Value  Want to put rocket fuel into your financial abundance?

Raise your beliefs about the value of what you do, into alignment with “love” and “joy.”

Raising my beliefs about the value of my work produces amazing results and I can’t recommend it enough.

How Dare You Suggest That I Don’t Value What I Do Enough!

I understand the resistance.  “I already have very high beliefs about the value of my work,” you protest.  “Society simply has everything backward, making millionaires out of rappers and tennis players while someone who does valuable work like me has to scrape by.”  You might feel insulted that I’m suggesting such a thing.

Yet consider the following:

  1. Your beliefs about the value of what you do are truly the only thing over which you will always have complete control.
  2. Isn’t exerting influence in an area where you have control more productive than trying to control things over which you have none?
  3. Who among us can say that our beliefs about the value of our work cannot be raised, no matter how high it might be now?
  4. All the quantum field can do is reflect our beliefs back to us, so isn’t it a good idea to improve the source of all those reflections?

What About All That Other Stuff  – Like My Lame Boss Who Underpays Me?

I understand that a multitude of factors might affect your income.  The economy, your education, and opportunities for advancement are all potential factors.  And your control, let alone influence, over them is extremely minimal.

But you will find that even those things take on new form as they start being reflected back to you from your raised beliefs.  You’ll literally see fewer limitations, more potential, and greater opportunity where none existed previously.  Which is, of course, because the quantum field reflects your beliefs back to you without judgment or prejudice.

A Quick Self-Reflection on Value

Ask yourself these questions.   Pay attention to your feelings as you answer them honestly:

  • How much is what I do appreciated?
  • How well received is what I do?
  • What kind of feedback to I get, most often, about my work?
  • How much money are people giving me to do my work?
  • How often do people refer folks to me?
  • How often to people become repeat consumers of what I do?
  • Do people seek my professional counsel and, if so, how do they compensate me for my time and expertise?

If you can honestly report that your beliefs are at the top of my Emotional Reference Chart, after looking at all your answers, then I have one question for you:  why are you even reading this article?

How Awesome Is It that All of Us Can Raise Our Beliefs About the Value of What We Do? 

My guess is that your feelings are not at the top of the chart.  And neither are your beliefs.  Don’t worry; you’re not alone.

How did I know?  Because all you need to do is look around you at the feedback you’re receiving from your work to see what your beliefs are.  And, if you weren’t at least somewhat displeased by that feedback, you wouldn’t be interested in improving your beliefs.

Yet I’m very glad you are.  I am too.

The Best Part Is – You Already Know How to Play!

Raising your beliefs about the value of your work is just like raising your beliefs about anything else.  You simply write, decide where you currently are on the Emotional Reference Chart, and start living your way into new emotional perspectives.  One perspective at a time.

You play “Grow a Greater You” with your beliefs about the value of what you do.  And you do one more, very important thing:  you assign money to the role of a very important reflection of that value.

Money Becomes An Awesome Reflection Rather Than the Primary Desire

Money doesn’t need to be more important than any other reflection of the value of what you do.  But it shouldn’t be any less important than any other.

See what happens when you raise your beliefs about the value of what you do.  I dare you.

And stay tuned to this site for more tips and techniques for using quantum paradigms to align your beliefs with your desires and manifest your dreams…