Problems  Do you ever have problems?

Me too.  But not very often.  Or, at least, not for very long.

Am I some special, magical guru who can always make things happen just the way I want them to?


See for Yourself; Would You Call These Events “Problems”?

People get mad at me.  I fall short.  I get “bad news”.  I have to deal with shortfalls and “crisis”, just like anyone else.

In fact, recently, I’ve had the following happen:

  • Bad grades on my son’s report card
  • A car accident
  • We discovered we were out of milk, first thing in the morning
  • My favorite team lost
  • A family member has a heart disease

But I still maintain that I don’t have problems.

Revealing the Secret to My “Problem”-Free Life

Why do I say that?  Because quantum physics tells us that we can look at opposing experiences simply as two different perspectives of the same event. (Click that link to Tweet it)  And quantum physics means this literally, not metaphorically.

For example.  “Giving” and “receiving” can be seen as simply two different perspectives of the same event: sharing.  So when I’m “giving”, I’m experiencing “sharing” (from that perspective).  And when I’m “receiving”, I’m also experiencing “sharing” (simply from a different perspective).

So when I have a “problem”, I’m experience that event from the perspective of “problem”.  Yet that perspective is not the only perspective of the event available to me.  Another perspective is available of the same exact event (that I am calling a “problem”): opportunity. (Click that link to Tweet it)

Are We Required to Call a Child’s Bad Grades a “Problem”?

For example.  I recently experienced an event which I immediately wanted to call a “problem”: my son brought home some less-than-acceptable grades on his report card.  But, because I don’t want to experience events from that perspective, I changed my perspective (by telling myself better-feeling, believable stories about it).

In short order, this event became an “opportunity”.  By telling myself better-feeling, believable stories about this event, in short order I came to view this event as an opportunity to:

  1. Mentor my son and help him regain some structure in his after-school time management
  2. Spend some quality time, bonding with my son
  3. Strengthen my resolve and ability to father my son.

Such a change in perspective is always available to us.  And such a change in perspective makes a world of difference – not just for our state of being and our ability to be more effective people, but also in the material reality we are creating for ourselves.

Try this technique today, it really works.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your life with your desires…