A Secret, Free Game Guaranteed to Infuse You with Joy and Abundance Every Time You Play

last night on earth  What is your favorite game?

  • A card game like Bridge or Spades?
  • A board game like Monopoly or Risk?
  • A party game like Charades?

Our family likes to play Last Night on Earth, a board game where some of the players are humans and the rest are zombies.  Pretty cool, huh?

Sometimes the Games You Invent are the Most Fun to Play

My wife and I love to play The Game of Things during our frequent gatherings of friends, which is a game our friend Michael invented.  It’s a rowdy, hilarious game where everyone completes a phrase or answers a question.  The Game of Things always becomes 100% inappropriate and we all laugh so hard our continence is threatened.

But, by far, my favorite game is a personal one I invented call “Grow a Greater Greg”.  I get to play it every day and the rules are very simple:

  1. Influence my material reality by telling myself the best-feeling, believable stories possible about every life circumstance I encounter
  2. Grow and improve my stories every day, finding improved meaning and blessings in even the undesirable circumstances
  3. Manifest my dreams and desires by growing my stories (and, thus, my beliefs)
  4. As I manifest a desire, start anew with telling even better-feeling stories to match my desires (which will have grown again)

My Game is the Most Fun One I Know, But It Ain’t Trivial

I call “Grow a Greater Greg” a game, not because its an unimportant or “Trivial Pursuit”. (See what I did there?)  In fact, this game is the most important thing I do each day.  It’s anything but inconsequential. (Click that link to Tweet it)

I call “Grow a Greater Greg” a game because it is fun.  It is exciting.  It is pure, unadulterated joy.  And this game has no limits – it never has to end.

And even if I fall shy of my ultimate desires today, playing “Grow a Greater Greg” guarantees me that I won’t miss the mark by much in the long run.  What could be more inspiring than that?

I invite you to join me today in playing your own, unique version of my game.  (Hint, use your name instead of mine 😉 ) You’ll find its the best, and most fun, game you’ve ever played.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your material reality with your desires…

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  1. The whole concept of “believable” may be the thing I have been missing. I am lucky that some that some fabulous things have manifested in my life so that adds to my “believing.” But I struggle with this. Do you have any tips or tricks on making sure you are “in belief?” So far I just refer myself back to the job that appeared, the free plants that appeared, etc. out of no where to help me affirm that my desires are only inches away from it becoming so. But when I start to play “grow a new Jen” then the doubt starts and belief sinks. Do we have to start small?

    • Hey Jen. Great to hear from you. I agree that making our new, better-feeling stories believable is something that is almost always missing as a crucial instruction. This is precisely why the concept of “positive affirmations” usually fails to produce lasting change (while it can make us feel better in the moment).

      I’m currently writing a book called How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs, which will explain step-by-step exactly how to do it. It will be like having a coach in book form.

      In the meantime, here is a great tip:

      Google “Emotional Guidance Scale”.

      Sit down and write about how you really, truly feel about a specific desire you have (which, of course, is not as manifest in your life as you wish). Don’t be afraid to let it all hang out – write about all the negative feelings.

      Then identify your current emotional state about that desire, using the emotional guidance scale.

      From that point forward, make it your goal to move yourself one emotion up the scale. Write about your desire from the perspective of that next-up-the-scale emotion. What does it feel like to see your desire from the next emotion up?

      Then sit with that new, next-up-the-scale-from-your-previous-emotion perspective for a day or two. Tell yourself believable stories about that perspective such as “Although it doesn’t feel great, I can accept that I am currently feeling (the emotion) about (your desire). It’s okay for me to feel this way right now, even though it’s not where I want to stay. I can reassure myself in the knowledge that, although this emotion is not my ultimate goal, it is more positive than the previous one. And I know that, just for today, through my commitment to continue this process, I will eventually hold much more positive emotions about (your desire). And I can also reassure myself that my experiences with (your desire) are not what I want them to ultimately be, they are becoming more positive and more aligned with each new, slightly-more-positive emotion.”

      Only move up the scale one emotion at a time. And only move up to the next emotion when you really feel like you’ve embraced the current one.

      As you wrote, this method is about “starting small”. It really does work though. Because it is a supremely believable journey upward – without a massive (unbelievable) quantum leap to supremely positive feelings (which your subconscious will not believe).

      I hope that helps. Feel free to stay in touch and thank you for your comments and questions. I’m honored by them.

      • Thank you so much for the next steps. I am going off to do the exercise right now! Can’t wait for your book to hit Amazon! The concrete “to-do’s” are very helpful!

        • You got it, Jen.

          If you’re interested I can let you “test drive” the how-to manuscript when it’s a little further along.

          • Count me in! No matter how smart we are, we often miss the most simple of steps. Guidance is key. You are very good at making this topic understandable and achievable. The emotional guidance scale really helps break it all down. My eyes are opening finally! Thanks a bunch.

  2. I want to thank you for all your content, I love it and I’m glad to know that you will release a new book. I’m eagerly waiting it.

    Thanks again.

    • Thank you for commenting, MSZ. I’m honored that you shared your praise with me.

      I just released a new book on Amazon called Why Quantum Physicists Create More Abundance, by the way. Should be available later today.

      It’s a brief, yet powerful, book about how quantum physics validates the law of attraction. It’s a $.99er too.

      If you pick it up, I’d love to hear what you think about it.

  3. Wonderful! I’m waiting it to appear on Amazon to buy it. Keep producing, I will keep buying. I love it.

    Thanks again.

  4. This is great advice, Greg. By using the Emotional Guidance Scale, it helps me see where I am. I always get lost in the emotions and don’t really know where I am and end up bouncing all over the place. Using a journal is helpful too. It keeps me accountable and on track.
    Thanks again!

    • Hello Jim. The Hicks guidance scale is a good one; I’ve created my own, inspired by them, for my next book, How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs.

      In that book, part of the process is writing every day. I agree that it’s helpful. In fact, I’ve found writing to be essential.

      Thanks for commenting.

  5. thank you SO much Greg, for your step by step process. I’ve come from the abeforum where I have been reading the 2 posts about this, and also Creyk’s post.
    I am on day 11 so far, and have moved up 11 feelings, and currently I am taking 2 days to wallow in Belief and Positive Expectations.
    I have been mulling my feelings, making sure that I am fully on track in feeling them, before going further and writing daily in my journal is just ‘delicious’. I also use Creyk’s pathway of love, and also your quote re Abe about selfworth being love flowing thru to others. I have always had great self worth, but something has been released within me since I started the pathway, which I do nearly every day. I have become supercharged and it has given me so much ‘energy and belief’ that I have never experienced before, that I feel I will really see changes by doing your process.
    I thought about posting my daily writing on this journey on the forum, but not so sure yet if it is wise. Have just asked for guidance on this 🙂
    anyway, thank you so much!! you have literally turned my life around with this.
    My journey has been great ofcourse, but after reading your post and realising that I did have long standing pockets of resistance has, I feel, finally been the icing on the cake for me.
    thank you, Annette xxx
    ps I totally love the game of things – so exciting!!! – shall have to play that. Do you have a brief example, if it’s not too much trouble?

    • Hey Annette. How awesome to hear from you. The compliments are exciting to read (thank you!), but I’m even more pleased to hear how effectively you’re changing your beliefs and moving yourself into alignment with your desires. I’d love to hear more.

      I love that Abe Forum (I list it in the Resources section of this website) and I think you should share whatever experiences you’re inspired to. I really cherish reading other people’s experiences with moving themselves into alignment with their desires. It’s an energy-amping thing to read!

      We call “The Game of Things”, the “Game of ‘Tings” (with a Cockney accent). Not sure how that started. But, anyway, an example would be: Someone reads the following – “Something You Wouldn’t Want to Hear Your Spouse Say Right After Sex”. Then all the players write down their answers (we get entirely inappropriate really fast). After the answers have been turned in, the current reader of the question (the reader rotates) reads them all aloud. Hilarious laughter ensues. Then each player (other than the reader) listens to one of the responses, randomly drawn, and tries to guess who wrote it. Truthfully – nobody really ever keeps score and the “rules” are just a backdrop to laugh our butts off at all the clever and funny responses.

      • thank you Greg for your reply! and the very exciting Game of Tings! this will be absolutely perfect to play with my family, we love hilarious and inappropriate things and Scots in general have a very dry wit and my family really know how to laugh their butts off!
        and thank you for your comments about my journey. I have bored my non-Abe parents to bits with my ‘insights’ and ‘expansion’ …… and I know the proof will be in the ‘fat cheque puddings’ when I give them to them!
        though tonight my father said to me that I seem to be very positive!
        I think I shall take some time before posting my journey, and do it when I am most inspired to share, thank you for your thoughts on this.
        And if any time you ever wish to hear more, just drop me an email, or via the Abe forum, Wild and Beautiful
        thank you so much again!
        Annette xxx

  6. So how is that new book on building beliefs coming along? Dying to read the emotional scale you have developed! (hint hint)

    Good story…I was awaiting a renewal on an an annual membership. I liked the service but it was a bit overpriced. I wished it was cheaper. Not two days later, I get an email saying my loyalty has resulted in them dropping the membership $100! It is all about getting out of your own way and coaxing the rabbit out of the hole an bit at a time.

    Have a great day!!

    • Hey Jen. Great to hear from you!

      The new book will be out next month (September). Thank you for asking.

      Congratulations on your manifestation of a reduced membership fee, by the way. You rock!

  7. Yes I will start Grow a better Susy today, as I mention before I am really fascinated on how much Spirituality of today matches with Quantum physics, that is a great idea I think for your next book. I will be glad to share if you are interested. What is really wonderful is that your books teaches how to bring this concepts to reality. I am most grateful to you.

    • Hello Susan. Great to see you again!

      Thank you for the idea for another book. I do have a couple books coming out in the next few months that I’ll bet will interest you greatly. One is more of the practical, “how-to” variety, while the other is a spiritually based book along the same lines you’ve suggested.

      I look forward to hearing what you think about them; make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter so I can alert you when they become available.

  8. This is the highlight of my day, because F-U-N is the about the only thing that TRULY motivates me. If I can look at something as a game, and the whole point is to have fun, enjoy, be outrageous, fantasize, imagine awesome and beautiful realities, I’m enrolled. This is often the missing ingredient to me in so many strategies: they seem like work no matter how “easy” the recommendation is. You have to “do” them, but you can’t bring “effort” to them. Forget it — it becomes labor to me before it ever becomes a habit, and I quickly tire of laboring. But I never tire of FUN and GAMES!

    GAME ON. I hope to report back with some awesome, life-changing, mind-blowing and delicious results.

    • You know what, Kyle? If you play this game I guarantee you that you’ll be back to report life-changing, mind-blowing results.

      This is the best, most fun game you’ll ever play. You’ll never want to stop and you’ll never have to!

      Glad to have you here and I hope you kick back and stay awhile.

  9. Hi Greg,

    I’m currently working on the emotional chart as well and starting to read your book WQP don’t fail, which you recommended to me :-).

    Today was my first day writing out all my feelings, absolutely everything that I’m currently feeling about ‘financial abundance’, I wrote 2 pages worth (both sides). I’m trying to figure out my emotional reference point and see that I’m all over the chart (in the negative end), but I also see that I have some contradictory feelings.

    – I feel that I’m unlucky or not deserving of financial abundance, and as soon as I wrote that down, I felt that I was blessed with so much and should not expect more.

    While I understand that both these feelings along with many others are keeping me from manifesting the abundance I seek, is it normal to feel ‘unlucky, unworthy and also so blessed that I shouldn’t ask for more’, all at the same time?

    Also once I wrote everything I was feeling, I just lost the intensity of those feelings and feel kind of neutral or just numb and feelingless?

    Still trying to find the emotional reference point and any advice would be appreciated.


    • Hello Rochelle. Thank you for writing.

      I suggest you not complicate your writing. How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs gives you some simple instructions. You, like all of us, can easily make it complex. Much more complex then necessary, of course.

      Cast aside, as the book says, how you think you “ought” to feel about your absent desire. Remember – if your beliefs were in alignment with your desire, you’d already be manifesting it. That’s how the quantum field creates our material reality.

      You ARE blessed. Immensely so. Yet you are not manifesting financial abundance in alignment with your desires for it. There is nothing wrong with having, and feeling, the contrast and pain of being out of alignment like that. And there is 100% nothing wrong with you desiring great financial abundance.

      Believe me when I tell you that I am an unbelievably blessed man. Great health, a beautiful soul mate, wonderful children, uplifting and fulfilling work…the list goes on an on. And, yes, fantastic financial abundance is a part of those blessings.

      Yet I still desire to blossom and grow into an even greater version of myself. I am SUPREMELY grateful for that! And I trust that will never stop. That’s exactly what I came here to do – play this incredible game called “Grow a Greater Greg”!

  10. Hi Greg,

    I am on day 1 on Growing a Greater Julia.

    I found I have predominantly two hugely different emotions on the reference chart.

    In answering the question, How Do I Feel about the thing I most desire.. I feel hopeful and optimistic. And I do, I know that. That is bubbling away in me every day, all the time. But in asking myself the question, how do I feel about the struggle to get the thing I most desire.. I feel anger and blame.

    Which emotion do I start with and work up the chart from?

    Thank you,

    • Hello Julia. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to be of value to you.

      I am thrilled to hear that you’ve joined the army of joyful “Grow a Greater You” enthusiasts.

      Definitely start with how you feel about NOT having your desire and not how you imagine having the desire will make you feel.

      If you’re like most people (me included), you’ve undoubtedly spent a lot of time focused on how you want to feel about your desire (which has the unfortunate side effect of never growing your beliefs in that area to align with your desire).

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