a leap forward in their life circumstances.  We eagerly await Greg’s next appearance in Indianapolis!”

Louise Dunn
Heartland Miracles, LLC



Libertyville Crew

2.  The Present Moment, Libertyville, IL, 5/3/14 (So many excited participants, the Civic Center ran out of parking spots)

“As soon as Greg began speaking I knew the community of The Present Moment was in for a treat.  Most of us were already familiar with the Law of Attraction, but Greg’s grounding in the fundamentals of scientific proof brought a new perspective.  During his workshop it became clear that his message was less about attracting what you want and more about feeling good about yourself, and who doesn’t want that?

His method of easing your way up the Emotional Scale is simple yet so effective and brought reassurance to us primarily-positive folks who chastise ourselves when we hit a dip and our emotions head south.  Combining humor, passion, and a resolute knowing, Greg kept us engaged and wanting more.  I’ve hosted many events and heard many speakers and Greg is definitely at the top of my list.  And, based on the feedback I’ve received from those who were at his workshop, we can’t wait to hear what’s next!”

Susan Opeka
CEO, The Present Moment, Illinois

Mutually Funded Friends Chicago Oct 11 number 4

3.  The Mutually Funded Friends Investment Club, Chicago, IL, 10/11/14 (An excited group, ready to learn, who felt like family by the end of our day together)

“My investment club invited Greg to come to Chicago to speak.  Prior to Greg’s presentation, he was kind enough to make himself available to a small selected group for a breakfast meeting. Needless to say, that was a kind and considerate act. Greg’s presentation was personable,enlightening, powerful and very well-received – he even engaged the audience by allowing time for questions and answers.

Following his presentation, Greg chatted with club members and autographed copies of his bestselling book, Why Quantum Physicists Play ‘Grow a Greater You’!  Greg, the Mutually Funded Friends Investment Club of Chicago, Illinois thoroughly enjoyed your “Grow a Greater You” seminar and we accept your challenge.  You are an amazing speaker with a wealth of knowledge and, more importantly, you are a man of great integrity.  Thank you again for sharing your gifts with our group.”

Jukube Felton
President, The Mutually Funded Friends Investment Club, Illinois



Mutually Funded Friends Chicago Oct 11 number 6

4.  The Louisville Center for Spiritual Living, Louisville, KY 2/15/15 (A fundraiser for a wonderful group of adventurous spiritual seekers who have become good friends of mine)

“When we selected Greg Kuhn to teach his ‘Grow a Greater You’ Seminar, we knew we were going to catch a rising star. I’m happy to report that we weren’t prepared for how personable, fun, and caring he is too.

Greg delivered a knockout performance for our Center, raised some wonderful income for us, and left not a soul untouched. We all walked away with smiles – but, more importantly, with transforming tools and motivation to use them!”

Reverend Carolyn Harvill
Founding Minister of the Louisville Center for Spiritual Living


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