last night on earth  What is your favorite game?

  • A card game like Bridge or Spades?
  • A board game like Monopoly or Risk?
  • A party game like Charades?

Our family likes to play Last Night on Earth, a board game where some of the players are humans and the rest are zombies.  Pretty cool, huh?

Sometimes the Games You Invent are the Most Fun to Play

My wife and I love to play The Game of Things during our frequent gatherings of friends, which is a game our friend Michael invented.  It’s a rowdy, hilarious game where everyone completes a phrase or answers a question.  The Game of Things always becomes 100% inappropriate and we all laugh so hard our continence is threatened.

But, by far, my favorite game is a personal one I invented call “Grow a Greater Greg”.  I get to play it every day and the rules are very simple:

  1. Influence my material reality by telling myself the best-feeling, believable stories possible about every life circumstance I encounter
  2. Grow and improve my stories every day, finding improved meaning and blessings in even the undesirable circumstances
  3. Manifest my dreams and desires by growing my stories (and, thus, my beliefs)
  4. As I manifest a desire, start anew with telling even better-feeling stories to match my desires (which will have grown again)

My Game is the Most Fun One I Know, But It Ain’t Trivial

I call “Grow a Greater Greg” a game, not because its an unimportant or “Trivial Pursuit”. (See what I did there?)  In fact, this game is the most important thing I do each day.  It’s anything but inconsequential. (Click that link to Tweet it)

I call “Grow a Greater Greg” a game because it is fun.  It is exciting.  It is pure, unadulterated joy.  And this game has no limits – it never has to end.

And even if I fall shy of my ultimate desires today, playing “Grow a Greater Greg” guarantees me that I won’t miss the mark by much in the long run.  What could be more inspiring than that?

I invite you to join me today in playing your own, unique version of my game.  (Hint, use your name instead of mine 😉 ) You’ll find its the best, and most fun, game you’ve ever played.

And stay tuned to this blog for more techniques to use new paradigms from quantum physics to align your material reality with your desires…