Storytelling  Nothing is “bad” until you decide it is.  Until you tell a story that makes it “bad”.

This is such an important thing for a deliberate creator to understand.


Because the quantum field treats our expectations as commands.  The quantum field exists in a state of pure potential until you command it to form your material reality – through your expectations.

And your expectations are delivered in the form of the stories you tell.

Telling a Story of “Bad” Creates a Reality of “Bad”

So you can surmise that deciding to call something “bad”, telling a story that makes it “bad”, tells the quantum field that your material reality should be “bad”.  Which creates a material reality, for you, of “bad”.

Storytelling, by the way, is my term for the constant inner dialogue we all seem to constantly have, where we define the value of each experience in our lives.  We label everything we experience some version of “good” or “bad”.

Come On…What About the Really Bad Stuff?

“But”, you ask, “what about experiences that really are bad?  How can I not label such experiences “bad”?” (Click that link to Tweet it)

What about when:

  • Your dog gets run over by a car?
  • You get fired?
  • You have a flat tire, on vacation, 700 miles from home?
  • Or worse?

I understand that those things seem like they must be called “bad”.  Those things are most definitely unwanted.  Who would be able to call them “good”?  Especially as they are occurring.

But is there a law which says you have to call them “bad”?  Is there a law which states that you must call anything “bad”?

Of course not.  And good thing.

There is an Alternative, Even for the Really Bad Stuff

Because here is what might be my strangest suggestion yet.  When truly unwanted things happen…don’t tell any story at all.  Decide, in that moment, not to label the experience, not to assign any value to it.  Decide not to decide.

What will  happen, if you tell no story, is you’ll leave yourself open to infinite creativity and wisdom of the quantum field.  The quantum field, as you know from experience, specializes in fulfilling your desires in sometimes strange and mysterious ways.  It is an expert at making chicken salad out of chicken poop. (Click that link to Tweet it)

I hope you’ll join me today in deciding not to tell any story at all, when the unwanted strikes.  You’ll enjoy the greater flexibility and possibilities this practice offers you.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…