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  3. I just watched you on Marlene Keys (LOA) blog. If I am in the first 10, I would very much enjoy receiving and reading your book WHY QUANTUM PHYSICISTS DON’T GET FAT. Many thanks.

  4. I too am a Louisvillian, and am pleased that you are one of many forward thinkers to live in this beautiful city. I just finished reading your book “Why Quantum Physics Do Not Fail”, and found your explanation of how to attract more abundance into your life to be simple and direct. The tools you have created for abundant living do work. I have been using them for years, but at times find myself falling into small traps of the human condition. Your book is a reminder that in order to be free you must live free in your heart and mind. That is truly what your book has to offer. My gratitude to you for the reminder.

    • Thank you Deborah! Perhaps we will have the opportunity to meet someday. I’d love to hear more about your story of deliberate creation.

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    • Thank you, Danny. I am honored to have been of value to you and I am grateful for your help in manifesting my greatest desire: suffering become truly optional.

  6. Hi Greg. I am so full of joy right now. I have always been a hater of pennies. I found them worthless and a waste of time. After reading your book, (getting ready to read it again), I started celebrating finding pennies, and then I started finding nickles, dimes and quarters. On my way to work one morning, I saw what looked like a dollar bill torn into pieces laying on the ground. I thought that was really strange. Did i pick up a piece of it? I certainly did. I picked up that corner of the bill and celerated it as if it was a whole bill. I figured my subconscious mind didn’t know the difference between a one dollar bill and a five hundred dollar bill. I even taped that piece of bill in my journal as a reminder of the abundance of the universe. Then I read in your book where it said to actually start throwing pennies away for others to find. So, when I was getting out of my car to go into the grocery store, there was a dime laying on the ground. I picked it up and on the way out of the store going back to my car, I threw the dime on the ground for someone else to find. (It felt little silly, but I did it anyway) I got a letter in the mail a few days later from the IRS the other day. I over paid them $870.00 dollars and I was due refund. Even though I owe them, they applied that amount to what I owe. I didn’t care. I was thankful and celebrated that $870.00. That’s less I owe them. I feel like the momentum is high. Thank you so much. Much gratitude and appreciation

    • Thank you, Deborah, for taking the time to let me know I’ve been of value to you. I am honored by your decision to allow that.

      I am full of joy right now too, by the way. Joy is not what I feel every moment of the day, but joy is certainly a byproduct of being fully alive in the pre-cognitive moment. Or the present moment too, however I wish to quantify it.

      I love the fact that I can celebrate the reminder of abundance I’m getting from the quantum field. It works for anything else, by the way, so we don’t have to limit these techniques to money. I can choose a symbol of any desire I’m growing my beliefs into alignment with my desires for. And then celebrate that symbol just like I celebrate pennies.

      I’m proud of you. I’m grateful for you. And I’m glad we’re both playing this wonderful game.

  7. You really want to hear from me? Well, here it goes: Your writings amount to nothing but a collection of useless mumbo-jumbo disguised in scientific jargon which clearly reveals that you have no clue what quantum physics is all about. Have a look into some quantum physics book and maybe copy the Schrödinger equation in operator formalism into your future rants, so that your bootlickers, who fall for your vapid nonsense, may become even more awed.

    • Hey James. I could be wrong, but you don’t come across like a true skeptic who has authentically tried using this application of new paradigms and found them to be ineffective.

      Still, your comment is a good opportunity to address some important things. You’ll find the following throughout my writings:

      1. Quantum physics does not say that the law of attraction is real, nor does it say that someone can “create” a material reality of her choosing. Nor, for that matter, does it need to.

      2. Quantum physics absolutely does, however, provide us with new paradigms. “Non-Causality” and “Indeterminism” are two of those now well-established paradigms (which, once again, do not explicitly say that the law of attraction is real and don’t need to).

      3. Non-scientists using paradigms in “non-scientific” endeavors is not only appropriate, it has a long-established historical precedent. Paradigms from Newtonian physics were applied in virtually every field after the first scientific revolution and, thus, the modern, industrialized world in which we now live was formed. We have never needed science to “sanction” or “endorse” any application of a scientific paradigm in a non-scientific endeavor.

      4. When someone applies new paradigms in a “non-science” field, the litmus test for whether we will call that application “true” (or not) has almost nothing to do with whether “Greg Kuhn” says “This is true” or “James Smith” says “This is not true.” The litmus test is: people authentically try the application and see, for themselves, whether or not it works.

      5. It is not even necessary, in fact, to frame “intentionally influencing material experiences” as “the law of attraction” or a “new age” endeavor; the mere acts of putting on makeup, getting a college degree, or ironing a blouse are all methods people employ (among countless others) to intentionally influence their material experiences.

      6. Applying paradigms such as “Indeterminism” and “Non-Causality” to intentionally influence our material experiences is absolutely an appropriate use of them. Whether this application works or not, however, is another thing altogether – something determined by people authentically trying it out.

      7. I have found the application of these paradigms as a method to intentionally influence our material experiences works beautifully; it is 100% “true”, found through authentic use of it, that this application of these paradigms allows us to be much more intentionally influential over our material experiences.

      8. No one will ever be forced to authentically try this application of these new paradigms out.

      9. Calling this application of new paradigms names like “pseudoscience”, “baloney”, or “nonsense” without authentically trying it out, however, is disingenuous.

      Thank you for giving me this opportunity to list all these important clarifications in one place.

    • You make me sad! So skeptical, so angry, such a pessimist! I’m really sorry for you. God bless you with some optimism, faith, and so on!

      • Thank you, Jane, for your comment.

        Of course, I wouldn’t ever tell you not to honor how you really feel. I’ll also point out, though, that James’ comment proved to be a gift in that it allowed me the opportunity to post those points (which I am currently writing about extensively in my next book, Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Stay Skeptical: The Skeptic’s Guide to the Science of Intentionally Influencing Your Material Experiences)

        I’m grateful to James and have nothing but love for him, right where he is.

    • I want to know what James Smith knows about Quantum Physics, so that he can use it to disprove Greg Khun. Personally, I don’t have a Phd in Newtonian Physics, but I’ve been told gravity exists and so believe in it. Put gravity into a formula and it looks like mumbo jumbo to me. To me, what Greg is talking about is more about beliefs and less about text book Quantum Physics. I feel Quantum Physics is a framework, a new perspective to look at how our “reality” is shaped

      • Thank you Universal. I suspect that James may have been what we “Internet experts” (ha, ha) call a “Flamer.” I’m not sure his post was anything more than a “rock through a window”, so to speak.

        But who knows? I appreciated the opportunity to have those thoughts, write those words, and share them publicly. Thus, regardless of James’ veracity, I am grateful for his post.

        And, yes, I do write about using paradigms from quantum physics. They work wonderfully when we apply our lives to them – as anyone playing “Grow a Greater You” can attest.

  8. Hi Greg:

    Relative to the skeptic James, people like this always make me want to reply to them with author Richard Bach’s great observation in his book Jonathan Livingston Seagull: “argue for your limitations and sure enough, they’re yours”! Your response was quite eloquent, doubt I would have been so calm and collected….

    • Hello Bruce. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      My oldest son told me it looks like I wrote that critical post, posing as a troll, just so I could create my response. We both laughed, but I can see what he means.

      I like Bach’s quote. I believe you’ll enjoy this – I have four “man laws” that I share with my four sons:

      1. You don’t criticize someone “in the ring” if you’re not “in the ring”; if someone not “in the ring” criticizes you when you’re “in the ring”, you ignore them. (I’m referring to the famous quote from Teddy Roosevelt)

      2. You never take advantage of perceived weakness; you walk away (almost) every time if you have more to lose than the other person.

      3. You always end your current romantic relationship before you begin another one.

      4. You always spend less than you bring home (and you “pay yourself” first).

      I tell them that adhering to these four things makes a great foundation for a fulfilling adult life.

      Of course, they’ve heard me tout, and most of the time ;-), seen me live, playing “Grow a Greater You” – with is rule numero “UNO”!

  9. Hi Greg,

    I am writing this in hopes that you may be able to offer advice as I am currently in a very similar situation as yourself. I have purchased several of your books and am currently reading grow a greater you. Thank you for all of your work.

    A little about my situation- I am in massive debt -both Business and personal and have no current steady income as of today. All credit cards are close to going into collections. I have about 100k in credit card debt under my dads name and I owe my brother 45k. I own a real estate company and my partners and I were supposed to close on a lucrative multi million dollar deal 7 months ago and when the funding failed to perform, all went downhill. Since then it has been one negative event after another. I figured, a couple of months ago that seeing things in a different light and using the law of attraction will not hurt. Since then, we have 3 different funding sources in the process of funding us. No closing dates have been set as of today, and things have been slow but I am working on my blocks and staying very grateful for all I have and am in the process of getting. Of course, you know that I have a lot on my plate and its difficult to not let fear, worry and doubt pop into your mind.

    Yesterday, I did some research online on one of the companies that we paid fees to fund us, and one of the principles who is the one that is taking care of our loan has recently been convicted of fraudulent charges back from 2010. His company seems to be operating just fine though. This completely ruined my mood and my anxiety levels have sky rocketed. Especially after dealing with a funding deal for 7 months that fail to close due to an illness of the private funder.

    Further, my brother texts me every 4 days telling me how stressed out he is, that he is having arguments with his wife for my not repaying them and he doesn’t feel that I am going to pay him back by march like I told him I would. I remain positive, but its so difficult when you are in my situation.

    I think being honest here is the best policy. As grateful as I am, I am still scared because of finding out this new news on the fraudulent charges and the fact that I will ruin my dads credit, lose my family and etc…

    Any advice on how to maintain my belief, any beliefs I need to change? Any suggestions and advice would be helpful.

    Thank you so much

    • R, you have taken a lot of care to outline your dilemma. And I am honored that you’ve chosen to allow me to be of value to you.

      My advice is simple. And it’s based upon my experience. My advice is to follow the directions/techniques you’re learning in Why Quantum Physicists Play “Grow a Greater You”

      Always and without fail tell the best-feeling, believable story about all your material experiences. Additionally, put your most painfully absent desire through the intentional belief-raising process. I’m guessing that would be “being financially solvent and out of debt” for you, but that is your call.

      If I knew of a shortcut I would have shared it on this site and in my books. If I knew of additional methods and techniques I would have shared them on this site and in my books. Everything I know, all my experience, is in my books. And what you’re currently learning absolutely, 100% works.

      I’m sure you’ve read my experience with painful and terrifying debt. I made it my number one job to follow those two instructions I just shared above (and write extensively about in my books). Thus my primary advice to you, based upon my experience, is: make it your number one job each day to play “Grow a Greater You.”

      I know you can do it, R. I know its possible. I did it. And I know others who have too.

      I also know that if you don’t make playing “Grow a Greater You” your top priority, it will not work. That is also my experience.

      You’ve got the solutions in your hands. Move forward without reservation. If you apply your life to “Grow a Greater You”, you will be amazed at what happens.

  10. Thank you so much Greg. I just got to the part where you tell your story more in detail. I share a lot of similarities with your story. I am very thankful that you have been able to share your story and the grow a greater you method with us. I have already started and feel more confident day by day.

    I noticed you mention that one should focus on aligning one desire at a time. Since my current desire is to become financially abundant and get out of debt, should I focus on both or would focusing on financial abundance work alone as essentially that can pay debt off as well?

    Secondly, I am realizing my business partners are not aware of this and are on a different frequency. Extremely fearful of all that is going on and operating from worry, and anxiety. I don’t plan on telling them I am doing this , I have not told anybody as I do not want any judgment passed onto me as my mind is still stuck in my old limiting beliefs and very sensitive to criticism of this type and may hold me back. Any suggestions on how I can react toward them? I usually just listen and tell them that we just need to stay patient. I don’t blame them, I was exactly where they were at just a very short time ago. Is it ok if I am a part of the business and do this by myself?

    I appreciate your time .

    • Hello R. Thank you for additional opportunities to be of value to you.

      I recommend that you work the process on your desire to be free of debt first. As I did.

      If you want to keep your process private, that shouldn’t inhibit you. Neither my ex-wife, my attorney, or my realtors were on-board with playing “Grow a Greater You” with me. In fact, they really had no idea I was doing it (mostly because I was learning it myself as I was doing it, back then). I took their energy, thoughts, and comments with a grain of salt and chose not to let them sour or derail my commitment to play “Grow a Greater You.”

      I’m quite certain you can do likewise.

  11. Hi Greg,

    I have been following your method and so far, I have come a long way and have already , manifested some small finances. Thank you!

    What confuses me a little is, as I work my way up the emotional scale everyday, I notice myself falling back all way down to “worry, doubt, and fear” again and these feelings pop up as soon as something doesn’t happen as expected. Does this mean that I am still at this level subconsciously? If so, how can I determine where I am at the emotional scale, and why is it that many times, I feel great (much better than before I started playing this game)?

    What are some ways to overcome this or manage these feelings.

    I appreciate your time, means a lot. Thanks!

    • Hello R. I appreciate your feedback and I’m honored you’re allowing me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      When working my way up the Emotional Reference Chart, it is natural to feel the pull of previous, more-negative emotional perspectives.

      When that occurs, I gently remind my brain that it is okay for us to be telling stories from the new emotional perspective. We’ve “paid our dues” by working our way up the chart with deliberation and care. And, thus, I gently nudge my stories back into line with the emotional perspective I’m on (without chastising myself for wanting to revisit lower emotional perspectives for inspiration).

      If I’m not successful with that technique, I may have moved too fast up the chart. And not actually lived my way into previous emotional perspectives.

      When that is the case, no worries. I simply write about where I really am right now, how I truly feel about this desire right now. Then I start from that emotional perspective. I usually don’t wind up going all the way back to where I started.

      You can’t do it wrong, after all. Unless you simply don’t do it at all.

  12. Greg,

    Thank you. How do you handle negativity from other people during the process? As stated earlier, I owe my brother money and I am supposed to pay him back as of this month. He constantly texts, calls and has been telling me him and his wife (my sister in law) are having constant arguments. He calls me all kinds of names. When this happens, I get sucked right back into fear and negativity. It doesn’t last as long it used to since I started this process but I;m not sure how to handle him. I have started to block his number for a while as to remove him from my existence as its not helping me but then I start to feel guilty bc I owe him money and I am avoiding him.

    I have been as calm and positive as possible. Telling him to be just a little patient and all will be taken care of but the harassment does not stop. I;m not sure why this is happening as I am doing everything daily and have felt major shifts in my mind/body but when this happens it pulls me right back in to where I was.

    • Hey R. Thank you for allowing me to be of value to you.

      My experience is that it works best to address folks head-on and not duck them. Meaning, were I in your shoes, I would acknowledge my brother and address him. I found that acknowledging the frustration and stress of people to whom I owed money helped me stay in touch with my feelings and make my stories believable (while they were also the best-feeling ones possible).

      I stopped short of letting myself be “abused” by an angry debt-collector. Yet I listened to people, acknowledged their frustration, shared my plans, and suggested compromises which might help the both of us.

      I realize it can be challenging to not take on someone’s angry, low opinion of me (especially in circumstances where I’ve created the stressful situation). Yet it is also true that “the scaredest dog barks the loudest” and, thus, I know that my angry debt collectors where mostly scared. I don’t say that to belittle them or make fun; I say that to humanize the process and allow me to have empathy toward them (instead of only having fear).

      In the end, as you raise your beliefs into alignment, your “version” of your brother, the one you’re creating in your universe, will change also. And, in the meantime, I encourage you to interact with him (perhaps with some up-front, appropriate boundaries) in ways which will help you both. As you stay more in touch with your true feelings and pay attention to the information they’re providing you, you can help create a win/win because you’ll also be acknowledging and validating your brother’s concerns and fears.

      I hope that is helpful.

  13. Greg,

    Thank you so much for taking your time and answering my questions, once again. It is really helping me and I have never been happier than I am now doing this process.

  14. Greg,

    just Started reading (and Practicing) Grow a Greater you. I have been reading about Quantum physics last 3 years but first time I feel someone has explained what it really is in Plain language and I really appreciate that.

    I work in a SME as Operations Manager and Plan and manage almost all areas of the business- there are some difficult people to deal with in the business especially 1 particular one who actually openly denies me access to their departmental matters and Openly says for example “well you don’t have anything to add value wise in this meeting with the client as you don’t know anything about this and that so I am taking some one else with me”- I am manager here and they are 5 ranks below me but they have amazing ability to manipulate people/situations and keep pouring stuff into others minds against me— Now since I started reading your books I tell myself that i need to raise my own beliefs about them etc but do I also tell them to stop whatever negative activities they are involved against me? so the exact question would be what do I say to them?

    Thanks in advance- Shaks

    • Hello Shaks. Thank you for allowing me to be of value to you. I’m honored.

      I, too, practice what you shared. I create the best-feeling, believable story about people I work with. And I do stress “believable” because it’s so tempting to sometimes act like I don’t feel the emotions I’m feeling.

      Simple acknowledging my true feelings about someone, even if privately, makes my story authentic. And allows me to be in-touch with the context I’m currently providing, by default, to this human being.

      I will also say that, since humans will always be completely in charge of their actions, attitudes, and ideas, I find it perfectly acceptable to state my boundaries with them. And to enforce those boundaries within the scope of my ability to do so.

      I simply choose to not assign that human’s observance of my boundaries (and expectations) to the role of making me pleased with her/him.

      My pleasure with her/him lies solely on me. Thank goodness for that, huh? Otherwise we’re pretty much completely powerless, outside of any ability we have to “force” someone to behave the way we “need” her/him to.

      • Thanks a lot Greg
        Everything you have said makes sense and i am confident that these guidelines will help me.

        I have another question if you don’t mind explainig. “When I am playing Grow a greater you I find it bit awkward and slightly hard to manage my stories from getting bit messy for example I have started working on one of my strike out desires, now your guidelines say tell better feeling believable stories about this desire whenever we come across any experience relating to this strike out desire while also keep telling stories about home run and ground rule double….. I find that the emotions from strike out desire pour into especially ground rule double desires. Also, some times good feelings pour in from home run desire stories to strike out stories. Am I doing it wrong or with practice I will Get better?

        • Hey Shaks. Thank you for this opportunity to be of value to you. I’m honored.

          My experience says that the more practice you have naming and claiming your feelings, the simpler and easier it becomes to differentiate among them.

          There are certainly many nuances to every material experience we create. And many varieties of feelings, unique mixtures of feelings, and different strengths of feelings. None of them, of course, are “wrong.”

          Thus, when you are telling the best-feeling, believable story possible, you simply do your best to assess your true feelings and acknowledge them. Additionally, you do your best to make your story the best-feeling one authentically possible – rather than making it “good”-feeling or “bad”-feeling.

          In this manner, I wouldn’t scrutinize my stories too much. Simply do your best to follow those guidelines and trust that your “best” will keep improving no matter what. All the while knowing that, if you find (in retrospect) that you’ve not acknowledged how your truly feel or made a story too positive, all you’ll need do is gently reel yourself back in and craft a new story.

          No beating up on yourself allowed!

          You are allowed to make “mistakes” in this way, my friend. Think of it like you’re someone attempting to stand up on the middle of a teeter-tooter board (a “see-saw” we called it on the playground). How do you know you’re right in the middle of the board, where you need to be? By venturing a little too far to your right and then venturing a little too far to your left. Those “mistakes” were essential for your figuring out where the middle actually was, weren’t they?

          So they weren’t actually “mistakes” in the first place, were they? They were necessary fact-finding missions!

          And that’s what you’re doing right now with your stories, my friend. You’re fact-finding. And if you find you’ve ventured too far for comfort in one direction or another, simply pull back a bit. That’s all there is to it!

          I hope this has been helpful.

  15. Dear Greg.

    I have read “Build New Beliefs” and am thoroughly enjoying your process, but I find myself stuck at Introspection & Self analysis. The good news is that it has uncovered some new beliefs that I didn’t know I had, but I feel I’m just muddling around by not knowing the language or process I should be using at this level. It was easier before in dealing with the negative. I have a strong feeling that this is a good place for me to spend some time, but I need some help on the wording. This level was missed in Pam’s story and I haven’t been able to find it in the book even though I made copious notes.

    I am grateful that a friend recommended your book to me. As in all things, it has come to me at just the perfect time.


    Nisanda Albaugh

    • Hello Nisanda. What a treat that you’re allowing me an opportunity to be of value to you. Thank you.

      The good news is that you’re right where you’re supposed to be. All you need to do is be completely honest about how you feel about the reflection of your current beliefs about being worthy of the desire you’re seeking to manifest.

      Your post actually sounds very introspective and self-analytical (imagine that!? 😉 ) Just go with that. Feel however you feel in this moment and don’t doubt it; the gift of this emotional perspective will be revealed to you and it is the greatest gift you’ve yet experienced in regards to manifesting this desire.

      That’s the solution: be nothing but honest about how you actually feel about your beliefs of being worthy of experiencing your desire creating a displeasing reflection of it back to you. Look down, you’re on the path, and just keep walking!

      Thank your friend for me too. Please tell her, Greg Kuhn says thank you for allowing him to be someone of value to you!

  16. Hi Greg,

    I’ve emailed you my query but I’m not sure if I’ll get a reply, so I’ve posted it as a comment here. Please help! I’ve been progressing up the Emotional Reference chart for the last month, starting at Doubt/Pessimism and following your instructions carefully, being kind to myself along the way.
    Now I’ve reached Hopefulness/Optimism. But…….it’s not what I actually feel at all, despite making every effort to see my Strikeout Desire from that perspective for the last 3-4 days. And if I’m honest, I do not at all feel optimistic or hopeful about my Strikeout Desire, even though I’ve told myself gently that it’s OK to think from this new perspective.
    I actually feel I’m more at Indifference/Apathy than at Hopefulness/Optimism. Now you’ve said that it’s OK to backslide sometimes. But Greg, backsliding from hopefulness to indifference is a full 5 steps down the Emotional Reference Chart! What gives???
    I don’t want to force myself to feel beliefs that I don’t yet feel, and I understand backsliding one or two steps is OK, but a full 5 steps below??? And Greg, I haven’t moved up too fast. It has taken me just over a month to go from Doubt/Pessimism (where I started out) to ascend to Hopefulness/Optimism. I’ve taken my time, been authentic, and I truly believed what I wrote about. So what do I do now? I would be very grateful for your thoughts on this Greg. Blessings to you. And I apologise if I’m asking stupid questions.

    • Hello Pamela. Thank you for another opportunity to be of value to you.

      Here’s what I hear you saying Pamela: You are looking at what you “should” be reflecting (“Hopefulness/Optimism”) and it’s very frustrating! I hear you and I’ve felt the exact same way.

      And here is what I’ve discovered – there is no such thing as “backsliding”, really. Not literally anyway. If you doubt that statement, answer this question: How can I backslide from a place I never was in the first place?

      Aha!, right?

      What many have called “backsliding” (and I am one of ’em, by the way) is really someone “Trying to be twenty-five.”

      Think of yourself as a ten-year-old. What vital life lessons do you need to learn? And then consider what indispensable life lessons you need to learn each and every year thereafter.

      But what if you, as a ten-year-old, decided you would jump to the head of the line and start learning the life lessons of a twenty-five year old? Absolutely cannot authentically happen; even if you imitate a twenty-five year old’s lessons perfectly, as a ten-year old you can never experience the real growth you’re looking for. Because you have no context, framework, experience, relevance, etc. for the life lessons of a twenty-five year old.

      So when we notice that we’re “not where we’re supposed to be”? All that means is that we left an amazingly important gift sitting unopened somewhere “back” on the Emotional Reference Chart.

      The Newtonian in us says, “That is horrible news! I have to go ‘back’! Now I have to wait longer to get my ‘gift’!” (which waits for her at the top of the Emotional Reference Chart)

      The Quantum in us says, “Oh boy! I get a gift right now. Awesome!”

      Our task in navigating the Emotional Reference Chart as we play “Grow a Greater You”? Grow the Quantum! By living and loving each gift, each emotional perspective.

      I mean all of this very literally, by the way. I am not speaking in metaphors nor spouting philosophies. That’s the beauty of this game! It’s like playing the most fun board-game ever (a combination of Monopoly, Risk, Life, and Candyland) that just happens to change your life and manifest your most important desires as you play it.

      • Grateful thanks for your reply Greg. So what you’re saying is that I should re-live (not backslide) my Strikeout desire from the perspective of where I really am I.e. Indifference/apathy and continue progressing up the Emotional Perspective Chart from there.
        Because it looks like I’ve either moved up the Chart too quickly, or I haven’t really lived each emotional perspective. I’m really a 10-year old trying to be 25!
        Have I got this right? My sincere gratitude to you.

        • I love it, Pamela. As long as you’re saying that without chastising yourself, I’m in total agreement.

          You left a gift, unwrapped, somewhere. I have no doubt. And isn’t that wonderful news? You’re not “starting over”; you’re claiming a gift meant only for you!

          A gift, in fact, that is not only essential for you and your growth. But also the most perfect and fulfilling gift you’ll receive. Although that might sound like hyperbole, you’ll know what I mean when you find it.

          And, to find that gift, all you need do is write about your desire from the perspectives of your current feelings about its absence. How cool is that?

  17. It’s true! It’s true! It’s true! everything you said would happen has happened! I’ve been working my way up the Emotional Reference Chart regarding my Strikeout Desire since April. And barring a small hiccup, things are progressing well. I’m not there yet, but……

    Greg, exactly what you said would happen has happened. I see proof that I’ve truly lived my way into my beliefs as I progress further up the chart. The quantum field has begun to reflect my new beliefs…in a startling manner! Truly, I couldn’t want more proof. The reality I now have isn’t anywhere near what I want to achieve, but my goodness….what a remarkable change I’m experiencing. Even when I had a small hiccup, I knew without a doubt that my beliefs were improving, things really changed in a startling, surprising way.

    And my reality began to change exactly around where you said it would on the Chart…just before hopefulness/optimism. And I would never have dreamed that I’d experience this reality even 2 months ago. Greg, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom. When I achieve my Strikeout Desire I’ll come on here and shout from the rooftops. But I just wanted for now to tell everyone that I’m living proof that what you’ve written about works, and that improving one’s beliefs is the unmistakable way into living the life of your dreams.

    • Pamela, thank you for sharing your joy. I am honored by your decision, not only to share it with me (and, thus, allow me to experience it too), but also by your decision to allow me to play a valuable role in your life.

      I am thrilled when I hear that playing “Grow a Greater You” has worked exactly as I’ve promised. Heck, I’m also thrilled each time I experience it myself (and I do, repeatedly, with even more significant results each time so far)!

      In fact, your joy has creatively inspired me to share the following:

      I’ve learned that playing “Grow a Greater You” from the top of the Emotional Reference Chart (which I’m not always doing, but do often) teaches me some subtle nuances about Quantum Manifesting. It is so natural for me (or anyone) to do one of two things (or both) – especially from the top of the Chart:

      1. “Need” to experience my desire in its fullest manifestation in order to “prove” to myself (or “reassure” myself, if you prefer) that I really have changed, and aligned, my beliefs.

      2. Intently “look for” my desire (as in “Where is it? It’s gotta be showing up any day now!”) because it “should” be manifested since I have “earned” it by authentically changing, and aligning, my beliefs.

      Bear in mind, my friend, that both of those perspectives are not based on false pretense. I really have/did authentically change my beliefs, aligning them with being worthy of my desire, by playing “Grow a Greater You” exactly as everyone is instructed. And doing so really does, according to how our universe works, mean that the reflections of my new beliefs, cast back to me via the people, places, and things in my material reality, will reveal the experiences I’ve long desired. So it’s completely natural and not unexpected at all for me, or anyone, to want to “see” our desires manifest (especially the first time up the Emotional Reference Chart) so we can really know, for certain, that we did it.

      Likewise, it is also perfectly natural, and expected, for anyone (especially her first time up the Emotional Reference Chart) to feel a sense of, “Okay, I did what I was asked. I played ‘Grow a Greater You’ just as I was asked. Now, where is my desire? I did the work? Where is it?” That is completely understandable.

      The subtly of Newtonian Manifesting, however, is spotlighted (thankfully, for our continued growth, mind you) by both of those completely understandable perspectives. In the first, we have inadvertently invoked the very limiting Newtonian paradigm of “causality.” We’ve actually painted the quantum field into a corner with our “need” to experience our desire to “prove” we did what we think we did. In the second we have inadvertently invoked the very limiting belief that there is a “gatekeeper”, outside of us, who subjectively (and mysteriously) says “Yes” or “No” to us. We have actually taken away much of our very real power (which most of us are very familiar with doing) and handed it back over to some mythical “power outside of us” who can “give” us our desires once that “power” decides we’ve earned them.

      Results will happen. Even though, in fact, the manifestation of our desires cannot not happen when we play “Grow a Greater You” – because “Grow a Greater You” really is how we function in our universe.

      I am never surprised by results like yours. And their sharing is an important testimony to the very reasons any of us play “Grow a Greater You” in the first place. I know what you’re experiencing and sharing is real and I am super excited with you.

      I simply want to say “thank you” for giving me the opportunity to share that even when we are at the top of the Emotional Reference Chart we are not “done.” We don’t play “Grow a Greater You” to be “done.” We play it, in fact, to “be” our desires – and that is an ongoing journey (thankfully, especially since our desires will continue to grow as we manifest them).

      And, for all reading, when you experience those two subtle influxes of Newtonian Manifesting when you’re at the top of the Emotional Reference Chart, what should you do? What should I do, in fact, because I continue to play “Grow a Greater You” each day, learn, experience pain, listen, and grow?

      The solution is the same as it always is when playing “Grow a Greater You.” Honesty. From the top of the chart, when experiencing such frustration, doubt, worry, or anxiety (about “where” your desires are), all you have to do is be honest about it with yourself! Simply admit to yourself that you feel that way. Experience the feelings (allow yourself to really feel them, not just merely intellectualize them as in “I can admit they’re there; I know I have those feelings”), express the feelings (share them with yourself and anyone else you trust without shame or judgement – they’re just information after all and not defining “who” you “are”), and release the feelings (once felt and expressed, the feelings are now simply information you can make use of rather than some dark secret you have to adamantly pretend you don’t feel).

      That’s it. Once you are emotionally honest, as always, you are on the path again. In fact, most of the time, as I’m sure you’ve experienced, being emotionally honest automatically transforms you into the very thing you were pretending to be a moment ago. Beautiful irony, huh?

      Thank you, Pamela, for sharing your joy and your success. Please know that my response is not shared “at” you, but through your very palpable energy. Your experiences are authentic – their genuine energy of joy channeled this response through me.

      Please keep playing. I need to hear what you have to share, so I can continue to learn from you.

    • Of course, it is now unnecessary for me to say, “Yes, Pamela, I did. Thank you for your patience.”

      Yet it is now time for me to ask a favor. And you are a picture-perfect student of “Grow a Greater You” to ask this of.

      I have been asked by students, directly and indirectly, for quite a while to build an online “Grow a Greater You” playground (a website or app with lots of functions dedicated to helping us all play together).

      A place where we can gather together, play together, get to know each other better, and live our lives together as social media sites and apps now allow us to do so substantially. A place for all of us to be with each other in meaningful, valuable, and helpful ways.

      So my favor is – please answer the questions: what “playground equipment” (or functions) does our “Grow a Greater You” social site or app need, so we all have so much fun growing together that we never want to leave? What do you want and need for that to happen?

      Please don’t censor yourself when you answer. And don’t feel like you need to answer me right away or all at once either.

      For you, Pamela, and for anyone else reading who knows you are also the picture-perfect student to ask about this, I’ll elaborate:

      People who listen learn from the Universe. People who don’t listen learn from those who do.

      And I qualify for both categories throughout each day, by the way.

      That’s why I want our “Grow a Greater You” playground. That’s why I need it actually.

      Because I am not always listening I need this website for two primary reasons:

      1. I need to listen to you and learn from you

      2. I need you to remind me to listen and learn when I’m not doing so

      And the great news is there are thousands who, like you, have gifted me with allowing me to be their teacher. Who, like you, are playing “Grow a Greater You”, and growing every day, just as I am. And who, like you, want to play together in some very meaningful ways.

      Don’t worry. I promise to never stop teaching and leading you.

      I will stay on the leading edge and speak the truth, facilitating freedom. I will continue to grow and lead the way – walking a few steps ahead on the path and saying “This way works! Come on!” And, through my continued growth I will always have new insights and lessons.

      We are all asked to be teachers; I need to be with you as much as you need to be with me so that I can listen and learn from you. And the good news is – the more I listen and learn, the stronger a teacher I become (funny how that works, huh?)!

      The playground I am building will keep us all growing, teaching, and leading. This playground is what we both need – how cool is that?

      I want to hear anything that arises, no matter what. Even if it’s “I’m not finding a lot of desire or value in that idea.”

      Please share here or by emailing me at gregkuhn @

      And thank you for thinking about it.

  18. Hi Greg,

    I hope you can answer my question as quickly as possible. I have been playing grow a greater you and as I am going up the scale- I see things improving. However, now I am back at the same place and obstacles are in front of me. How can this be if I am going up the scale and a major setback happens? I feel like I have gone gown the scale 10 notches today.

    What am I doing wrong if my current reality is not reflecting my belief on the scale? I’m confused.

    Thanks for your help

    • I’m deeply honored that you’ve allowed me to play such a valuable role in your life, R. Thank you.

      Now I will honor you with the truth: you are playing “Grow a Greater You” backward. You are doing Newtonian Manifesting.

      Here is the problem of Newtonian Manifesting in a nutshell: You play “Grow a Greater You” and work your way up the Emotional Reference Chart. You get to the emotional perspective of, let’s say, “Excitement”, and you start saying, “Where are the manifestations of my desire related to the positivity of this emotional perspective? I don’t see any and, from this emotional perspective, I should definitely be seeing quite a bit of pretty awesome variations of my desire by now!”

      You cannot reflect anything except your true beliefs.

      Thus, your material experiences (your manifestations) are teaching you where you really are on the Emotional Reference Chart and what emotional perspective you are really on too.

      You are learning how to listen.

      And then learning to listen to your feelings.

      And your feelings will teach you everything you’ll ever need to know about how you’re creating your universe.

      Stop “looking for” the manifestations to “prove” your beliefs are growing; start allowing your feelings to teach you about the growth of your beliefs.

      You’re on the path. Simply keep walking.

  19. Thank you so much for your reply. I would like a little more clarification so I can understand the process better. I remember in an interview of yours, you mentioned that as you go up the scale- you will know your true beliefs based on the reality around you. So as you raise your beliefs, the reality around you starts to change. However, what you are saying here, is that I focus on raising my beliefs- and I will know based on how I feel even if it has not showed up in my reality.

    Perhaps I may have misinterpreted your words or have gotten confused. Please clarify.

    Once again, I appreciate your help

    • What a great follow up, R. Thank you.

      Let your feelings tell you whether you are moving up the scale or not. Follow all the “Grow a Greater You” instructions – yet don’t look for manifestations to tell you that you’re moving up the Emotional Reference Chart. Let the feelings you naturally have, about every person, place, and thing you experience, tell you.

      Here is an example. Let’s say the desire I’m playing with is “Having a more successful business.” One morning I read a blog post about how authors make great use of Twitter. I might say, “I ought to use Twitter. I should create a Twitter account to ‘make’ my business more successful. This blog post is probably a manifestation of my growing beliefs.”

      Rather than “make” myself perceive that blog post as a manifestation of my growing beliefs, however, what I do is allow my real, genuine feelings to teach me. If my natural feelings are ones of “Wow! That is really cool. I truly want to make a Twitter account and do all that”, then my feeling’s feedback is telling me that I really am at such an emotional perspective.

      If I need to “make” myself feel that way, however? Or if I “need” to “look for” manifestations (or energy, inspiration, motivation, ideas, etc.)? Then I have not authentically moved myself up the Emotional Reference Chart as I thought (which is great to find out, by the way, since our goal is to truly move up the Chart and manifest our desires).

      If we wanted to keep pretending, we wouldn’t be playing “Grow a Greater You”, after all. We’re playing GaGY because we’re tired of pretending and we want to finally manifest our most important desires, the “big stuff”.

  20. Hi Greg,

    In your last reply to me, you asked what ‘playgrpund equipment’ would be helpful on the website or App – I suggest a Grow a Greater You online guide. Like some sort of grid perhaps, where the starting point would be to identify where one is on the Emotional Reference Chart. Then the next cell could be where the player writes about his true feelings.
    The 3rd cell would be where they live themselves into that next feeling…..and so on so forth. I’d call it the Easy App to Manifesting your Desires! 🙂

    • Pamela, I love your ideas.

      Even more so, I am honored that you’ve taken time to put thought and energy into responding to my request.

      Because of you, I am more confident that what eventually arises from my efforts to meet your needs, and my needs as well to interact with and learn from you, will be a valuable help.

      I started playing around, schematically, with your suggestion and found it has legs; thank you for sharing it.

  21. Hi Greg,
    Thank you in advance. If i am not liking the fact that my kids are gone from me this weekend (due to custody), do i focus on telling a different story about it, e.g., this peace is nice, i can get a lot done, etc. as opposed to this is horrible, my kids are in danger, i miss them, etc.? This is according to your cheese example. Or do i focus on my desire of having them every weekend? Or do i focus on the beliefs i have with that? Should i believe that that will happen or that that wont happen but they will be safe? I just don’t know whether to accept what is and tell myself a better story about it, to focus on my desires of it being different, or focus on my beliefs about the current situation, e.g., i believe they are in danger, i believe they are safe, i believe this nightmare will continue, i believe this nightmare will end, i believe i will get custody, etc. What do you sit with to make the situation change? Also, if LOA is not judging right from wrong and your desires are in direct opposition from what is absolutely wrong that someone else is desiring, then how do you have an edge?

    • Thank you for honoring me with your question. I appreciate your decision to allow me to be of value in your universe.

      Here is how to separate the things you’re asking about.

      1. Your desire remains. Which I am guessing is to find peace in your custody agreement?

      2. Do not manufacture any feelings about your custody agreement. You feel how you feel, currently, and you are done pretending you feel otherwise.

      3. You honor how you really, truly feel about the custody agreement, by being completely emotionally honest with yourself about it at all times. If you do that, you’ll be telling yourself the best-feeling, believable story about the custody agreement.

      4. By intentionally moving yourself up the Emotional Reference Chart, according the instructions for playing Grow a Greater You, your feelings will change ON THEIR OWN ACCORD. All you do is write about your desire from the perspective of the next emotional perspective, live your way into it, and listen. You never “make” new feelings happen.

      It’s that simple. Your best-feeling, believable story is truly little more than telling the complete truth about how you really feel at all times (while writing/living your way up the Emotional Reference Chart).

      Looking forward to hearing about your growth. Thank you for playing.

  22. Greg,

    Thank you very much for your response. I have a much better idea on how to play GAGY. And since my last post have noticed higher levels of joy and certain things coming into place. I do notice however, my fears and doubts tend to creep in when I talk to others who speak of their own financial fears. Is this normal? And does this mean I am not being honest with my self on where I am at on the emotional scale? If I truly feel like I am at hopeful/optimistic but then suddenly feel some fear kick in when pressure hits me from debt collectors or hearing about others financial fears? Should I avoid these friends and keep contact at a minimal for now?

    • R, thank you for continuing to honor me with your decision to bestow value upon me.

      When you feel fear and doubt, regardless of where you are on the Emotional Reference Chart, that solution is always the same. Every single time.

      Be honest with yourself. Complete emotional honesty is the answer. Your feelings are never wrong; there are never feelings we “shouldn’t” have.

      Being completely emotionally honest, at all times, no matter how unpleasant (and no matter how much it seems we “shouldn’t” be feeling that way) allows you to continue learning from the universe. The universe can only tell you the truth – which means the universe specializes in dispelling illusions (especially our most cherished ones).

      Keep telling yourself nothing but the truth about how you feel. You’re on your way!

  23. Greg,

    I cannot thank you enough for all of your work and all of your replies. Its made such an immense difference in my life. I will continue to support your work and let others know. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  24. Hi Greg,

    I wanted to tell you my progress. Things were going very well and I was on top of the emotional scale but Unfortunately, things have gotten worse? So bad that I am worse than I was and sometimes even feel suicidal as much as I hate saying it.

    For example, the funding we applied for has yet to come through for over a year-first source the guy ended up getting sick, second source, the main principal got into a terrible car accident, two contractors we were working with ripped us off and or so did work completely wrong which would end up costing us tens of thousands of dollars. For this reason we were unable to complete the project with our investor and he is now suing us for 120,000 and we all signed personal guarantees- worse, he are coming after us as a marital community which means that even if I filed for personal bankruptcy – they would still come after my spouse. They have no idea and would be absolutely terrified. My family hates me bc I owe them money. My brother harasses me daily. Leaves me messages screaming and yelling at me telling me how worthless I am and calls me every worse imaginable name in the book and reminds me every day how I ruined his life and marriage. My parents are absolutely terrified because I have “lost” all their life savings and they blame me for it. I had also used money for my business on my dad’s credit card so now I owe tens and thousands of dollars in credit card debt. I have no love and no support from anybody and im going down and im taking everyone down with me. I have friends who adore me but none of them can offer me support for this situation bc they are not entrepreneur’s and LOA practitioners.

    Im thinking of solutions, bankruptcy is one but even if I filed- I will still owe friends and family money, my fathers credit cards, and I will most likely have to settle with our investor (for the sake of saving my spouse)which leaves me with having to pay up at least 300,000 dollars and I cant think of how ill make this money to do so lt alone take care my own expenses.

    I have been playing “grow a greater you” and following Abraham since February consistently writing I my journal with honesty and working my way up the emotional scale. On top of that I have been meditating ,doing affirmations (morning and night) and practicing gratitude. Things started to get better – I had two big bills (thousands of dollars suddenly wiped out, have gotten hired for a new job (paying minimum wage) so I can at least start paying my monthly bills and I have also had the highest tax return ive ever had. But then recently, this lawsuit with the investor came, pressure of owing my family and people money have gotten worse (threats, lawsuits etc…)
    I am at the point where I am rethinking my entire life. Nothing makes sense to me right now. Why is this happening when I felt like I had reached on top of the emotional scale.

    • R, thank you for writing.

      It would be foolish of me to speak to specifics about what you’re sharing. What I can imagine, however, is that you are frightened and emotionally distraught. I’ve been there too and I am sorry to hear it.

      During the years since my worst days, I’ve learned that being “at the top of the chart” is irrelevant in comparison to my actual emotional perspective. What I truly belief about my desired experiences is what I experience – not where I am on the Emotional Reference Chart.

      There is no magic formula to create specific circumstances. Anyone who promises that is a charlatan.

      Yet I will also guarantee you that your desired experiences are not dependent upon any circumstances. In other words, you can experience freedom, safety, abundance, security, joy, etc. regardless of your credit score, judgments, scorn, bank balances, debt, etc.

      If you are feeling terror, remorse, toxic shame, guilt, worthlessness, etc. than those are your actual emotional states. No amount of previous writing will change this fact. The evidence is right in front of you.

      I can assure you, however, that the evidence doesn’t show you’ve done anything “wrong” while playing “Grow a Greater You.” Neither does it show you haven’t done enough. And it most certainly doesn’t reveal that you haven’t “earned” the experiences you desire.

      The circumstances you’re in are frightening. They should be. Here is my guess – you are still in the mindset that you should feel positive, good, okay, upbeat, etc. about them. That, somehow, because you feel how you feel, you aren’t “doing it correctly.”

      Start with complete emotional honesty. See where you are on the Emotional Reference Chart. Write. Be in that emotional state without reservation. Do not “seek to move up”, but, instead, accept the gifts awaiting you there.

      The gifts, by the way, are not debt-forgiveness, personal forgiveness, resolution, financial windfalls, etc. The gifts are new perspectives and new beliefs which transform your circumstances into their reflections.

      Stick to this plan. Day by day, those reflections will become more pleasing – even if the specific people, places, things, and events remain in place. I promise.

  25. Thank you for your response Greg. So, let me try to understand- do you mean to say that if I change my beliefs, I will at least change my perception about my reality. This is much better then where I am currently at- however, this also means that my desire to be debt free would not be a reflection in my reality since the only thing I am changing is my perception.

    My desire is to become debt free, not just to change my perception of it. Is this possible?

    • Having been in the pits of debt Hell, with my family enraged and no hope in sight, it would be foolish and unrealistic to tell you that your resolution will occur tomorrow.

      But, yes, changing your beliefs will change your circumstances. Changing your beliefs may not change a single “thing” in your life, but every “thing” will transform to reflect your new beliefs. The transformation I’m describing involves the meaning and value the “things” hold for you.

      A dictionary states defines manifesting as making something evident to your eyes or to your understanding. Manifesting debt-relief by making it evident to your eyes involves a magic trick that humans aren’t capable of, as far as I know. Manifesting debt-relief by making it evident to your understanding, however, is not only something you’re capable of, it’s how you (and all of us) manifest anything and everything we experience.

      Making it evident to your understanding, by changing your beliefs, is how to manifest debt relief. Even if you’re certain, right now, that you need a Genie or a magic wand, changing your beliefs will do the same thing. Just not as explosively.

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